Riley Hansard Crabb

The second and longest-serving BSRF director Riley Hansard Crabb (April 2, 1912 – January 20, 1994) surveyed the broad scope of the Borderland spectrum during his decades working with the associates, writing and theorizing about everything from flying saucers and forteana to radionics and subtle energy. His tenure as editor of the Journal of Borderland Research continued from the beginning of the 1960s through to the mid-1980s, spanning the space race and the Age of Aquarius into the Reagan years and everything in-between.

Three Great Aquarian Age Healers

In this talk on Psychic Surgery, Dr. Crabb examines the work of Dr. Wm. Lang, who died in 1938. Here Dr. Lang explains just how a spirit doctor works. In the second section Dr. Crabb analyzes Color Therapy developed by Drs. Pancoast and White, explaining Cabalistic principles on which color therapy is established: Balance and Rhythm! Technical drawings for the construction of a simple, duo-rhythm color projector suggested and used by Dr. White in the 1920’s.

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The Reality of the Underground Cavern World

Is the planet Earth hollow? Scientists ridicule the idea but their molten core theory has never been proven either. Whether solid or hollow, there are mysterious networks of tunnels and caverns penetrating much of the earth’s outer shell. Here, stories of the Inner Earth and its bizarre denizens are analyzed, a Guided Tour of the Earth’s Interior.

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Flying Saucers on the Moon

Starts with the premise that the moon is inhabited and is a UFO base, backed up with an analysis of 200 years of astronomical observations on the moon. Illustrations include drawings of moon craters which show the layout of inhabited communities, and the movement of landed spaceships. We are in the midst of this revolution now and Riley gives some hints as to who will be most hurt and who most helped by this radical change in understanding.

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The Invisible Reality Behind Appearances

Lessons 1, 2 and 3 of the Kabbalistic Series.

This is a handbook for serious adepts by Riley and Judy Crabb. Read on for the full Introduction and Contents.

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Psychic Self Defense – Part III: Dweller on the Threshold

Lesson 17 in the Invisible Reality Behind Appearances. Read on for the Full Contents.