Black and white xerographic reproduction of a press photo of Kathryn Kuhlman, captioned "Kathryn Kuhlman".


San Francisco "Examiner", Feb. 21, 1976

"Tulsa, Oklahoma -- Evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman once said she was 'the most ordinary person in the world' but to thousands of sickly persons who attended her faith healing services the irrepressible preacher was the personification of hope. Miss Kuhlman died yesterday. She had open heart surgery Dec. 28. Her age, which she always had kept secret, was not revealed. A hospital spokesman said the evangelist died of pulmonary hypertension.

"Miss Kuhlman held healing services throughout the country and regularly preached at the First Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, her home and head-quarters of the Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation. Persons of all ages, sexes, races and social classes traveled long distances to attend her healing services, many of them arriving by ambulance or in wheel-chairs. Miss Kuhlman discounted her role in the cures and to those who thanked her again and again she said, 'Kathryn Kuhlman didn't have a thing to do with it, this is the almighty power of God come into this room.'

"Miss Kuhlman was the author of 'I Believe In Miracles' and 'God Can Do It'. Memorial services were planned Monday in Pittsburgh and in Youngstown, Ohio. Burial will be in California."

Death is not the end, of course; it is rebirth into another world or level of consciousness; so we expected to hear from this Bright Spirit as soon as a compatible channel could be found. There probably will be many messages of hope and inspiration but here is a significant one in the May 1976 Open Letter of the "Ruby Focus" by the Revs. Garman and Evangeline van Polen, PO Drawer 1188, Sedona, Arizona 86336, USA:

"I never dreamed there were such things -- such things as channelship! I am woven in the pattern of the Baptist theology, though far out at that! Yet, at heart, I remained traditional! I was an innocent bystander as to what was happening. I had no lessons to market. By chance of Fate I had this seemingly Battery or Lightning Rod for the Holy Spirit rompings -- romping over to the physical bodies who were ready to receive. I presume I received this Chalice through surrender to whatsoever in the early days when My Heart was broken and I 'gave' myself over to the Father of all Good Things, Who Else?

"But now in a new setting I see, as the same God I believe in [23] has taken me over the Borderline. I now see thousands of open channels who love the Holy Spirit. I see them! Do not be sad; I am the most joyous soul in the Ethers. I have been given a role with the two New Light Rays, Ruby and Christos. This very dictation, from My Enlightened Heart, comes from the Rainbow Cathedral in golden waves, into the consciousness of Channel E who, with Amura Koran (Master Cosme), can catch.


"There will be many various Ascended Masters dictate their Wisdomic Intelligence from the Rainbow Cathedral; then the Cathedral itself becomes manifested. Then you may measure, as the incoming Fourth Dimension enters, soon, soon, soon, already NOW. The Higher Frequencies will render all minds free 'to see and hear'. There will be (is being) a dissolvement of the Third Dimension. Man's prison doors will fly open.

"Because of lack of continuous Light, those who were touched by the Cosmic Lightning Rod (in Kathryn's physical plane healing services) did not always receive a permanent healing. The consciousness should always be changed, the attitudes, the daily routines, or the unbalance would again gain its negative dominion.

"I feel so fortunate though. I have been unconsciously conditioned all through those years (the way of the Mystic, the Second of the Four Ways described in our Cabala lesson series), Laser-Beaming the Two New Light Rays through my aura, out to whomsoever was open to accept the healings. So it is not surprising to bring Myself within their Auric Circumference! 'As above so below!' In this case, vice verse.

"May the Blessings and Prosperity of the Love Beams of the Gemini Retreat shower upon Magnificent Consummation's 'Ruby Focus'. This is where My temporary Focus is (Gemini Retreat). I have the color Rose-Pink of Ruby Ray. I Am not called Kathryn Kuhlman; I Am Primrose Vine, or P.V. It's a new and glorious life. Never a worry or financial concern, as was on earth; but a constant exhilaration and continuous flow of Joy! I would not have it any other way! I Am fulfilled!

"To all who read my books or listen to my radio broadcasts, I will feel your consciousness and respond with healing rays. My original Homebase is the Angelic Kingdom, to where I will return when I am called back. I am Kathryn Kuhlman, now Primrose Vine, channeled through dear little E."


