Inspired by the Dark Forces

CQC On The Rise and Fall Of
Hitler's Third Reich
Part XI
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As a departed spirit, Adolf Hitler is not likely to be an obsessing entity of other humans still in the flesh. This according to the late Arthur Ford. In her latest book, "A World Beyond", author Ruth Montgomery quotes Ford as writing through her from the other side of the Veil:

"Let us take the case of a Hitler, who seems to have wrought so much evil in one lifetime that he will never again be able to cleanse himself of such evil. He comes here after wrecking the lives and hopes and ideals of many other souls in the physical state, and he himself is an object of such scorn and horror that no one mourns his passing from the physical state.

"Here he thinks to resume his antics, his goosestep, his prattlings of power; but there is no one to listen or pay homage. This soul is so totally ignored that is as if he were alone in a dark island without habitation. He prances, rants, shouts, to no avail. There is none here so low so to seek association with this monstrous soul. Shouting and strutting achieve nothing; so at last he falls into a deep pit of his own image-making, and into the black pit he falls, falls, falls until, like Edgar Cayce tells of Saturn, he is in outer darkness.

"There he is left to his own devices for many hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, depending on the severity of his crime against humanity. If he ever wakens again, his fate will not be a pleasant one; for until he has repaid at least some of his crimes against others by long and arduous study in this state of being, he will not be offered an opportunity again to return to earth life where progress would be faster. He has doomed himself to isolation for many aeons, and the fate of Hitler will not be known to any of you living today; for his banishment -- self-banishment if you will -- will undoubtedly take much longer than anyone now living in the flesh can perceive."

This is all very good, very satisfying to the unawakened for whom Ford writes. The evil Wundermann of Europe of the 1930s has gone to his reward, burning eternally in a purgatory of his own making. But Ford is a Spiritualist, or was, and not an occult scientist. What is there in the foregoing to help us understand the invisible Evil forces which guided Der Fuhrer to power and propped him up on his iron throne from behind the Veil. The [21] twin evils, Nazism and Fascism, are still very much alive right here in the United States. And what of Gen. Karl Haushofer, the Buddhist-Catholic initiate who trained and guided Hitler in his use of black magick? What of Dietrich Eckhardt, who saw to it that the little Corporal turned his footsteps to the right path -- extreme right -- in the early 1920s?

Remember Eckhardt's boast: "Follow Hitler. He will dance, but it is I who called the tune. We have given him the means of communicating with Them. Do not mourn for me; I shall have influenced history more than any other German."

Of even greater interest to us are the personality and teachings of that well-known agent of the false Christ, Gurdjieff. In their mine of information on the magickal forces around Hitler, the book "The Dawn Of Magic", Pauwels and Bergier reveal that the Russian agent may have had far more influence on Nazi philosophy than had hitherto been suspected!

The Austrian engineer Horbiger was author of the cockeyed anthropology to which Hitler and his propagandists turned for inspiration in establishing their myth of the German super-race. But imagine Pauwels's surprise when he learned that Gurdjieff was echoing Horbiger. Or was Horbiger echoing Gurdjieff? As an earnest student of Gurdjieff after the war and himself a victim of Nazism, the Frenchman had to know if he was ignorantly following one of Hitler's spiritual teachers.

He was delighted to be the guest of a highly cultured French woman who was also a follower of Gurdjieff. The Russian occultist was also an occasional guest in her home. This was 1948. She was well-educated, with a good technical background in chemistry. Her approach to Gurdjieff's teachings was that of a rational, educated woman, rather than that of a mystic.

They were on the balcony of her chalet in the Alps. It was a cold, clear night. The two of them "experienced a sensation of solitude which, elsewhere, can be alarming, but in such surroundings has a purifying effect. Every feature of the Moon was clearly visible.

"One ought to speak of a moon," said my hostess, "one of the moons. . ."

"What do you mean?" Pauwels interrupted.

"There have been other moons in the sky. This one happens to be the last. . ."

"What? Do you mean there have been other moons, apart from this one?"

"Certainly. M. Gurdjieff knows it, and others besides him."

(To be continued in the next Journal.)

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