A Borderland Sciences CQ&C in 15 parts.

Inspired by the Dark Forces

CQ&C On The Rise and Fall Of Hitler's Third Reich

by Riley Hansard Crabb

The world now knows that the Fascists have nothing to offer to the youth . . . except death.

Part I: Mass Suggestion & the Medium • Who Was This Magician Haushofer? • Shamballa • Agharta, the Cavern City

Part II: Illion & Mani Rimpochte • More Audience Preparation

Part III: Spiritual Mistakes & Powers • Like Trying to Judge Creatures from Mars (or Pluto) • Egg-Born Monsters • A Trip to the Antarctic Base

Part IV: A Distant World... or the Earth's Moon? • Master of the Black Order

Part V: An Astonishing Reversal of Values • A Pagan God from Beyond Saturn

Part VI: A Focal Point of Evil • Appearance of Flying Saucers • Elemental Gods from Outer Space

Part VII: By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them • The Evil Spirits of Egypt • The Continuing War in the Heavens

Part VIII: Cosmic Evil • One World • The Land of the Rising Sun • Extinguishing the Snakes

Part IX: False Christ, False Buddha (According to Oahspe)

Part X: More on Oahspe and the False Christ

Part XI: Arthur Ford on the Departed Hitler • Horbiger, Gurdjieff, and the False Christ

Part XII: The Three Destroyed Moons • Gurdjieff and the Tibetan Connection

Part XIII: False Buddhism of the Black Lodge • Lords of Materiality • It Takes One To Know One

Part XIV: Syphilitic Eunuch • Psychological Profile of Hitler • Elemental Magnetism and Its Subtle Uses

Part XV: Kohoutek, A Zodiacal Garbage Truck? • The "Unknown" Death • The Ultimate in Free Will

Reading Materials

The Morning of the Magicians by Louis Pauwels, Jacques Bergier.

The Morning of the Magicians

 by Louis Pauwels, Jacques Bergier.

"A startling look beyond science — an investigation that recognizes no barriers to human thought. Were occult forces at work in Hitler's Germany? Do human mutants exist among us who are as different from men as men are from the great apes? Is it possible that the human brain emits high-frequency waves that might be picked up by other persons? How much did the alchemists know about the development of atomic energy?" (Dorset Press, 1988.)

"Also explores the anomalous events collected by Charles Fort, the work of Gurdjieff, and the history of the mysterious Fulcanelli, who was widely believed to have manufactured the philosopher's stone..."

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