"On Nov. 13th I had a head-on collision and my van was 'totaled'. My left foot and leg were mashed up. Was in hospital 23 days and had daily nurses at home 3½ months while wearing cast from toes to hips. The healing progress has been amazing to the orthopaedic surgeon who intended to amputate my leg. We know it is because of so much prayer [24] and my spiritual faith in God. Our healers came to the emergency room about 3 p.m. and were at the hospital until 11:30 p.m. in addition to many who prayed at home and work. At least one of the healers visited me each day as the hospital was only a few minutes from the church. Should have accomplished the reading and study I wanted to do by July so I'm expecting a complete recovery by then. There have been so many blessings accomplished as a result of this 'incident' and almost no pain!

"Guess you know about Feliciano's move from Playas de Tijuana to Tecate. On the Sunday his healing class was to resume I was in the hospital. Three others from our group here were unable to go for a couple of weeks. When they did go they ware disappointed that he did not teach how to open the body, but only Magnetic Healing as he calls it. Which we already do here at our Healing Light Center in the Valley (San Fernando).

"We need some of your brochures 'Retro Me, or Psychic Self-Defense'; so enclosed is a money order for 20 copies. Would appreciate them as soon as possible."

Ms. M.L.A., Sun Valley, California

The only way some of us can be slowed down to do some serious thinking and meditating is to have everything brought to a crashing halt for a few weeks -- amounting to a rebirth. Glad to see that you took the high side of your accident and experienced a comparatively quick and painless recovery, and also had the generous support of loving and dedicated friends!

Interested Associates can get first-hand experience of Filipino Psychic Surgery from Rev. Feliciano Omiles, PO Box 943, Tecate, California 92080. He has an office across the border in Tecate, Mexico. There is a phone number: 903-354-1731.

I'm sure the Spirit-doctor-nurse-deva team working through Feliciano would be willing to carry the training on into psychic surgery, Marie, should any of your group show the necessary dedication. In my estimation advanced healing work of this kind requires total dedication and commitment -- of the kind demonstrated by Feliciano himself, and by his assistant. This would probably mean four or five years of the kind of sustained, full-time effort one needs to get a college degree, for instance. This is what Brother Terte told Dr. Nelson Decker there in Baguio City, when Decker went there for training in psychic surgery back in the Sixties. It is true that Tony Agpaoa initiated Decker into the art after only a month of training, but Decker had already had years and years of successful chiropractic practice behind him; so psychic surgery was merely an exotic extension of what he had already been doing, manipulating bodies; and his connections with Spirit forces of the Healing Christ, doctors, nurses and healing angels of the 2nd Ray, were well established. You may not be aware of it but psychic surgery is mediumship! [25] The Espiritista healers of the Philippines go into deep trance and are taken over completely by the Spirit surgeons doing the work. Is this what you want, to be a trance medium? Remember also that a Spirit doctor may have to study and practice just as long and just as hard from his side, how to control your body without hurting you, while doing the delicate operations.

This is just a glimpse of what I understand by the words "total dedication"; so Spirit Healing is not something to be entered into lightly, to be done only when you are in the mood for it. It is an art which, like any other art such as painting or music -- or dowsing, must be practiced every day without fail. Then, when one is ready for the big concert, the capability and capacity are there.

One of the best books we know of on Psychic Surgery is J. Bernard Hutton's "Healing Hands" (W.H. Allen, London, 1966 and probably out of print). This describes the work of Dr. William Lang, who died in 1937, and who now carries on his work through medium George Chapman. You can't get this kind of information from the Espiritistas, who are Devotional Mystics. They don't know from nothin' about occult science, and don't care to know; but Dr. Lang talked freely with journalist Hutton about his work through George Chapman and the "Intricacies of Spirit Healing", Chapter 23 of the book, 10 pages of dialog with Lang. We have reproduced the chapter in our BSRF No. 2-M brochure, "Three Great Aquarian Age Healers". . $3.00.

Dr. Decker's personal story of his training in psychic surgery under Brother Terte and Tony Agpaoa is in BSRF No. 2-N, "Psychic Surgery In the Philippines and Pagan Healing In Hawaii" . . . $2.25.


"Could you give us some help on a couple of problems? First, we would like to contact a psychic surgeon. A friend of ours here in Mexico had surgery many years ago in the form of a colostomy, where the anal sphincter, etc. are bypassed and the excretory area is out of the lower abdomen. Do you know if such a condition can be helped by psychic surgery so the elimination would again be thru the anal sphincter?"

