Index of Vol. XXXII [1976]

011976January & FebruaryRAW MEAT ELECTRONICS AND WHO IS DOING THE MUTILATIONS, by Andrew Hardie • URI GELLER, CHALLENGE TO SCIENCE, Part VII of a Review by the Editor • A PRESIDENT CONFESSES TO DIRTY POLITICS - CQC On A Mark Probert Seance • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Origin of 'Mat and De-Mat', UFO Mind Manipulation, The Navy Also Has Mediums, As Does the CIA, AFFA IFO Pilot From Uranus, The Prime Directive, Help For Those Of Right Mind, Now We Know Why Our National Problems Go Unsolved!, Can It Happen Here If We Don't Protect Democracy?, Nixon's Wicked Legacy to America, Brazilian Magazine Editor Arrested, A Threat In Respectable Disguise, Worth A Year's Subscription, Years of Being With The Dead, Taking The Eeman Screens To Bed, and thanks for the New Year's greetings, Radionics Class In Seattle, Radionics Research In Indianapolis, Adding The 4th Dimension To Chiropractic, Dr. Drown's Radio-Vision Instrument, Ed Palmer's Moon Trip, Egg-Shaped Flying Saucer, Mysterious Changes In Our Own Flying Saucer, Betty Ford's Improved Health, The Unsolved Medical Malpractice Issue and Why, and BSRF Literature
021976March & AprilPSYCHIC SURGERY IN DENMARK, by Harold M. Lowe • TEACH YOURSELF TO SEE THE LIGHT, by Billy Sharp Dugan • THE PROBLEM OF POLARITY AND HOW TO SOLVE IT - CQC on a Letter • NO GREEK TRAGEDY MORE TERRIBLE IN ITS JUSTICE, by Gina Cerminara • URI GELLER, CHALLENG TO SCIENCE, Part VIII of a Review by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Geller Is Nothing But A Magician!, Recruiting For Research, A Self-Starter Associate, Paranormal Research At First Hand!, Major Francis Yeats-Brown, In Woman You Are Born Again, The Subjective Bliss of Astral Plane Union, UFO Bicentennial at Tonopah, Arizona, Fire Initiation in Southern California, The Cosmic Pulse Of Life and Reaction To India, Annual Report, Betty Ford In San Diego Again, and BSRF Literature
031976May & JuneTHE PETER AND FRANCES UFO CONTACT - from the Dickeson's "Xenolog" • PROJECT HERMES, A MECHANICAL AID TO TELEPATHY, by William F. Zwirn and the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - A Borderland Researcher Reports on the Phoenix Radioclast and UKACO, What Is Your Intention?, Respect For the Sanctity Of All Life, What Says H.P. Blavatsky, What Says Iamblichus?, The Martyrdom Of Dr. Leonard Chapman, An Aquarian Ager In the Philippines Looks at Psychic Surgery, The Radio-Vision Instrument Diagram, The Drown Homo-Vibro Ray, More Wanted On Polarity, Less Wanted On Polarity, "Honor Thy Father and Mother", Highly Recondite Secrets Of the Mysteries, Now She Knows the Meaning Of the Word Crucifixion!, Prophecy Corner, With Extreme Prejudice, What Says Pluto In Libra?, But The Zodiacal Sign Libra Gives Hope, A New Future In This Bicentennial Year, BSRF Literature
041976July & AugustHIGH ALTITUDE UFO PHOTOGRAPHY, by Trevor James Constable • NEW CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUE FOR MAXIMUM PYRAMID ENERGY, by Dean Hardy • "SILENCE POLICY" ON UFOS THREATENED BY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE - from "Enquirer" • GENE RODDENBERRY, THE SHAKESPEARE OF THE SPACE AGE, by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Kathryn Kuhlman Dies -- and Lives! (and The Incoming Fourth Dimension), The Pause That Refreshes the Spirit (and Psychic Surgery In Mexico), The Problem of Accurate Dowsing (and 60% Psychic and 40% Instrument, Find A Brujo Who Knows, The Gnome Alberich), Separation of Church and State, Women In Space, The Awesome Power of Television In Ireland, The "Last Chance" Incarnation of the Lebanese Assassins, "Ignis", A Lord Of The Flame, The Phoenix Radioclast, Dinshah's Color Therapy In Demand, A Dallas "Chappaquidick" For Nixon?, Getting Rid Of A Psychic Leech, Schematic For The Zwaam Ray Apparatus Anyone?, Rejuvenation From LSD Use, Healing From A Lakhovsky Loop, Government By Deception Ended by the 4th Dimension (and Plato On Why Democracy Encourages Bad Leadership), and BSRF Literature
051976September & OctoberWHAT'S A HEALING MASTER, by Jane Brundage and Susan Bostwick, with Editorial Comment • THE GENESIS OF A NEW GRAVITATIONAL TECHNOLOGY, by J.P. Roos • MONSTERS BY BIO-MAGNETISM, by Alice S. Crowdis • OUTWARD TO THE PLANET MARS - CQC On The Next Big Space Project • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Viking 1 Sniffs Mars Air, Secret Interest In the Mars Moon "Phobos", Phobos Saved A Planet!, Overcoming Mental Limitations With Star Trek, Pathoclast Schematic Anyone?, The Psychological Sequence of Carbon and Magnet, The Pyramid As Orgone Energy Accumulator, The High Price Of Healing Privilege In Mexico, Devices For Interdimensional Communication Wanted, The Glamor of Hawaiian Style Pagan Magick, "The Cosmic Pulse Of Life", and BSRF Literature
061976November & DecemberTHE LAW OF SACRIFICE, by Annie Besant • SPEAKING OF SACRIFICE, by Mae Brussel and the Editor • THE MARIAN APPARITIONS AT ZEITOUN -Page Research Library "Newsletter" • THE UNIVERAL MOTHER, WATER, by Geoffrey Hodson • IN REPLY TO "THE PYRAMID AS ORGONE ENERGY ACCUMULATOR", by Dean Hardy • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - A "Born Again" Christian Earns Her Deliverance, "I Found I Was In Darkness", Charles "Born Again" Colson, Living The Law Of Sacrifice, The Popular Seanor Screens of 1952, Those Radi-Emanations From Space Gravity Waves, An American- Made Flying Saucer, The Solution To Pollution, Putting Radionics To Good Use, What Is Happening To This Country?, "Pure And Unadulterated Outrage!", This (American) People Has Waxed Gross, The Third International Psychotronics Congress, The Pranic Triangle, AGRAD Machines For Insect Control, An Intelligent Appraisal Of The Election, Growing Interest In Meade Layne's Writings, and BSRF Literature
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