Inspired by the Dark Forces

CQC On The Rise and Fall Of
Hitler's Third Reich
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Yes, Cosmic Evil comes to our solar system, and to our earth, from a Constellation toward the Little Dipper (toward the North and the Pole Star), and from the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades in Taurus.

"Until our students extend their concept to include in their calculations the logoic astral and mental bodies as the Logos seeks to express emotion and mind on the physical plane (through His physical body, a solar system) they will not progress far towards the heart of the solar mystery," writes D.K. through Alice Bailey in "Treatise On Cosmic Fire" (page 834). "War wages cosmically between as yet between the systemic 'lunar' lords, and those Entities who are analogous to the solar Lords on cosmic levels."

And what we're saying, based on the above, is that the rise of Hitler's Third Reich was directed by Forces from outside the Solar System. This is true also of the conflict raging now in Vietnam. And what the master D.K. was writing through Bailey in 1925 was that until the student of the Mysteries -- and we'll add the Flying Saucer researcher -- until such seekers after Light admit the reality of cosmic evil, the answer to the riddle of life will ever escape them.

"Until the force of the cosmic Lunar lords is sought for, the fact of there being entire constellations beyond our solar system in process of disintegration in time and Space in a manner similar to the disintegration of the the moon will not be known nor the effects of this traced," says D.K. "Eventually our solar system will pass into a similar state."

When that happens, the evolutions will in their turn, fan out through the Zodiac, looking for a new home. When they find one considered suitable there will be war for control of the more desirable planets in the younger system. The Lunar or moon-type Forces will try to enslave the inhabitants of those planets, or destroy them to make room for themselves.

Conspicuously lacking from D.K.'s material is any hint that the agents of the Lunar Lords from the Zodiac will manifest or materialize huge space ships, and little scout ships for reconnoitering the earth at the physical level. But implicit in this Eastern Adept's remarks is that multi-level surveys of the earth have been going on for generations of mankind. Strategic and tactical plans for the Battle of Armageddon were probably worked out [21] over a thousand years ago when the formation of The Hanseatic League in Germany gave a hint of the Euro-American civilization to come.


The plan in the mind of the Logos was the development of an electro-mechanical civilization whose trade routes and communications networks would cover the world. The seafaring English appeared to be the best choice for this in the 18th and 19th centuries especially. Once a world-girdling culture was established then the Logos, through the Occult Hierarchy of the planet, could lay the basis for a world government, working through forward-looking men and women in the flesh. And only a world government could properly welcome ambassadors from other planets in the solar system! For I believe there is a Federation of Planets -- at least of those whose civilizations have mastered space travel; and I believe that these Solar Citizens, men and women of good will, look forward to the day when Earth joins the Federation in full consciousness, with full awareness of its duties and responsibilities as an adult member of the family of the Solar Logos.

The false Christ, Kabalactes, knows all this and has known it since the Council of Nicea, if not before. Ever since, this devil god of Christian fanatics has been trying to deflect the currents of evolution to his own selfish purposes and make the earth his kingdom. One of his more recent efforts was Hitler's Third Reich. Earlier it was the Spaniards and Portuguese. Their traders and their gunboats led the way for the Pope's Commandos.

One of the most promising of Ignatius of Loyola's graduates was the brilliant Matteo Ricci. The traders landed this Jesuit at Canton but it took him 18 years to worm his way into the confidence of Chinese officials, to where he was accepted at the imperial court in Peking -- and then he was asked to wind the Emperor's clock! Father Ricci learned that Asiatics aren't much interested in Western philosophy or religion. They are interested in our science and our weapons. They haven't changed much since the 16th century.


Japan was a different story because of the natural curiosity and friendliness of the Japanese. When the first Portuguese trader, Mendes Pinto, landed on Kyushu in 1540 trade and the exchange of ideas was brisk from the start. These Orientals were especially impressed with the noise and killing potential of the arquebus. Gunpowder was known to them from the Chinese, but to confine it in an iron tube so its explosive power would drive a lead pellet with murderous force into another person was a splendid new idea.

Far to the south a foreign devil named Francis Xavier was having trouble converting the Buddhists and Hindus of India to the alien dogmas of the false Christ he worshiped. By 1548 he resolved [22] to move northward into these more promising missionary fields. In 1549 Father Xavier could write to his superiors in Rome: "these people are the best that have so far been discovered, and no better could be found among the infidels."


"Then the Spaniards came," writes Maraini in his book, "Meeting With Japan", "and the rivalry between them and the Portuguese struck the space which caused the Japanese to decide to expel all Christians and foreigners from their islands. In 1596 the captain of a Spanish galleon had his cargo confiscated by a Japanese baron; to extricate himself from this difficulty he produced a map of the world and started boasting about the vast dominions of his master, Philip II. When the Japanese asked him how a single king had succeeded in dominating so many foreign nations, he replied that he started by sending missionaries to the territories to be conquered. When a large number of converts had been made he landed troops who, with the aid of the converts, forcibly brought about a change of government. When this was reported to the taiko Hideyoshi, the man with the iron fist who had recently succeeded in unifying Japan for the first time in centuries, he exploded with wrath against the 'snakes whom he had nurtured to his bosom'; and thus the spark was struck which led to the terrible persecution of Christians and foreigners which lasted for thirty years and ended by almost completely extinguishing the influence of the outside world on Japan. From the beginning of the seventeenth century to the visit of Commodore Perry with his 'black ships' in 1854 Japan remained in a state of isolation."

The physical plane agents of Kabalactes were more successful in Indo China. A base for the eventual conversion of all Asia to Catholicism was established there when the French Admiral, de Genouilly, took Saigon in 1859. By that time the Pope's Commandos had been preparing Southeast Asia for a takeover for three hundred years. It was a French Jesuit, Father de Rhodes, who Latinized the Vietnamese language. He showed himself faithful to the evil, Qliphotic forces of the Christ center, Tiphareth on the Tree of Life, by writing a catechism which openly ridiculed Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and other faiths of that part of the world. He helped lay the groundwork for another great religious war.

But while the Catholic French were consolidating their hold on Indo China in the late 19th Century, a new political force had been rising in Europe. Karl Marx published his Communist Manifesto in Paris in 1847. This was only one expression of Aquarian Age influences beginning to manifest on earth. The fires of rebellion against religious oligarchies were already burning. Slavery must go, and revolution swept the earth in 1848. Oh, the Old Guard was too deeply entrenched in France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Russia and elsewhere to be permanently overthrown, then. But the shock of coming change wracked the Cavern World as well and the Dark Forces therein laid their plans for directing that change toward enslavement of mankind under one Anti-Christ government. (Cont.)

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