Write to Feliciano and ask him. Tony Agpaoa's address is Camp 7, Kennon Road, Box P, Baguio City, Philippines, phone 48-20.

"The second problem is the use of the dowsing rod. We have a special instrument purchased from a Florida manufacturer. This uses various 'bait', determined by the thing you are looking for. It is like the old 'Y' willow branch, only much more sophisticated and sensitive. Although this instrument is supposed to pull down, only to that with which it is baited, we have had it pull down so hard in areas that we couldn't hold the wand in our hands! But upon digging in the area we found nothing. We were referred to one place by a supposed specialist in map-dowsing. He told us definitely there were gold bars buried at seven feet. Using our wand in the area involved [26] and receiving a heavy pull to gold, we dug to the seven feet suggested and found nothing.

"We have had numerous other areas where extreme pulls resulted but we have never found anything yet. We have used an electronic finder on these areas but received no response; however, we figured that whatever was supposed to be buried there was deeper than the coil reached on the finder. We have done much research into dowsing, including references to Mr. Maby of England, who has been dowsing for 60 years, but we are still doubtful about the accuracy of dowsing.

Black and white xerographic reproduction of a photo of Verne Cameron, captioned "Verne Cameron".


"We have figured that if the instrument did not pull down, it just didn't work for the person using it; but when it does pull down and you find nothing time after time, we are wondering if Mr. Maby had not hit the nail on the head when he states that dowsing is 60% psychic and 40% the instrument. In other words, if you think there is something in a given area you may promote movement in the instrument because of your thought-pattern."

Not thinking, Bill, but desiring! Desire is where the power is. You and your friends have not yet learned the trick of being completely impersonal in your search for buried treasure.

"We have also read most of the material on dowsing by the late Reverend Cameron. We would appreciate any advice or comments you may offer that might help us in our treasure hunting in this area.

We have contacted a number of psychics for help in this matter and chose one to which we paid a substantial fee, but received no satisfactory information. Do you know of any reliable clairvoyants or psychics in the Mexico area that you could refer us to? Or perhaps you may be able to help us yourself. If you could and we were able to recover any of the treasures, we would see that the Foundation benefited. There are also a lot of people in this area who would be helped also."

W.K., Alamos, Sonora, Mexico

Dowsing is magick, not stage magic, but real magick; and Englishman Maby refuses to admit it for some reason best known to himself. Cameron wouldn't admit it either. There are two ways to win the friendship of the Gnomes who guard the treasures in the earth. One is the trial and error method you are now using with discouraging results, and which will take years and years of steady plugging away, [27] as did Cameron and Maby, until you finally establish good Earth Forces contacts.


The other way is through Ritual Magick -- the kind that the Mexican Brujos learn and use after years of apprenticeship to one who knows. You can read all about this in the three books of the Don Juan trilogy by Carlos Castaneda, "Journey To Ixtlan", etc. That's pagan magick and you may not want to submit to their disciplines, being a Caucasian under the Christian dispensation. So I'm enclosing a copy of BSRF 24-C, "You Live In Four Worlds" as a contribution to the cause of your borderland research. This contains a proven Ritual of Abundance for safely contacting the Guardians of the treasures in the Earth under controlled conditions, the Second Pentacle of Jupiter. After looking it over you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to go this route.

Black and white xerographic reproduction of an illustration by Arthur Rackham from "Siegfried & The Twilight of the Gods", depicting the dwarves quarreling over the body of Fafner.

I'm glad you have become well aware of the great problems of dowsing for buried treasure, dramatized so well by the great German composer, Wagner, in his opera "Siegfried" which, among other things, tells of Siegfried's great struggle to overcome his passions and desires, in slaying the dragon Fafner, and to win the grudging cooperation of the Gnomes, Mime and Alberich, one of whom is pictured here by the artist Arthur Rackham.

It's almost impossible to refrain from becoming emotionally involved and thus creating potent desire-forms which can lead you into all kinds of useless and time-wasting activity in looking for the "hoard of the Nibelungs" unless, like Siegfried, you can purify your emotions with detachment and high purpose. There's no use trying to hide your intentions from the Nature Spirits. They can read your desires like an open book! And if they don't like what they read -- no cooperation!

In the years since we put the Second Pentacle of Jupiter ritual together, you're the first person who has offered to share the results if any were forthcoming. We wish you all success in your treasure hunting venture and will gladly accept any and all contributions to the cause of Borderland Science.



