Borderland Sciences

“We push on into areas of consciousness where the inner mind is the only research tool for making quantitative and qualitative measurements of reality — whatever that is.”

Riley Hansard Crabb

Light on the Borderland!

History and Philosophy of Borderland Sciences

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The history and philosophy of Borderland Sciences encompass a broad and fascinating field that explores the intersection between science, spirituality, and consciousness.

Dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this unconventional branch of scientific inquiry seeks to expand traditional scientific boundaries and embrace the exploration of phenomena that lie at the fringes of our understanding.

Borderland Sciences seeks to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown, investigating topics such as Ether Physics, Flying Saucers, Vitalism, Radionics, Electrotherpy, Plant Research, Physical Radiesthesia and on.  Through a blend of scientific curiosity and spiritual exploration, Borderland Sciences offer a unique perspective on the nature of reality and human consciousness.

Let’s delve deeper into the history and philosophy of this intriguing field.

Etheric Physics Archive:

  • A collection of research and publications from Meade Layne’s Round Robin in the 1940’s
  • Featuring the work of Carl F. Krafft, Sir Oliver Lodge, and Dayton C. Miller
  • Explores theories of the ether-vortex, ether physics, and ether-drift experiment

Flying Saucers

  • Original research on flying saucer reporting, biological UFO, and ether-ship mystery
  • Philosophical considerations and esoteric teachings
  • Gerald Light’s original letter to Meade Layne, April 16, 1954

Physical Radiesthesia

  • Primary research of Abbé Alexis Mermet, Pierre Beasse, S. W. Tromp, Verne Cameron
  • Dowsing theories include the roles of the pendulum, practitioner, and psyche, as well as practical uses of radiesthesia, rays, and emanations
  • Discusses the principles of dowsing, dowsing instruments, and the nature of the energies involved, provides methods for detecting subtle energies and determining their relationships with health and the environment


  • Primary research of Albert Abramas, Ruth Drown, Aubrey Westlake, and R. Murray Denning
  • Diagnostic art detecting the vibratory nature of the electrostatic energy of the physical-mineral tissues
  • Original research concerning life force, vital energy and administering subtle forms of energy for treatment purposes

Chromopathy & Light

  • Primary research of Seth Pancoast, Edwin D. Babbitt, George Starr White, Dinshah P. Ghadiali
  • Detailed exploration of the physics of light and color, and how these principles can be applied to healing.
  • Discusses the relationship between light and color and the human body, and how different colors can affect our physical, emotional, and mental health

Occult Science

  • Western Mystery Tradition of Borderland Sciences: Riley Crabb, Peter Kelder, Guenther Wachsmuth, Count Stefan Colonna-Walewsk, Victor Simon Perara
  • Qaballa, Alchemy, Yoga, Vitic, Huna, Projective Geometry, The Energy Grid, Hollow Earth
  • The Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth and Man

Vril Energy

  • Primary research of Bulwer Lytton, William Walker Atkinson, and the extensive eleven volumes of Vril Compendium of Gerry Vassilatos
  •  Vitic Research Project
  • The Od Force of Baron Karl von Reichenbach

Fine Forces, Vitalism, Life Force

  • Primary research of George Starr White, Henry Charlton Bastian, Charles Wentworth Littlefield into the finer forces such as a vital principle or a life force.
  • Water research of Victor Shauberger
  • Plant research of Jagadis Bose

Radiant Energy

  • Primary research of Gustave Le Bon, T. Henry Moray, Sir William Crookes
  • Radio Biology/Biological Communication of L. George Lawrence,Thomas Colson, Otto Hahn
  • The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator; Georges Lakhovsky, Mark Clement, Mark L. Gallert

Alternative health

  • Medical Electricity, Electro-Therapy, Royal R. Rife
  • Bio-Circuits of L. E. Eeman (the X Force)
  • Lithium Crystals: Nature in Harmony by Haroldine

Tesla Technology and Free Energy

  • Primary research of Nikola Tesla,Charles P. Steinmetz,J.J. Thompson,Eric Dollard, Jorge Resines, Barry Hilton
  • Dr. T. Henry Moray, The Hendershot Motor Mystery, and Otis Carr
  • Research notes of Jerry Gallimore

Gerry Vassilatos, BSRA

  • Lost Science, Secrets of Cold War Technology, Declassified Patents of the Cold War and SDI, Ground Radio
  • Vril Compendium
  • Extensive contribution to the Journal of Borderland Research

What you will find in this catalog are print editions from the seventy-seven year tradition of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, each one presented in our original, classic xerographic format, comfortably accommodating those who wish to conduct their work away from monitors and mobile screens. If paper under your fingertips and the subtle radiations of inky lines washing over your retinae are experiences that aid you in truly grasping the knowledge presented (or you simply can’t stand to read long-form on a screen), we are here to serve you.

Thank you to all our associates, our contributors, our volunteers, and all interested researchers who have helped sustain our organization by purchasing our print material since 1945. You are the ones who have allowed us to continue to serve, and, hopefully, will continue to allow us to serve for another seventy years. Let us uphold and spread abroad the Light!

“We have all to specialize, more or less — but whoever boxes himself in, tries to find the whole truth inside his box, knows nothing of other approaches to knowledge or is merely contemptuous of them, is working with only one hand and hopping on one foot, when he doesn’t need to.”

N. Meade Layne