Inspired by the Dark Forces

CQC On The Rise and Fall Of
Hitler's Third Reich
Part X
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"Why waste so much valuable space in your Journal with 'Oahspe', which doesn't even recognize reincarnation and Atlantis, mentions a lot about 'false Christs' and doesn't say anything about the real One???"

Associate Andrew Wehrle
Winfield, B.C., Canada

Because we're still looking for answers, Andrew! Answers why millions of Germans gave unquestioning obedience to Adolf Hitler in the 1930s, and why millions of Americans gave unquestioning obedience to President Johnson in our war of extermination in Vietnam in the 1960s.

Both of these leaders believed with all their hearts that God and Christ were on their side, Hitler a Roman Catholic and Johnson a Protestant. So far as I know, Oahspe is the only book in English that distinguishes between the false Christ and the true Christ, and gives the false Christ a name, Looeamong!

Furthermore, Oahspe states that Looeamong was the false Osiris. This elemental god misled and misguided the Egyptian priesthood down the long, left-hand road of corruption and degradation. After doing his dirty work with the dying Egyptian civilization of the time of Jesus, or Joshu, Looeamong found a ready disciple in the Roman emperor, Constantine. This power-mad despot was inspired to call the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. Out of this heterogeneous convocation of bishops from the various Mediterranean pagan religions of the time, the Emperor demanded a new State religion which would enable him to keep control of the masses.

Oahspe says the bishops fought and haggled for seven years over this opportunity to create a new church. Not one of them was willing to give up one iota of the power and authority he had acquired in his own territory. Finally, Constantine had to practically knock their heads together to force them to a final decision.

When he did have his State religion, with its hyphenated savior, Jesus-Christ, Constantine showed how regressive he really was. He bucked the natural tide of Western migration [21] by moving his capitol from Rome to Constantinople! However, he revealed his own lack of confidence in his judgment by stopping off at the Oracle of Delphi on the way. This gave the false Christ, Looeamong, an opportunity to channel some ego-saving praise through the sibyl occupying the prophecy seat at the time. No doubt the Greek priests managing this money-making institution were generously rewarded for their supporting services.

Oh, just to make sure he would have a private telephone to God (Looeamong) in his new capitol, Constantine swiped the three-legged stool on which the sibyl sat when giving her readings, and took it on with him. The Encyclopedia Britannica says the stool is to be seen to this day in one of the Museums of Istanbul.

As for the true Savior, which one would you prefer? The new Bible, Oahspe lists at least eleven. The earliest and perhaps greatest was Zarathustra of Persia, now Iran. Some nations with a long history had more than one. China had three, Po, Chine and Ka-yu. India had three, Brahma, Capilya and Sakaya. Then there were Moses of Egypt, Abraham of Arabia and Joshu of Palestine. If you want a more local Savior, try Eawatah (Hiawatha) of the American Indians.

It is true Atlantis isn't mentioned by name in Oahspe, but many of its sub-races and nations are mentioned by their own names. Some of the above Saviors are of Atlantean root stock, with red or yellow skins and straight hair. Remember, Atlantis was a continent which existed for a million years, giving birth, life and death to hundreds of civilizations in that time! Each with its compliment of Hitlers following false gods, and its Saviors worshipping the Ever-Present Creator. Always the planet had at least four great religions. Each represents one of the elements, fire, air, water or earth. Each religion has its true Savior-founder, upholding the Light of the worship of the One God to his followers. Each religion has also its organized priesthood, worshipping the false god and holding millions of hypnotized followers in slavery.

Christianity is a Water religion (emotions). Buddhism is an Air religion (mind). Confucianism is an Earth religion (body or physical). Brahmanism and Zoroastrianism are Fire religions (Spirit).

The principle of reincarnation is de-emphasized in Oahspe because the teaching of it to unenlightened or unawakened people tends to make them earthbound. It demoralizes them. The dogmatic reincarnationist may become an obsessing entity after death, trying vainly to crowd himself into another physical body which doesn't belong to him! (Cont. in the next Journal)

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