Yup, now that his reputation as a man of God has been tarnished by close association with a disgraced president, Nixon, millionaire evangelist Billy Graham has decided that ministers and priests should stay out of the White House! In "Newsweek" magazine for June 21, 1976, Graham is quoted as saying: "I don't think there should be any more White House Sunday services of the kind held in the East Room during the Nixon Administration. The problem was not so much what went on there on Sunday, but what we found out was going on in the White House the other six days of the week!"

President Ford has returned to the tradition of other presidents who preceded Nixon by attending a nearby church of his choice, usually Episcopal. Presidential hopeful Jimmy Carter has said that if he is elected he will "worship in the nearest Baptist church".

"Newsweek" made no comment on Nixon's spiritual adviser, Father McLaughlin, the Jesuit who had an office in the White House, only two doors removed from the Oval Office. Surely this must be the high water mark of Jesuit influence in American government. But ex-Father McLaughlin has made his own emphatic comment on separation of Church and State. He is not only out of the White House, he is also out of the Church. He has forsworn his priestly vows of celibacy and chastity and gotten married!


NASA is recruiting 30 more astronauts, including women, for the United States-European space shuttle project scheduled to start in 1980. 200 flights are planned. Rocket-powered, flyable, reusable spaceships will take European-built space labs into orbits, ranging from 130 to 325 miles above the surface of the earth. A Boeing Jumbo Jet is being modified to lift the first shuttle craft high above the California desert for test landings and controllability at Edwards Air Force Base. Space shuttle craft landings, from orbital flight, will be made at Edwards also.

The Ballistics Flight hasn't been in the news for some time, but the successful inauguration of commercial flights of the supersonic Concordes across the Atlantic, in 3½ hours, reminds us that the next step after Concorde will probably be the rocket flight, crossing the Atlantic in 15 minutes! What a change in air transport the rocket, or ballistic, flight will be: No meals, no stewardesses, no seats, no toilets. You will board the rocket at the London base, for instance, lie down on a contoured couch. Electrodes will be attached to your forehead to induce immediate sleep. The rocket ship with hundreds aboard will be launched vertically into space at thousands of miles per hour, to fall toward New York City and braked to a soft landing by the same rocket motors which launched the craft. At the New York rocket base attendants will remove the electrodes and you will awake, refreshed, to find yourself across the ocean.



Remember Gene Roddenberry's shrewd observation back on page 21, "you can't ignore a medium which hits 50 million people in one evening"? Associate Marjorie Haas sent in Charles McCabe's column for June 15, 1976 from the San Francisco "Chronicle". McCabe is visiting his ancestral home on the "ould sod": "Dublin, Ireland -- My friend Patrick says that British television has done more to eradicate the ancient culture of Ireland than the hordes who followed the pillaging Cromwell on his 17th Century course through the country.

"There is much to be said for this view. The revolution in cultural attitudes in the past ten years, and especially in this capital city, are almost unbelievable to regular foreign visitors like myself.

"Sexually, the young are quite as emancipated as they are in London. One and two decades ago, the priests of the Roman Catholic Church not only dictated the morality but the very tone of life. There is only one force that could have cut the power of the clergy, if we mind that the reforms of John XXIII were decidedly muted here. That force is the daily TV broadcasts from London, Cardiff, and Belfast -- and of course Irish television itself, which draws heavily from American programs (including Star Trek?).

"Most of Dublin's famed bars, like the Bailey and Davy Burns, were male hangouts 20 years ago. Today they are singles bars, as are most of the others in the city, with the girls often outnumbering the men. And between the sexes the living is easy, in a way the Irish over 50 still cannot bring themselves to believe.

"Even more astonishing, the Gay movement has come out of the closet here. Ten years ago homosexuality was still The Sin That Dared Not Cry Its Name. Attitudes were frozen at approximately the time Oscar Wilde was picked up by Scotland Yard in the 1890s. The law is still frozen back at that time. In both the Republic and Northern Ireland the law governing homosexuality remains the Offenses Against the Person Act of 1861. This forbids all homosexual acts between males. The Labouchere amendment of 1885 extended the provision to specifically private acts, to close a possible loophole in the earlier law. (Legend has it that the law does not cover women because Labouchere dared not suggest to Queen Victoria that women could be guilty of homosexual practices.)

