Index of Vol. XXIX [1973]

011973January & FebruaryMAN-MADE FLYING SAUCERS IN SPACE - CQC by the Editor • THE DOTTO RING, by Gianni Dotto • WILLIAM -Transcribed by John Pearson • THE FRED HOYLE ENIGMA, by Rey d'Aquila • THE KINSHIP OF RELIGION AND SCIENCE, Part III, by Robert W. Wilson • SPACE WARP OVER THE ATLANTIC - from the "National Tattler" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Oh Them Eeman Screens!, More Self-Help With Eeman's Discovery, The Importance Of Communication, Greetings To All Fellow Humans, The Philippines The Next Vietnam?, Revolution Prophecy, Koch Glyoxylide, In Dire Need Of Help, Causing Healing Vibrations To Take Place, Old Journals In Demand, Paraphysics and Radionics Research, Gadget For Auto-Suggestion, Absolutely No Limit, The Weather-Bombing of Vietnam, Chariots Of The Gods -- and Of The Devils, Invitation To Prague, Thanks For the Cards, and BSRF Literature
021973March & AprilTHE MYSTERY OF JOHN KEELY, by Egerton Sykes, Editor of "Atlantis"-The Organ of the Hoerbiger Institute; Scale of Vibrations; Keely's Writings; Keely on Gravity; The Various Keely Machines; The Inventor's Physical Philosophy, by Prof. Daniel Brinton; The Successors of Keely • H.P. BLAVATSKY ON J.W. KEELY - from "The Secret Doctrine" • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES, Part XII - CQC by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Develop the Keely Force Yourself, "Urgent Information To Save a Life", Urgent Information to Save a Mind, Urgent Need For Protection Of Inventors, The "Establishment" At Work In Ohio, Would You Know A Healer There?, Would You Know A Healer Anywhere?, Armageddon Is On Everywhere!, Heating Up Vitic With Direct Current, Report On Eeman Screens, Yup More Information On UFOs Is Needed, 1972 Annual Report, Understandorama Convention May 6th, and BSRF Literature
031973May & JuneTHE YOUNG REALISTS, by Owen B. Hunt, from A-V Magazine • WATERGATE IS ARMAGEDDON - CQC by the Editor • AN ECUMENICAL MARRIAGE FOR AN ASSOCIATE, by Adele Darrah Fahey • THE KINSHIP OF RELIGION AND SCIENCE, Part IV, by Robert W. Wilson • ENCOURAGING RESULTS WITH BORDERLAND GADGETS, by Associate James Vick • AHRIMANIC POWERS HAVE PENETRATED WASHINGTON, by Trevor James • ST. AUGUSTINE'S PENIS, by Dr. Rosemary Radford, LA "Times" • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES, Part XIII - CQC by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Nevada To Allow Acupuncture, Found, An Oahspe Enthusiast, Radiation Remedies, John Brown and His B-Cell, The Bermuda Triangle, Politics Of Heroin To Be Filmed, Gasoline From Water, "Gasoline" From The Atmosphere, The Longitudinal Audio Ranges, Rebuilding The Shrine Of Men's Living, Healing Circle In Oregon, Tarot Trump: The Fool, Hepatitis Did Repond, Natural Cancer Cure, Higher Self At Work, Ritual Spinning, A Haunted Associate, UFO Sighting, The Fifth Dimension, and BSRF Literature
041973July & AugustHEALING WITH COLORED COTTONS AND COILS, by James Brownlee • AN INITIATE AT WORK - from Peters' "Gurdjieff Remembered" • INTERSTELLAR COMMUNICATION SIGNALS, by L.G. Lawrence • THE TRUTH FINDERS, The Albigenses, by New Zealand Correspondent • THE KINSHIP OF RELIGION AND SCIENCE, Part V, by Robert W. Wilson • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Interplanetary Communication, Sudden Loss of Binding Force?, The Santa Cruz Mystery Spot, "The Psychic World of Doc Anderson", Guardian UFOs On Duty Overhead, Picture of the Yada di Shi'ite, The Fifth Kingdom Is World Discipleship, The New Group of World Servers, The Promise and the Danger of Radionics, Apollonius, Oracle For Vespasian, The Food and Drug Watergaters, California Is Not Beautiful, Washington Is Not Beautiful Either, The Degrees Of The Zodiac Symbolized, A Rocky Eminence In The Midst Of A Turbulent Sea, Key Watergate Figure Doomed, Kether the Crown, God the Creator, Defects of the First Ray Types, Project Hermes: Telecommunications, Tesla On Interplanetary Communications, Crabb and Coming Lecture Communications, Literature
051973September & OctoberMORE DEAFENING THAN ONE CAN CONCEIVE OF, by Florence A Fuller • THE MAN WHO READS NATURE'S SIGNALS, by Thorn Bacon • SELF-HYPNOSIS, by Charles Rhoads • THE KINSHIP OF RELIGION AND SCIENCE, Part VI, by Robert W. Wilson • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES, Part XIV - CQC by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Take My Name Off Your Mailing List Now!, The Truth Of Cancer Cure Leads To Mexico, Nutritionist Adelle Davis On Sick List, Please Kindly Leave The Premises, Doctor Wins Reversal On Laetrile, Keep Your Low Self Under Control, Energy and Purification Diagrams, The UFO Grid and Free Energy, India Party Chief Leads New Anti-CIA Drive, French Mission Bonbed, You Can't Possibly Beat Them, Attempted Assassination, Bi-Partisan Shift Away From Extreme Right, Understandorama, California Parapsychology Foundation, and BSRF Literature
061973November & DecemberACCELERATE THE SPIRITUAL AWAKENING OF MANKIND - Clips, Quotes & Comments by the Editor, from "Coming Of The Guardians" and "Psychic" • MORE DEAFENING THAN ONE CAN CONCEIVE OF, Conclusion, by Florence A. Fuller • ETHER SHIPS, New Insights On An Old Problem, by Trevor James • OLYMPICS, A YEAR OF RECONCILIATION, by Olga Connally • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Anti-Gravity Research With Atomic Testing, Antarctic Base For Nuclear Testing, What's New, What's Coming?, The Boil-Off In Mississippi and Its Results, These Guys Were Really Shook Up!, UFOs, Spiritualism and Men In Black, UFO Re-researcher Harrassment, Early Involvement of BSRA, What Says the Yada?, When DidThe UFO Cover-Up Begin?, Sleepers Awake, 1952, Sleepers Awake, 1954, What Is Watergate A Cover-Up For?, Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle, No Investigation Of UFO Sightings By Air Force, Varo Edition of "The Case For The UFO", Tulku Talk At SD City College, New Classes In The Western Mystery Tradition, and BSRF Literature
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