Inspired by the Dark Forces

CQC On The Rise and Fall Of
Hitler's Third Reich
Part VII
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A California Associate, Karl Reinke writes: "Are there any BSRA publications that give a clue as to what planets in what galaxy are represented by the several groups of observer-UFOs. Are they united in their purpose and what is it, and are some not benevolent and how is one to tell?"

We have touched on these questions in our Flying Saucer lectures and in this series on the Dark Forces. "By their fruits ye shall know them." All we can do is to continue to survey available information on UFOs, analyse it and judge it by what we consider to be First Principles. One of the most obvious of these is the continuous interaction, or action and reaction, of Light and Darkness, of positive and negative. The scientist sees these forces as unconscious, impersonal vibrations of a lifeless universe which developed by accident. The occultist -- and your editor considers himself to be one -- sees the universe as an intelligently directed creation with a definite purpose. In mundane terms, here and now on this planet, the purpose of the All-Present Creator is to develop gods and goddesses out of men and women! Or, if you are religious, to develop Saints out of sinners!

For creation to move forward toward this goal of perfection there must be resistance, intelligent resistance; so we have organized evil to contend with. One example of it in fairly recent times was Hitler's Third Reich. To the unenlightened observer, viewing the horrors of the German concentration camps, this is the work of madmen because he can see no further than this life. To the occultist, Cosmic Evil was at work there; for which Hitler and his henchmen were only unconscious -- or semi-conscious agents.

What does Occultism mean? "Knowledge too profound to be understood by the material-minded." In their book, "The Dawn of Magic" or "The Morning of the Magicians", Pauwels and Bergier are groping their way out of their scientific, material background when they write: "Had Himmler lived to stand trial at Nuremberg, what could he have pleaded in his defense? He had no common language with the members of the jury. He did not inhabit the same world; he belonged to an entirely different order of things, with a different mentality. He was like a kind of fighting monk from another planet. 'No one has ever been able to explain satisfactorily,' said the rapporteur Poetel, 'the psychological complexes which led to Auschwitz and everything that word stands for. For the Nuremberg trial did not really throw any light on this phenomenon, and the issue was only confused by all the psycho-analytical explanations which bluntly declared that it was possible for whole nations to lose [21] their mental balance in the same way as single individuals. No one knows, in fact, what took place in the brain of people like Himmler when they issued their orders of extermination. . . If we place ourselves at the level of what we call 'fantastic realism', we may perhaps begin to understand.'"


As long as we are talking about First Principles let's go back to the source of our Western Mystery Tradition, Egypt. Perhaps there we can find the beginning of the "order of things" which finally manifested as the Third Reich. We refer now to the writings of the Sometime Keeper of Egyptian Antiquities in the British Museum, Sir Wallis Budge, and more specifically to the Story of Creation in his book, "Amulets and Talismans".

". . . there was a time when nothing existed except a mass of dark and inert water, of great and indefinite extent, called Nu or Nenu." We would call this the black void between the galaxies or spiral nebula in space. "It was covered by dense darkness and was the abode of a god called Neberdjer" -- in modern Kabalistic terms call this Ain Soph Aur, the Limitless Light -- "who existed there either in the form of liquid or essence, or in name only, and of a host of creatures in Typhonic forms who are called Mesu Betshu, i.e. spawn of rebellious malice. The god took counsel with his heart, and possessing magical power (heka), he uttered his own name as a spell or word of power, and he straightway came into being under the form of the god Kephera, and began the work of creation." This is Kether, the first Sephira on the Tree of Life.

Another name or translation of Kether is First Swirlings, indicating the beginnings of a galaxy such as our Milky Way Galaxy. But even here there must be resistance to furnish a thrust-block for forward movement in Space, as the ancient Egyptian occultists knew so well; so Budge writes, "The inert powers of evil were disturbed by his (Kether's) actions and at once began to oppose him actively. The making of light was the first act of creation, and the fight between Set (Cosmic Qlippoth), the personification of night and evil, and Her-Ur, the personification of light and day, began. The Day was established but so was the Night. . . Kephera next created a god, Shu, and a goddess, Tefnut, from matter ejected from his body, and thus formed the first triad or Trinity." The Kabalist will recognize these as Kether, Chokmah and Binah, the Supernal triangle of the Tree of Life. In the Hawaiian pantheon these are Io, Kane and Wahine. Shu, Chokmah or Kane, the second Sephira on the Tree of Life, represents the Zodiac, that special grouping of starry constellations closest to our solar system in the Milky way Galaxy. From Shu, Chokmah or Kane comes the Cosmic Good which sustains our Solar Logos in his act of creation, the solar system. It also sustains the Occult Hierarchy of this planet, the Communion of Saints or Lodge of the Masters, which carries the evolutionary plan of the Logos forward. But also from the Zodiac comes the Cosmic Evil which furnishes the necessary resistance. And so we stretch our poor brains to try to make sense out of the madness which was the Third Reich.



"The work of creation proceeded rapidly," writes Budge, "and the heavens and the earth were fashioned; the sun, moon and stars were assigned their places in the sky." And the Egyptian Kabalists of old assigned them their places on the Tree of Life, as inspired by the Archangel Metatron, according to tradition. "Men and women were formed from tears, which dropped from the eyes of Khepera, and animals, birds and reptiles appeared on the earth." Here Enoch or Osiris or Melchizedek, or whoever channeled the original legend of Creation, implies that our Highest Self, the Divine Spark or Cosmic Monad is of the Milky Way Galaxy. "My body is of the dust of earth," chants the initiate in the Lodge meeting, "but my home is the starry skies."

After the creation of our school room, the earth, and our companions of the lower kingdoms, Budge writes: "Then Set collected his powers of darkness and evil and waged war against the Sun-god Ra and was defeated. He next set the monster Apep in the eastern part of the sky so that he and his allies might destroy the sun-god Ra, and prevent him rising upon our world.

"Ra sent forth his rays and darts of fire and scattered the allies of Apep, and he (Ra, the Solar Logos, Tiphareth on the Tree of Life) cast a spell upon Apep himself which paralysed him and reduced him to impotence. The Sun-god rose triumphantly in the heavens and continued his course across the sky until the evening, when he disappeared into the darkness of night. But when he wished to rise on the following morning he found all his enemies lying in wait for him; for Apep had recovered his strength and surrounded himself with his old allies." Here we see hidden the idea that Cosmic evil backs up solar system evil and this in turn guides and inspires the Satanic forces of darkness here on the earth. "And the fight with the Sun-god was renewed and enacted daily." Thus the rhythmic, ebb and flow of good and evil at all levels. This explains the disappointment of our fathers who fought to "save the world for democracy" in World War I and thought they had succeeded forever with the dethronement of the Kaiser. "Thus Ra never gained an absolute victory over Apep, and he failed to slay him, and as a result his evil spirits were able to attack men and to harm them spiritually and physically."

"Amulets and Talismans" was copyright in 1930 so it isn't likely that Sir Wallis and his Fellows of Christ's College, Cambridge thought of Set and Apep and their malicious followers as actual interstellar and interplanetary Invaders looking for accomplices like Hitler on the surface of the earth, yet this is the challenge presented to our understanding by the Flying Saucer phenomenon! Yet five years previously, in the first edition of "Treatise on Cosmic Fire", the Master D.K. through Alice Bailey was directing our attention toward the very constellations from which such Cosmic trouble-makers were coming. One is "situated between the lesser Dipper and our system, and another interrelated with the Pleiades and our system which still have a profound effect upon the physical body of the solar Logos." (Continued in next issue.)

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