Inspired by the Dark Forces

CQC On The Rise and Fall Of
Hitler's Third Reich
Part VI
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"A fighting monk from another planet!" Thus did Pauwels and Bergier characterize Heinrich Himmler, the blood-thirsty executioner for Hitler's Third Reich, in their book, "The Morning of the Magicians". At the time of Himmler's cowardly suicide in May 1945 there was in print in the western world a book which gave significant hints as to why "fighting monks" might be coming to earth from "other planets". It was Alice Bailey's "Treatise on Cosmic Fire", first published in 1925, fourteen years before the great racial initiation of World War II.

At the time of the writing of the Treatise, the physical existence of Pluto had not been verified by astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, though its presence in the solar system had been suspected by Percival Lowell a whole generation earlier. Mrs. Bailey's teacher, D.K. does not specifically name Pluto as a source of evil for the earth, but he does speak of hidden planets in the solar system and of constellations outside the solar system from which come beings which would like to take over the earth.

He wrote through Alice Bailey in 1925: "This is something as yet unknown and incomprehensible to metaphysicians, scientists and astronomers. War wages cosmically as yet between the systemic 'lunar' lords, and those Entities who are analogous to the solar Lords on cosmic levels." Of course the moon has always been a focal point of evil for the earth. This has been known to occultists, but what hasn't been known is the existence of a hidden planet behind the moon, so to speak, through which a higher type of evil could manifest, and accelerate the process of change.

D.K.'s "Treatise on White Magic" was published by Alice Bailey in 1934. This was while the Forces of Cosmic and solar system evil were consolidating their hypnotic hold on Hitler and his gang of cutthroats in preparation for the war to come. Then D.K. could write: "Astrologers must remember also that there are several undiscovered planets which are producing pulls and shifts and focussing streams of energy upon our earth which tend to complicate the problem still further. Pluto is one of them. . . Pluto will be made the scapegoat for faulty astrology for a long time to come. . . Yet Pluto has always been revolving around our sun and producing its effects. It governs the death or cessation of old ideas and emotions, and its influence is therefore largely cerebral and in that you have the clue to its late discovery. Mankind is only on the verge of becoming mental. Its (Pluto's) effects are felt first in the mental body. . .


In 1951, in the book "Esoteric Astrology", D.K. speaks of "The destructive power of the first ray, focussed in Pluto, brings change. A darkness and death." In retrospect we can see that the mental effects of Pluto in 1934 became the great destruction of World War II when Hitler ordered the invasion of Poland in 1939.

"The evil men who guided the destiny of Germany talked of world groups and of the European Order of Nations," writes D.K. through Alice Bailey, "but it was a grouping around Germany as the center and for the selfish interests of Germany. The grouping which is a part of the divine Plan is not around any one nation but a grouping based on the ideal of brotherhood, on the will-to good and on the freedom of the whole. One expresses a selfish materialistic distortion and the other a spiritual objective."


It was during World War II that UFOs began to obtrude themselves on man's consciousness. There were the so-called Foo Fighters on the Western Front, the little glowing lights that monitored the performance of our fighter planes and bombers. Moving and glowing stationary lights were seen over the atomic energy plants and at the test site in New Mexico. Were they merely spectators at the birth of the Atomic Age on earth? Or were they mid-wives, carefully guiding a Nativity which leads to voluntary membership in the Interplanetary Federation? Perhaps both.

But there are the Satanic forces pulling man away from the "lighted Way" as D.K. calls it. If they had succeeded in World War II "the earthy aspect of Capricorn, the lowest concrete aspect of the mind and an increased control by the Taurian spirit in its worst form would have taken place, instead of the divine possibility of entrance into greater light, the manifestation of the soul nature and the recognition of the 'light which is found in the eye of the Bull' (the higher aspect of Taurus). . . Germany represented materialism in the West and Japan in the East. I would also add that those who in both nations (and there are many such) represent the 'lighted Way' were so imprisoned in their environment and so dominated in their personalities by the thought form of their powerful leaders that for them right action was impossible. . .

"The Forces of Light recognise and work for the spiritual good of all people, irrespective of their national relationships. They are working for the release of Germany from the glamour which descended upon her people. The Hierarchy makes a distinction between the bewildered masses, the wrongly educated youth and the obsessed leaders in all branches of government. The latter are 'shells', obsessed by evil entities and hence their dynamic, one-pointed potency, hence also their extreme skill and cunning, based on very ancient evil experience and hence also the well-nigh ludicrous falsity of their propaganda."

You see here D.K, gives no hint as to who these evil entities [21] are or what line of evolution they come from. His phrase, "very ancient evil experience", suggests another planet as their point of origin, or even a constellation outside the solar system. In any event, this Teacher leaves it up to us to fill in the obvious gaps with such information and inspiration as we can find ourselves.


Of these non-human, soul-less monsters who overshadowed Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini and other leaders of the Axis powers of World War II, D.K. says "They are the spirit of materialism embodied devoid of all true feeling and perception, lacking the light of love and understanding, but powerfully animated by the energy of substance itself. It is time that men woke up to the nature of these beings who sought (under the present grouping of constellations) to enslave the race."

In reference to these Invaders from outer space, in one of the Mark Probert seances, the Yada di Shi'ite reminded us that these elementals lack something we have, that is a soul. They desire to be human, to have a warm-blooded circulation system which has the capacity to love! But the means by which they hope to achieve this goal, through ruthless enslavement of mankind, seems to indicate they are headed in the opposite direction! Which indeed they are, being elementals on the involutionary Path, descending from Spirit to Matter.

"The earthly influence of Capricorn made their activity possible," writes D.K. through Alice Bailey in "Esoteric Astrology". They themselves have been evoked out of their evil past by the material side of humanity itself and the potency of the massed selfishness of mankind. In like manner the Forces of Light can be evoked in tremendous potency but only by the massed aspiration and spiritual desires of the peoples of the Earth. Of this evocation there are already signs."

Yes, the twenty years since D.K. wrote the above the "massed aspirations and spiritual desires" have counteracted the evil plans of the Satanic forces from within the earth, the extra-planetary forces from outside the earth, and the cosmic forces from outside the solar system. We are successfully contending with three levels, of evil because heartfelt prayers for the triumph of good over evil are ascending hourly from millions of hearts and minds all over the planet. The Forces of Light are being evoked from within the Planets from above the planet, and from outside the solar system. They are responding to our prayers and evolution is moving forward. Metaphysical study groups, prayer groups, healing groups are everywhere. BSRF is in touch with a few of them, both here and abroad. As we link up we gradually realize there is a vast but largely invisible network of Seekers and Servers, focussing the Light in their own way, at the physical level, all over the planet. This is part of the Tide of Change that is sweeping the earth.

(To be continued in the next Journal.)

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