Index of Vol. XXXI [1975]

011975January & FebruaryPSYCHIC SEES DEVIL'S TRIANGLE, VICTIMS KIDNAPPED BY UFOs, by Paul Dougherty • WHAT SAYS THE YADA ABOUT THE TRIANGLE -Through Mark Probert in 1968 • THE ATLANTEAN FIRE CRYSTAL IN THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE, by Dr. Daniel W. Fry • URI GELLER, CHALLENGE TO SCIENCE AND TO METAPHYSICS, Part II - Review by Riley Hansard Crabb • "WE CANNOT ENDURE BEING WORSE: SO MAYBE WE SHOULD TRY BEING BETTER!", by Manly P. Hall • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Mary and Joseph, In The Eye of the Hurricane, Peter Hurkos' Earthquake Prophecy For 1975, George Van Tassel's "Integratron" and Change In UFO Policy, Gerald Ford's Letter on UFOs, How Long Will Ford Remain In Office, When Will It Happen?, An Astrologer Says Sooner, The Gasoline War Against Us, Gas-Saving Engine Condemned By EPA, "The Clue To The Present Problem OF Evil", Gen. MacArthur Man Of Vision, The Clue to the Present Problem Of Evil, The Sacking Of Washington DC, Tune Up Your Vibes Voluntarily, The Fifth Dimension, and BSRF Literature
021975March & AprilMEADE LAYNE AND THE PRINCIPLES OF BSRF - from a 1946 Letter • THE RADICALIZATION OF A REPUBLICAN - Interview with Dr. Spock • URI GELLER, CHALLENGE TO SCIENCE AND TO METAPHYSICS, Part III • FAMILY'S SILVERWARE CURLS AS THEY WATCH GELLER, by David Burk • VERNE CAMERON'S VRIL STICK - from "Clips, Quotes & Comments" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - "Big Foot" of Earth Origin, Mate-eating A Revolting Habit, Homeopathy Alive and Flourishing, Inventor Pays Taxes, Carburetor On Carburetor, Espiritista Healers In Australia, Source Books For Ritual Magick, "Magnetism and Its Effect On The Living System", "Psychic Healers", "The Spear of Destiny", The Eyes of the Demon, Radiesthesia, Anyone?, The U.S. Radionics Congress, The Radionic Association, Rainbow Festival in Waikiki, Telepathy Is A Real Thing!, 1974 Annual Report, Electronic Stimulation of ESP, Seven Cancers Removed
031975May & JuneA TOUR OF THE HEAVENS AND THE PLANETS, by Jas. M. Peebles • MY TRIP TO THE MOON IN A FLYING SAUCER, by Edward M. Palmer • THE POWER OF MIND OVER CANCER, by Darrell Sifford • URI GELLER, CHALLENGE TO SCIENCE AND TO METAPHYSICS, Part IV of a Review • THE PHOENIX RADIOCLAST, by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Not a Yogin, a Faqueer!, A Physical Explanation For ESP, Giving The Heave-Ho To A Dead Drunk, A Bewitched Witch, Planetary Citizens, Who Are The Brahmin Nine?, Incomprehensible And Futile Statements, Fry's Unusual Books, Ray Palmer's "Newsletter", Were Nixon's Burglers Also Murderers?, Meditate On the Liberty Lobby?, "Dangers Of Meditation", Project Civilization, Jobs Down Crime Up, Heresy In the Senate, and BSRF Literature
041975July & AugustTHE DUMB SING, by M.H. Tester • THE DWELLER ON THE THRESHOLD - A Study, by the Editor • BROADCAST TREATMENT FOR SICK PLANTS, by Sam Gerald • URI GELLER, CHALLENGE TO SCIENCE, Part V of a Review • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Sock It To 'Em, Mac, Help, My Dweller's Got Me!, Is Cancer Curable?, When The Censor's Away the Dweller Doth Play, We Speak Direct Truth, Electronic Stimulation of ESP, An Aquarian Age Principle, BSRF Material Appeals To Her, The Medical Malpractice Syndrome, Pyramid: Mark I, Mars the New Frontier Of Civilization, Rejuvenation of Civilization, 19 Paragraphs On Space Travel Problems, Ramon Natalli, The Oracle Wand and Its Vril Power, Is Hickson Being Conditioned For Space Travel?, The Brahmin Nine and Other Priesthoods Again, Look To The Pope For Enlightenment?, and BSRF Literature
051975September & OctoberHOW TO SEE VITAL RADIATION, by Trevor James • THE DWELLER ON THE THRESHOLD -"THE SHADOW" of C.G. Jung • INTO THE FOURTH DIMENSION IN 1953, by M/Sgt Clarence Dargy • THE TOPOLOGY OF A FOUR-DIMENSIONAL UNIVERSE, by F.B. Jueneman • URI GELLER, CHALLENGE TO SCIENCE, Part VI of a Review • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - from a "Non-Arrogant Seeker", Haunted by a Durpu Elemental, Haunted by a Psychokinetic Dweller, St. Clair's Opus On Healers Sold Out, Where Can I Sign Up?, More On "Eyes" and Occidental Meditation, Practical Use of the "Eyes", The UKACO Device, The Lower Astral Plane, We Need It!, Curtis Upton, Practical Mystic, Let Us Pick Up the Torch, Promising Results with UKACO, Telepathic Probing, The Phoenix Radioclast, Precise Mathematical Modelling of Thought, Women's Lib In Daytona Beach, Borderland Censorship Threatened, The Reincarnation of Peter Proud, The "Freedom Festival" at Tonopah, Literature
061975November & December"A SPONTANEOUS PSYCHIC TUNE-IN", by Rev. Grace W. Loehr, and With Comment by the Editor • PUSH FOR OFFICIAL UFO-CIA INVESTIGATION, by Dennis Pilichis • "LIKE A CHILD LOOKING FORWARD TO SANTA CLAUS", by Rho Sigma, from "Esotera" • "THE SECRET POWER OF PYRAMIDS", by Bill D. Schul • THE DEEPER MEANING OF CHRISTMAS, by Judith and Riley Crabb • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Regaining Equilibrium From Vietnam, Solution To Pollution - Kerosene and Water, Getting On The Right Path, Give Me Back My Blindness - And My Body!, There Is A Certain Amount Of Tension, "The Ongoing Slaughter Of Our Brothers", The Licensed Torturers Must Go, Millennium, The Master's Guiding Care, "Heavy" Meditation, Religious Research Foundation of America, Women's Lib, Rebellion Against the Oil Majors, Dream Control Is The Goal, More On Hitler's Magick, The Concave Terrestrial Interior, Dr. Ruth Drown and Radio-Vision Pictures, Hell No I Won't Go, Updating Flying Saucers, Non-Violent Alternatives To Social Change, and BSRF Literature
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