"Today the matter of reform of these laws is not only openly discussed in the press, there is much movement toward that end. The most influential national newspaper, 'The Irish Times', came out late in April with a leading article asking for softening of the homosexual laws . . . There is even, incredibly, an Irish Gay Rights Movement. It was set up in June 1974 and has 300 fully paid up members . . . There is no doubt that none of this could have happened without the influence of the tube, especially the Programs from London . . . the changed sexual attitudes are tribute again, if it need be made, to the extraordinary influence of the TV tube as an educational force."



Manhattan Beach, California, June 26, 1976: "The Manhattan Beach pier was closed Friday in the wake of near riots by mobs of youths who trapped a unit of paramedics and threw bottles and cans filled with sand at police. Police Spokesman Lt. Bruce Powell warned that the entire beach may be shut down unless the problems cease. He blamed mostly out-of-town youths who, lured by the week's hot weather, have gathered at the north end of the pier then jumped from it into the water, which is prohibited by a city ordinance.

"On Wednesday the youths directly confronted police, with an estimated 600 of them jumping from the pier, harassing other bathers and generally causing havoc. On Thursday, as many as 1,000 youths gathered around the pier. A knifing was reported and when paramedics responded they were briefly trapped at the end of the pier by mobs of youths who had to be dispersed by police . . . "

These young trouble-makers are the professional soldiers of our great wars of the past. They went out fighting mad and have come back fighting mad -- mad at the so-called great leaders who brainwashed them into giving up the "red sweet wine of youth" in some insane religious or economic war -- mad at a civilization which deprived them of the opportunity to live out a full, rich life on the surface of the earth. They deserve the opportunity to decide for Brotherhood, understanding and cooperation even if all of their previous training is weighted against such noble ethics which will be the way of life in the New Age.

We have some pertinent communications from a qualified medium in the east, who channels for both human and non-human entities.

The source is Cosmic Lodge #777, PO Box 367, Marlborough, New Hampshire 03455. The Astral plane Control identifies himself as Dr. Frederick William Farrar, former Dean of Canterbury, who passed on in 1903. This communication came through in November 1972.


"Farrar again. A Lord of the Flame would speak next. His name is Ignis.

"Yes, this is Ignis. The great project of the next 20 years on your planet earth is to make known to the many souls now incarnate, Some of whom have not been in the flesh since the days of Atlantis, some since the dark days of the 4th Century, A.D., and some from age-old eras -- to make known to them who have until recently (20 years or so) been in the Astral, that they were retarding the progression of this planet and therefore of the world system and of this Galaxy.

"They were, by orders from On High, catapulted into incarnation to be given their last chance (on this earth) for 2,000 years. The reason for this is that earth must achieve a [31] certain progress, a certain increase in planetary consciousness to enable it to go ahead with the next step-up at the world system and Galactial level.

"Our task is to tell these souls in particular, and all mankind in general, that the deadline is drawing very close. The Almighty will soon close the gates for this Age (and for the present wave of Light-Seekers on earth), and they will not be opened again for another 2,000 years. We have roughly 25 years to get our message out and home to these foot-draggers who impeded cosmic progress. These laggards must be warned to put their shoulders to the wheel at once or miss the great promotion to the next planetary dimension. The fact is that those who do not choose to respond to this warning and persist in their aimlessness will simply be removed to another planet in another system whose conditions are similar to those of earth today.

"Those who do respond will go on into the New Age of earth, the 21st Century of soul expansion. Blessed is he who hears and acts and lives to see the Christ Rule upon this globe."

This message from a Lord of the Flame, Ignis, helps to explain the religious war between Christian and Moslem in Lebanon, with the holy blood lust centered especially in Beirut. We don't have to go back to Atlantis, only 900 years and the Moslem fanatic Hassan and his Assassins. He trained a whole nation in that part of the world in the politics of murder, government by assassination. Finally, it took an equally ruthless invader from the east to break up this cesspool of blood lust in Syria and the Holy Land. In 1256 A.D. the Tartar leader, Hulagu, ordered 12,000 of the Assassins slaughtered, and the Egyptian Mamelukes finished off the rest.

So, it seems likely that many of the present-day Lebanese and Palestinians are now reincarnated from that bloody past, still doing so well what they were trained to do; and they will keep on fighting as long as the American and Russian munitions-makers continue to supply them with arms. But, some few will make the choice for Brotherhood, and this is the harvest which makes the game worth-while, the grisly game of making Gods and Goddesses out of men and women!


