Inspired by the Dark Forces

CQC On The Rise and Fall Of
Hitler's Third Reich
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Yes, in our attempts to pierce the Veil and identify the occult forces guiding Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich we find that the trail leads to the Orient and more specifically to Tibetan Buddhism. This is not the true Buddhism of the White Lodge, but the false Buddhism of the Black Lodge. The undiscriminating are not even aware of the difference! And so they become devil worshippers.

According to that revealing book, Oahspe, the name of the elemental god worshipped by the misguided Tibetan Buddhists is Kabalactes. This remote nation at the top of the world was so crystallized, corrupt and backward, so thoroughly hypnotized and under the control of the Lama priesthood, that there was nothing for the Ever-Present Creator to do but to destroy it, from outside; and the Chinese Communists were the agents of this aspect of God-the-Destroyer, starting in 1950.

35 years earlier the Russian people showed much more initiative than the Tibetans. Of their own free will the Russian people destroyed the corrupt priesthood which had been holding them in slavery for hundreds of years. Russian Orthodoxy was the eastern branch of the Roman Catholic Church; so it seems likely that the elemental nature god behind the Russian priesthood -- and worshipped as the Christ -- was the false Christ, Looeamong.

We can thank the writers of Oahspe for giving us the names of the two principle pagan Forces, Kabalactes and Looeamong, behind the Berlin-Rome-Tokyo axis of World War II. Lords of Materiality the Master D.K. calls them, as opposed to the Lords of Spirituality, the Occult Hierarchy of this planet.

This devil, Kabalactes, had a most capable and clever agent in the flesh in Tibet of the Middle Ages. He was T. Lobsang Gyatso, the Fifth Dalai Lama. This God-King of the 1650s, this Tibetan Pope, had more nerve than any of his western counterparts in Rome. Gyatso actually had himself recognized and accepted as the reincarnation of the Tibetan "Christ", Chenrezigs! Thus the false Buddha of the Tibetans laid the groundwork for what he hoped would be the conversion of the world to his soul-destroying doctrines. Lucifer, move over, you've got competition!

The particular magick which Kabalactes chose to demoralize the [20] Lamas and draw them knowingly or unknowingly onto the Left Hand Path was the art of Tulku. Literally, this means creating a form by magick, a thought-form, for a specific purpose. The intention of the abbots or heads of the monasteries in Tibet was to maintain their power, prestige and riches undiminished through a series of lives. The only way this can be done is to create an immortal vehicle of consciousness. This is used to carry self-conscious awareness, without a break, from the old, worn out carcass, through the Bardo heaven-world of the Tibetans, and into a new baby body by normal birth to Tibetan parents.

The practice was started 300 years ago by the Fifth Dalai Lama. By the time Madame Alexandra David-Neel arrived in Tibet for her extended studies of occult science there -- this was several years before World War I -- she found that there were hundreds of Tulku lamas. Every monastery of any consequence had several, in addition to the abbot head.

Alexandra herself witnessed the installation of one reincarnated Tulku, a seven-year old boy. This was at the Kum Bum monastery in eastern Tibet where she studied for three years. Normally the search for the Incarnation is begun about two years after the death of the aged lama. His banking and other business ventures are carried on by a steward -- who isn't always in a hurry to give up the reins of power.


Nicholas Roerich found he had a Tulku in his caravan while crossing Takla Makan in 1926. We quote from "Altai Himalaya", page 208: "Our Ladaki, Ramsana, adorned himself to such an extent that he even pinned to his chest two buckles from a garter. But the greatest desire of Ramsana is to carry a gun and ride a good horse. He is 18 years old and a useful man can be made of him. His father is a Moslem and his mother a Buddhist. By some kind of marks the lamas recognized in him the reincarnated dead abbot of the monastery, but his father, a confirmed Moslem, interfered with his monastic career."

Ramsana was lucky, or wise, in the choice of parents which enabled him to break out of the vicious circle of Tantric Buddhist magick. The practice of Tulku can only stifle soul-growth, as it stifled the growth of Tibet, emphasizing material goals and values and nothing else. Tulku was a reversal of the old spiritual principle of the qualified disciple succeeding his Master; so this practice guaranteed the deterioration of the monastic system.

Alexandra found that most of the Tulku Lamas had no spiritual qualities at all! They felt no inclination for the role but coasted along as figure-heads, receiving homage from the devout religious slaves of their "parish", and piling up wealth to satisfy their own greed. She discovered that the true spiritual teachers in Tibet were quite outside the monastic system, passing on their power from guru to chela. Read her "Magic and Mystery In Tibet" for more details.


The Great Symbol of Solomon.

In the Introduction to his "History of Magic" Eliphas Levi gives us a symbol for the inversion of Divine force into Demonic force, a necessary part of evolution on this planet at least. And in our estimation the false Buddha, Kabalactes, and the false Christ, Looeamong, personify this inversion or perversion.

Of course they have their agents in the flesh and Adolf Hitler would be a prime example. Another would be Mani Rimpochte, the Exalted Jewel, ruler of Agharta, the underground capital of Tibet; no doubt he was a Tulku with many lives of unbroken self-conscious awareness behind him.

But the Abbot of Agharta probably practiced a more advanced kind of Tulku, conscious transference to a teenage body, thus avoiding going through the diaper stage. In this way he could assure that his orders for preparation of Germany for The Day, Der Tag, would be carried through. They must have spanned several generations.

Mani Rimpochte was probably one of the controlling and guiding spirits of Adolf Hitler's birth at Braunau-am-Inn, Austria, April 20, 1889. The Black Masters are as careful in supervising the births of disciples from their Lodges as are the Mahatmas of the Himalayas in watching over the births of theirs. That last degree of Aries offers interesting symbolism from Sepharial's translation of "La Volasfera" or "Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized":

"30° Aries - A horseman, armed as if for battle, is watching the waning moon. It denotes a person of an independent and domineering nature, who will be forsaken by his friends and colleagues on that account, and whose fortunes will be severely hurt by a female. Serving himself alone he will not receive assistance. It is a degree of Isolation.”

The severely hurt part of the Symbol was the girl from whom he contracted syphilis at an early age. This made Hitler impotent for all of his adult life, a kind of enforced chastity which made all of his generative energies available for black magick. (To be continued)

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