Inspired by the Dark Forces

CQC On The Rise and Fall Of
Hitler's Third Reich
Part XV, Conclusion
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It's time to bring these Clips, Quotes & Comments on the occult side of Adolf Schicklegruber's operations to an end. Not because we have no more, oh no, there's a shelf full of it behind me here as I type. The rising chorus of protest in the mail indicates too many of our readers are not really ready for the truth in this area. The aberrated sexual practices of humans, from which the Forces of Evil derive their power for control over humans, are too nasty to be faced or understood directly, for the older generation at least.

Then there is the shrewd admonition of Daddy Bray during a learning session in Honolulu in 1964. This Hawaiian Kahuna said: "Teach only 80% of what you know to your students. Save the other 20% to protect yourself from them!"

As for the physical fall of Hitler, the occult principle behind it is well described by Dion Fortune in the chapter on The Qliphoth in "The Mystical Qabalah". She is speaking of the cruel God of the Old Testament and all the religious persecutions that have been performed in His unbalanced name.

"It forms the Qliphah of Geburah (Mars on the Tree of Life) and every cruel and oppressive nature is in sympathy with it. To its sphere goes all the overplus of the force they emanate that is not absorbed by the opposing force in the universe -- all the unslaked revenge, all the unsatisfied lust for cruelty; and these forces, whenever they find a channel of expression opening up, rise through it.

"Consequently the man who gives way to cruelty soon finds that he is not merely expressing the impulses of his own undeveloped or misshapen nature, but that a great force like a stream in spate flood) is urging him on, driving him from one outrage to another till finally he loses his self-control and discretion and is swept away to self-destruction by some incautious expression of his impulses."

So the Great Coward escaped the prison of the flesh by suicide in the bunker under Berlin at the end of World War II, selfishly leaving his staff to face the consequences of his evil deeds. What a phony, tin-horn hero! Of course death is not the end of being -- though total annihilation is possible to one who absolutely refuses to cooperate with Evolution. Arthur Ford, writing through Ruth Montgomery in "A World Beyond", says that Hitler continued to rant and [21] rave on the Lower Astral plane as he had on the physical; but the Forces of Evil no longer had any use for this right-wing political fanatic. The brilliant inanities which had hypnotized millions in Germany had no force on the Astral, except a centripetal one which took him further and further from earth-physical to the elemental outer reaches of the earth-moon system, there to become one of the primeval forces of Nature.


Color photograph of the comet Kohoutek (C/1973 E1), taken by members of the lunar and planetary laboratory photographic team from the University of Arizona, at the Catalina observatory with a 35mm camera on January 11, 1974.

Color photograph of the comet Kohoutek (C/1973 E1), taken by members of the lunar and planetary laboratory photographic team from the University of Arizona, at the Catalina observatory with a 35mm camera on January 11, 1974.

Is there no escape for the Fuhrer from this terrible condition into which he has propelled himself by his rebellion against the Light? Yes, according to the "Cosmic Doctrine" of our Western Mystery Tradition, a one-time comet such as Kohoutek offers an escape to "those rare units of evolution who, by the persistent misuse of epigenesis (free will), have dedicated themselves to destruction."

Well known comets with regular periods, such as Halley's operating on a 72-year cycle, could be said to be solar system buses. Their main job apparently is to move souls or spirits from planet to planet.

The first guess-timate of Kohoutek's period was 75,000 years. Now astronomers are saying that is too short a time and are speaking of a million-year cycle -- which might as well be never as far as we are concerned; and this would make Kohoutek a Sidereal Idiot.


Does the coming of Kohoutek offer Hitler and other such murderers a chance to exchange the planet earth for a comet, as a last desperate choice of Free Will? It would seem so. Consider these thought-provoking observations from page 87 of Dion Fortune's "Cosmic Doctrine": "The comets, it may be said, are aggregates of atoms drawn together by means of the electrical disturbance occasioned by the influence of Entities upon subtler planes. These Entities are great Cosmic beings that have no matter of the seventh Cosmic plane in their composition and therefore cannot form a universe which perceptible to the physical senses of the first plane of a Solar evolution.


"The comets do not generate a group soul which can evolve. They are Sidereal Idiots. Artificial Elementals are their souls, and they are concerned -- certain of them -- with Cosmic scavenging. To them are sent those rare units of an evolution which, by the persistent misuse of epigenesis, have dedicated themselves to destruction."

The Moon doesn't have a group soul either; so perhaps we should call the moon a solar idiot; and the moon scavenges all the effete matter of the earth. The "units of evolution" sent there for rehabilitation -- for the moon is the earth‘s jail -- are not beyond redemption.

"The (scavenging) comet in its orbit takes such souls to the outermost bounds of the Cosmos wherein there are no influences to which they can react, and the Cosmic atom-images which go to the building of their component parts cease to be reflected.

"That is the Unknown Death. Such units cease to be -- completely -- and there is no reincarnation or fresh start. Even their karma is disintegrated and touches not the Group Spirit. It is said of such that they exchange their planet for a comet. They elect to go too far and too fast, but they go too far and too fast for their forces of cohesion; and the comet to which they have yoked themselves, when it returns again to the sphere of our solar system, is found to be without them."


For the Black Magician on the Left Hand Path this is the ultimate in Free Will or Epigenesis, the ultimate escape from responsibility. He knows only too well the awful retribution which awaits him, millions of souls crying for justice because of torture, starvation, murder, at his commands. He thought to escape this at the physical level by suicide, and did; but on the Lower Astral conditions are even worse, his accusers, his victims are everywhere, mocking him with curses; and he no longer has his all-powerful secret police to protect him.

There must be some escape from this hell on earth! There is. In the dim distance appears a fiery chariot of the Gods. He feels the thrilling pull of Its attraction. Others seem to be merging themselves with It as It draws closer. He has always been lucky in coming up with a way out, an escape from his enemies; so this decision is easy. He's made thousands of such decisions before, for himself and against others. This is the only logical step in a series which began a long, long time ago. He'll exchange the filthy old planet earth for this glamorous visitor any day; so with a shout of derision and triumph he is free of the earth. He always despised it anyway. But in ridding himself of the earth, the earth is fortunately rid of him. Isn't it wonderful?


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