Index of Vol. XXVIII [1972]

011972January & FebruaryTOWARD THE INTERPLANETARY FEDERATION THROUGH WORLD GOVERNMENT, by the International Deva • THE SHAPE OF LOVE TO COME - CQ&C by the Editor • MY EXPERIMENTS WITH THE PYRAMIDS, by Verne L. Cameron • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES, Part VI, by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - "Please Help Us To Be Positive", The Lamplighter Movement, A New Type of Salvation, The Twilight of the Gods, Saving A Marriage With Ritual Magick, Giving the Psychic Heave-Ho To a Dead Drunk, I'll Take the High Road, Speaking of the Yada, Oscillating Loops and Coils, The Venusian Contact of Nov. 24, 1952, Sandal Print Secret of Anti-Gravity, The Health Band of the Human System, Rejuvenation With Ribo-Nucleic Acid, When the Bankers Say NO, No War!, Richard Shaver the Source For Pre-Deluge Artifacts, Teletherapy Healing with Gems, Third Edition of Gem Therapy Now Out, and BSRA Literature
021972March & AprilBSRF NEEDS PRACTICAL MYSTICS, by the Hon. S. Shuttleworth • THE PERSONALITIES IN THE BODY, by Irene Goleman • BORDERLAND SCIENCE IN AUSTRALIA, by Ken Slack • THREE BASES FOR BELIEF IN JESUS, by Robert W. Wilson • FASCIST SCHEME FOR MASS CONTROL - from Ed Palmer's "Newsletter" • REINCARNATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN, by Rev. C. Franklin Loehr • A DREAM COME TRUE, by Katherine Medeiros • MYSTERIOUS MESSENGER, by Hugo Schmidt • A PEACEFUL KIND OF HAUNTING, by Alice Madden Dashiell • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES, Part VII - CQC by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Symbol of the Sun Behind the Sun, Let Us Recognize the Cosmic Christ, Report from New Zealand, Ted Owens, On "The Shape of Love", Keep the Lights Burning, Left Hand Path to an Island, Psychic Self-Defense, The "Book of Judgement", New Medical Fad-Acupuncture, Thanks For the Encouragement, and Discouragement, Speaking of Astrology, Of Radionics, Compass Directions in Therapy, Annual Corporate Report, April 16th Understandorama, and BSRF Literature
031972May & JuneLE BOUCHER, ACUPUNCTURE SPECIALIST, by Dr. Harry B. Wright • "RADIESTHESIA IS PURELY SCIENTIFIC", by Abbe Mermet • "THOSE TREASURES THE EARTH HIDES FROM US", by the Editor • THE VOICE FROM THE GALLERY, by Ralph M. Holland, Myron and Vincent Gaddis • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES, Part VIII, by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Another UFO Researcher Bows Out, Keyhoe's Beliefs Were Shaken, Gazing In Silence at the Stars, When the Silence Was Broken, Life Is Like Electricity, 4-D Field Theory -- Two Approaches, Verne Cameron Passes On, We Already Have A Name For the New Planet, UFOs In "The World Beyond", Settle Down For the Long Pull, How Do You Make Glyoxylide?, Oxygen As A Remedy!, Wake Up To Tax Money Waste, Conventions: Cancer, Dowsing, ESP and International, "Do You Want To Live or Die" and other BSRF Literature
041972July & August"WOULD YOU LIKE TO USE MORE OF YOUR MIND?", by Dr. Jose Silva • ON CREATING A "SAFE ENVIRONMENT" FOR BIO-FEEDBACK TRAINING, by Bob Beck • THE WORLD-WIDE FLYING SAUCER GRID, by Capt. Bruce Cathie • SPACE: A CONCRETE, SPIRITUAL GOAL, by Alberto Moravia • NO DRASTIC CHANGE IN IMMEDIATE FUTURE, by J. Harold Claborne • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES, Part IX, by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Remedies-Homeopathic and Electro-Magnetic, Self-Help Without Drugs, Lincoln An Ascended Master?, No Death On The Cross, Christ As A Man, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Fanatical Sick Industry, To The Highest Bidder, America Must Have Its Drug, Be Ye Not Deceived, Activate the Machinery For Peace, A Merchant Of Death From The Civil War, The Unknown Soldier, More Peace Ahead:, Thanks For The Memory and The Money, Borderland Market, BSRA Literature and Tapes
051972September & OctoberMAKING PROGLEMS GO 'WAY, by Lao Tse • KINGS CAN DO NO MORE, by Robert Taylor (Boston "Globe") • THE KINSHIP OF RELIGION AND SCIENCE, by Robert Whipple Wilson • THE SCIENTIST AND UFOS, by Charles Bowen (Flying Saucer Review) • NOTES FROM AN AMERICAN TOUR, by Desmond Leslie (CQC, 4/15/56) • THE EGYPTIAN RITE OF CRUCIFIXION, by Professor Alfred Luntz • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES, Part X - CQC by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Beware of Hypnotic Sales People, A Sense of Responsibility Needed, Few Will Get Far Enough, Army Tests Mind Control Hardware, No Remission of Sins, Remember Us In Your Will, Prophecy Corner, Ring Down The Curtain On War, Dr. Hynek Pro and Con, Shaking Out the Junk, The Unabated Growth Of Cancer, Fire- and-Ice Cure For Arthritis, Helping Individuals On Their Path, Learning Games For Children, The Making Of A Radical, The Editor's Fall Lectures and BSRF Literature
061972November & DecemberWAS MOSES THE SON OF AN EGYPTIAN HIGH PRIEST?, by Louis Jacolliot • BEGINNERS' RESCUE GROUP, by Dyaneme Carmen • LIMITS TO GROWTH, by Les White • WHAT SAYS THE INNER CIRCLE?, by Kay Ting • THE KINSHIP OF RELIGION AND SCIENCE, Part II, by Robert W. Wilson • HEALING THE BODY TEMPLE, by Dr. X • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES, Part XI - CQC by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Christmas Message From Ashtar, Christmas Message From St. Francis de Sales, Dero Queero Business, Black Magician in a White Skin, A BSRAssociate Has Her Eyes Opened, the United Nations Association, Free Mind-Control Teaching, Mind Dynamics Shocked But Happy, Keep After Those "Eating Companions", Psalm 51:7, Another Approach From Yoga, The Automatic Nervous System Society, Light On Noah's Ark?, Into The Fourth Dimension, American Made UFOs, Agreement With The Communists, And With The Catholics, Celebration of the Eucharist
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