"I am having a Phoenix Radioclast built and the radio lab people think it potentially dangerous as it will kill anyone instantly if they are using an electronic pacemaker for their heart. The Vivaxis people think of it as dangerous. I personally think that safety in being over-emphasized."

C.B. Oroville, Wash.

Yup, the automobile is potentially dangerous too! We kill 50,000 people a year with it here in the United States, but that doesn t stop us from driving. I suppose anyone fitted with a pacemaker is warned of the danger of being near any shortwave transmitter, [32] including Citizen's Band radios! -- which put out a far stronger signal than the Phoenix Radioclast. Is the pacemaker wearer warned to stay away from commercial radio and TV transmitters? Whose signal power may be as high as 50,000 or even 100,000 watts? Personally, in my years of radio work in Hawaii, I found these radio frequencies to be beneficial, but one man's meat is another man's poison.


"I am interested in obtaining a set of Dinshah P. Ghadiali's 'Spectro Chrome Metry Encyclopedia‘ (3 volumes) 1933. Any assistance that you can give me in obtaining a copy of this set, whether the original or any re-print thereafter, would be greatly appreciated.

Miguel Cabezas, Albert Malaresvag 12 F,
183 45 Taby, Sweden


An Associate sent in this headline from "Midnight" for June 14, 1976: "NIXON PALS & CIA LINKED TO RFK'S ASSASSINATION". Our ex-president has an even more interesting link with the assassination of President Kennedy, which has been largely ignored by the press. Richard Nixon was secretly in Dallas, Texas the day before Kennedy's assassination, Nov. 22, 1963. There must be several million Americans who would enjoy reading full press coverage of this event: What brought Nixon to that city on that day, who he saw and talked to, what was said? -- newspaper and magazine coverage of the kind that was given to Senator Kennedy after the Chappaquiddick tragedy in July 1969.

A good place for the enquiring reporters to start would be with the central figure in the Kennedy assassination, Jack Ruby, proprietor of the Carousel night club in Dallas. Did Nixon renew acquaintance with Ruby after 15 years? Back in 1948 Ruby was in trouble with the authorities in Chicago. A call was made to Washington D.C. to get someone in a position of power to "take the heat" off of Ruby. Congressman Nixon responded to the call. Ruby was released.


"This has been a year of finishing unfinished cycles and of space opening up to me to create in. Your Journal article some months back on the 'Dweller on the Threshold' -- as projected on to my friend Harry and my intimate relationship with him -- many things have become clear to me. We are no longer seeing each other and I feel no danger or nocturnal difficulties as before. It is my suspicion that he was a relatively evolved spirit last time around with an extremely repressed Shadow. That consideration aids my perspective on him considerably."

M.C., Philadelphia, Pa.


There are lots of Harrys -- and Harriets -- in the world. Men and women who got on the Path and stayed on for awhile, long enough to develop some psychic powers; but then they fell off because of selfish use of those powers to force the world to deliver the good life to them without having to honestly work for it. In the process, quite a Dweller or Shadow is built up, to do the bidding of the magician in persuading unsuspecting relatives and friends to give up their money and their vitality. So, this leech-like tendency is carried over into the next life, but with little or no memory of the misused powers which degraded their character. There may be considerable pain, bewilderment and wandering about before enough negativity is discharged from the Dweller to allow it to be brought under control again. It is very difficult for a woman to lift a man of this type up out of such a morass of negative emotions. At least you tried, M.C., but if you're not the martyr type it's best to firmly but quietly sever the relationship. The road to freedom from the Wheel of Rebirth is built on strength of character, and the ability to stand alone when needed.


"Will you bring to the attention of fellow associates that they can obtain from me a great number of books, somewhere in the vicinity of 500. Which I am disposing of at a cost considerably less than I paid for them. Have made available a list which they can have by merely asking. Subjects covered are in the areas of UFOlogy, occultism, hollow-earth, borderline science, etc.

"The other favour I wish of you is help in gathering information about a device known as the Zwaam Ray apparatus. What I am after is the construction layout, operational know-how, etc. Also I have enclosed a schematic for a Hidden World Receiver, which you may or may not be familiar with. See no reason why you should not publish it, Take care."

