Index of Vol. XXX [1974]

011974January & FebruaryTHE PLAYTHINGS OF DIONYSIUS - CQC and Illustrations by the Editor • ETHER SHIPS, Part II, by Trevor James • LOVE AMONG THE CABBAGES, by Christopher Bird • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES, Part XV, Conclusion • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - from A Martyr To Evil, From An Original Associate, The Dawn Of Kosmon, The Great Emancipator, This Duch "Atlas" Cancelled Out, The Lords Of Materialism, They Sin Against The Light, "Executuve Action", Astronaut Breaks With The Lords Of Materialism, Thomas A. Edison Prophet With Honor, Personal Message From The Sixth Man On The Moon, Polarity In The Life Force, Warped Space Or Into The 4th Dimension and Out, The Mobius Strip, BSRF Light Shines In Africa, Into The 4th Dimension For An Indefinite Stay, and Literature
021974March & AprilMORRIS K. JESSUP and His Trip To Venus Etheria • DAISY THE TUBE - Report From Seattle, Part I • CONTACT WITH A SPACEMAN, by Phyllis Dixon • THE ALABAMA CONTACTTHE PASCAGOULA CONTACT • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Hynek's New Zealand UFO Research, Point Aleph Freedom From Time, They Refuse To Answer The Question, The Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator, Modified Beck Circuit, Magnetic Treatment To Fight Cancer, The Exorcists, Exorcising One's Self, By The Dozen!, Rejuvenation Is Protection Too, Ceramic Disc Magnet Research, "I Am One Confused Kat At The Moment", The High Price of UFO Contact, Setting the Record Straight, We Escaped Martial Law That Time, The New Group Of World Servers, Are You A God-Loving Christian?, The Annual Report For 1973, World Invocation Day, June 4, 1974 and BSRF Literature
031974May & JuneA STUDY IN DUAL CONSCIOUSNESS - With CQC by the Editor • DAISY THE TUBE, Part II - Report from Seattle by Dyaneme Carmen • SOME EVIDENCE FOR DOWSING, by Carl. G. Shleicher • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Gone With the Electronic Wind, From a Well- Built Swede, "Planet In Trouble, the UFO Impact on Earth", Cloudbusting by Wilhelm Reich, Look Out For The Inevitable Reaction, What Says a Mahatma Of The Himalayas, Cloudbusting and Cloudforming, "Spit Brings Sprinkle", A Visit With Cleve Backster, Kirlian Photography in Tucson, Adelle Davis, "How I Discovered I Have Cancer", "Something Foul and Inimical", Geoffrey Hodson, Cleaning Up Your Junk With a Ceramic Magnet, Women's Lib, Sadat and Kissinger Friends and Brothers, Summer UFO and Psychic Conventions, and BSRF Literature
041974July & AugustBLACK, WHITE AND YELLOW REVOLUTIONARIES - Clips, Quotes & Comments by the Editor • AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, by Ginetta Sagan • PASCALITE, THE MUD THAT HEALS, by Keith Ayling • SOLUTION TO AIR POLLUTION - from "Newsweek" • "SPIRITED" RIDE IN HAWAII - from Honolulu "Advertiser" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Clouds and Rain, The Sign of the Cross, With Power, Wisdom and Love, Devils in the Life of St. Theresa, Good Study Materials, Don Vicente the Sorcerer, A Missed Opportunity To Learn, I Am Above The Law, Prophet With Honor-But With No Satisfaction, The Discipline of the Old Time Religion, This Occult Business Is Overdone, The Effect On Tomorrow's Citizens, Fear Not the Stars Are Still There, A Future Mesmer, Light Over Darkness, The Alchemists Turn the Lead (of Prison) Into Gold, Health Alchemy, The Magnetic Tube, Changing Negative To Positive, BSRF Literature
051974September & OctoberTHE MAGIC BANDAGE OF DR. SIERRA, by Dr. Barton W. DuKett • SPACE SHIP, PLANES AND FIRST ENTRY INTO RAINBOW CITY, by Gladys Hefferlin • BURN WATER FOR FUEL, by W.C. Hefferlin • CAVERN WORLD AT GIBRALTAR • REICH'S INSTRUCTIONS ON CLOUD-BUSTERS, by Ned Jastram • STATUS REPORT ON CLOUD-BUSTING from Trevor James • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - God Protect Me From This Friend!, Change From Theory To Practice, The Solution To Pollution (Cont.), God The Destroyer At Work, The New Distortion, Oil!, The Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon Madness In Vietnam, Inflation Guaranteed, The Famous "Panic Circular" Of 1893, No. 1 On The Bankers' Enemies List, Home Mortgage Money Begins To Disappear, Oil Moguls Know Fear, The Decline Of The West, Our Only Hope The United Nations, That's Gratitude for You!, Telepathic Spying, ESP Experts To Replace Spys, Pascalite The Therapeutic Clay, "Uri Geller, Challenge To Science and To Metaphysics", and BSRF Literature
061974November & DecemberURI GELLER, CHALLENGE TO SCIENCE AND TO METAPHYSICS, by Riley Hansard Crabb • ABRAHAM, THE DORSETSHIRE GIANT, by the Hon. S. Shuttlesworth • THE HEALING, ASCENDED CHRIST IN BELFAST, by Rev. Rufus J. Wombie • REPORT ON "ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS CONFERENCE", by Lawrence Blazey • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Photo Actinia Oxygen Therapy, The Mayo Slaughterhouse, Who Has Been Brainwashed?, Moral Decay In High Places, Living Love With the Five Rites, A Simple Program Of Spiritual Development, That Ol' Debbil Moon, What To Do About Planet Earth, The First Man On the Moon Not Armstrong, Exceptional Kirlian Photography, Majority Of Irish Sick Of War, Now We Know The Real Reason, Martha Mitchell Sounds Off Again, Another Liberal Leader Gone, And One Who Protects Himself, Project Civilization, Radioactive Vegetarians, Long Awaited Report On Uri Geller, Aurical Electronic Therapy, Terrifying Reactions From Biofeedback, ESP The Space Travel Problem and other BSRF Literature
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