Inspired by the Dark Forces

CQC On The Rise and Fall Of
Hitler's Third Reich
Part XIV
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In her writings on Occult Science, Dion Fortune gives this sage advice to all students: Wherever there is fear and aberrated sex, there is black magick. In examining the life of Adolf Hitler we find both. Syphilis made him a eunuch at an early age. None of this aspect of Hitler's personal life is touched on in Pauwels and Bergier's book, "The Morning of the Magicians", because perhaps they were ignorant of it then.

Hitler's "fool", Putzi Hanfstaengl, now in his 80s, writes that his boss was impotent, incapable of normal sexual relations. "The result was that he transferred his sexual aggression into politics. He was taking out on blood and corpses what he couldn't do in bed."

But Hitler did have girlfriends, Eva Braun and Angelika Raubal. With them he could only have abnormal or aberrated sexual relations for emotional satisfaction. Autopsy of the suicide's body in the bunker in Berlin in 1945 indicated no testicles.

Hanfstaengl quotes a woman friend telling him that Eva Braun Complained to her: "I am nothing but a prisoner. As a woman I get nothing from Hitler." His own impotence made of him a sexual vampire, a tool for drawing off the generative energies of his partners and victims. These energies were used by his elemental gods, the Qlippoth, to ensoul Hitler's thought-forms of the Will-to-power.

Generative or sexual energies in normal intercourse are polarized. Each partner in the embrace absorbs the other's auric release; for the emotional-spiritual nourishment of each, a sacrament indeed! None of this is available for magickal operations, except the white magick of a successful marriage! This was of no interest to Adolf or to his guides on the Lower Astral plane, even though German women sent cradles and other gifts to Adolf, suggestive of their desire to see him happily married.


Joe Alex Morris, Jr., Times staff writer, interviewed Hanfstaengl in Munich in June 1972. Putzi told Morris of one of Adolf's casual assignations, Gretl Slezak, furnished by Herr Goebbels, the Propaganda Minister -- one-quarter Hebrew by the way, but unknown to Hitler. "He took her off into a darkened room and Goebbels directed Hanfstaengl to play mood music on the piano. Hanfstaengl said he later asked Gretl how it went. 'She looked toward heaven and shrugged her shoulders'."

Early in his career Hitler fell in love with Angelika Raubal "a lush if lazy daughter of his half-sister. . . living in poverty with her mother in a Vienna slum apartment on the third floor of an old army barracks. . . The girl apparently was the only woman ever to satisfy Hitler's sexual needs. As a result he showered attention upon her and scandalized the party treasurer with his lavish outlays for her clothing at a time when the Nazi party didn't have much money."

Being a eunuch, Adolf couldn't satisfy Geli's need for sexual polarity in a normal way. All of his generative energies had to be preserved for the success of his magickal operations. Nevertheless, his need for intimate companionship produced such followup remarks as this from Geli (Angelika) to a friend, and relayed later to Putzi: "My uncle is a monster! No one can imagine what he expects of me."


Dr. Walter C. Langer and a team of psychiatrists later figured out just what, and why, Hitler demanded of his women partners. This was part of a psychological profile bought and paid for by the Office of Strategic Services in 1943. The American Command had to know the character and motivations of the German leader. That psychoanalysis is now available as "The Mind of Adolf Hitler: The Secret Wartime Report" by Walter C. Langer, Basic Books, $10.

"The inability to love (in a normal way), the confusion between sexuality and assault and between manliness and sadism were to be features of Hitler's personality which he imposed on Germany and Europe. . . Langer infers Hitler's sexual abnormality from his exaggerated pseudo-masculinity which he noted had 'all the earmarks of reaction-formation'. Hitler's lack of a testicle was not discovered until Russian pathologists performed an autopsy in 1945. On the basis of partial evidence Langer found that Hitler had the masochistic sexual perversion of having women urinate and defecate on him. This perversion has been corroborated by the painstaking postwar researches of Robert G. L. Waite. . ."

Other requirements of Geli were that she pose for pornographic drawings and paintings by Hitler, the amateur artist. Hanfstaengl told Morris that the party treasurer had to "buy back from a [22] blackmailer pictures Hitler had drawn of Geli."

Henry Ford, Sr. was one of the earliest millionaire supporters of the Nazis. I suppose the old mechanical wizard would turn over in his grave if he knew that his hard-earned American dollars had gone to finance such dirty political tricks in Europe!

Geli had to find satisfaction with other men, Hitler's chauffeur Emil Maurice, for instance. There were other casual liaisons which didn't bother Adolf too much, apparently, until she became pregnant by a Jewish house painter in Linz. She even wanted to marry him! This was too much. The lovers, Adolf and Geli, had a violent quarrel in her apartment the morning of Aug. 18, 1931. Later she was found dead with Hitler's pistol by her side. The helpful verdict of the Bavarian authorities was suicide. But she had a broken nose and there were other bruises on her body. If her lover hadn't done it on the 18th during their quarrel, perhaps one of his faithful hatchetmen did it for him the next day. Hitler was at Nuremberg on party business and reacted with great shock at the news of Geli's violent end and rushed back to Munich. He succeeded in suppressing the usual demand for an autopsy of the girl's body and had her quietly buried in Vienna.

"For years afterward, Geli's room in a house on Prinzregenstrasse was kept a shrine, with fresh flowers provided daily. Hitler would go there and lock himself in for hours at a time, Hanfstaengl said."


You can turn to Krafft-Ebbing for a detailed picture of aberrated sex in Central Europe of the 1920s and 30s. Among average people it's a matter of individual concern; but when these aberrations are found among the leaders of nations, it's a matter of national and international concern; for then it's a part of Black Magick and the charging of astral currents with human vitality to control the minds and hearts of millions of people! If the leader himself is ignorant of magick, he is led down the paths of sexual deviation by his black robed, white skinned -- or yellow skinned -- black hearted Controls from the Lower Astral plane. In Hitler's case there is little doubt that he was an avid student of the occult arts.

The follower of the Left-Hand Path adheres to this principle: "Evil, be Thou my Good!" Deliberately shutting himself off from the Light, he becomes a scavenger of used Life-force discharged as waste matter from his own and other living organisms, human and animal. The most powerful of these elemental sources of contaminated energy are seminal fluid and freshly shed blood -- thus the prevalence of sodomy and other deviate practices among the priesthoods, and of blood sacrifice in all of the degraded Christian and pagan religions. (To be continued in the next Journal.)

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