R. Ashley Falk, 10 Orchard St.
Avondale, Auckland 7, New Zealand

By all means send along a copy of your book list, there may be several volumes we have been looking for for our BSRF reference library. Have never heard of the Zwaam Ray apparatus, so you'll have to depend on one of the Associates who has, to fill you in on it. And thanks for the schematic on the Hidden World Receiver. Who knows, we might find time to get it built some day. It is much more complicated than our Project Hermes device but its builder, John Hart, claims that transmissions comes in at the audio rather than the mental level. This was originally published by Ray Palmer in 1963, 10 years before Konstantin Raudive got into the act.


"I am 33 years of age, and after doing the Five Rites of Rejuvenation as described, for only seven months, my body and energy [34] -- physical and mental -- are that of a 20-year-old. The energy flowing from doing the Rites also revitalized my adrenal glands which, I had been told, were at a very low level of operation after I had taken LSD every other day over a period of four months. All of this was corroborated in psychic physical readings. I have shared my results with many people and some have asked for copies of the book. When I formed my publishing company I had not planned to get into distribution, but this little text has opened me up to the point where all I can do is expand."

D.C.M., Brooklyn, New York


"I have been testing a Lakhovsky circuit (single wire loop or coil) on my dog. He has some kind of eczema or skin condition mostly on his back that he chews until it is raw. The only way to control it is by constantly putting expensive ointment on it. Having neglected this treatment for awhile the condition was getting bad and I put a circuit around his neck. In a few days his back looked much better and new started to grow. He still chews his back a little so it is not completely healing, but the condition is consistently better than usual. I don't know if the metal studded collar near the circuit is interfering with the action of it."

J.A., Tallmadge, Ohio

Yes, the metal studs on the dog collar will form eddy currents in the gently pulsing field of the one-wire loop or coil, and thus reduce its effectiveness. If the collar is left off entirely, or replaced with a leather one, the healing should be more effective. Some Associates have found through experiment that a simple little insulated wire loop worn around a sore knee, wrist, throat, as a head band for migraine, or a waist band for a sensitive stomach or a sore back, has relieved pain and promoted normalizing of the unbalanced condition.


"One of the most critical problems faced by heads of governments today is seldom mentioned in political speeches. When it is, it is described as 'the credibility gap'. During the past few years heads of government have been caught in so many outright lies that hardly anyone today is prepared to accept at face value any statement made by them. Since one of our past presidents admitted openly and publicly that he felt his high position entitled him to lie to the public whenever he deemed it expedient to do so, and another past president stated frankly that he felt that his position as a sovereign entitled him to violate the law whenever he chose to do so, the credibility gap has widened almost to infinity resulting in a still greater breakdown of communication between government and the people.


"Fortunately for the welfare of the nation, government by mass deception has a relatively short life expectancy, and is subject to sudden reversals of trend. The five physical senses, together with the conscious reasoning process, can easily be fooled and might be kept under subjection almost indefinitely. The sixth sense, however, is the monitor for the superconscious, which deals only with fact rather than with emotions or persuasion, and it can rarely be fooled for long. The public is rapidly learning to listen to its own inner voice instead of the constant blasts of blatant propaganda issued by those who would acquire power solely for their own use. There is a rising tide of resentment against the current process of government by deception, and while that tide may not yet be great enough to sweep away those who practice it in the coming election, it will almost certainly do so in the next."

In this sage observation by Dan Fry in the May 1976 issue of "Understanding" magazine do we detect a note of resentment that he, like millions of other Americans, was taken in by the "blasts of blatant propaganda" from Nixon's Committee to Re-elect the President in 1972? Here we have a classic example of the shrewd political observations of the Greek philosopher Plato, 2500 years ago in Athens, as to why Democracy encourages bad leadership: "The popular leader, dependent as he is on popular favour, will constantly be tempted to retain that favour by the easiest possible means. He will play on the likes and dislikes, the weaknesses and foibles of the public, will never tell them the unpleasant truth or advocate a policy that might make them uncomfortable . . ." Nixon's campaign managers exploited this fact and led him to a smashing victory in 1972. His opponent, McGovern, chose to tell the voting public the unpleasant facts of economic life and went down to ignominious defeat.

The Nixon victory of 1972 is proof positive that the voting public is no more ready to listen to the Sixth Sense "Inner Voice" Fry yearningly speaks of now than it was 2500 years ago in Athens. If the All-Present Creator wants a Golden Aquarian Age on this planet He will have to "sweep away" for good the millions of assassins, actual or would-be, who at present infest the surface of the earth, and replace them with millions of older souls who through lifetimes of suffering have gradually learned to listen to that Inner Voice.

* * *


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