Project Hermes

"The device is supposedly a reproduction of an ancient communication instrument - one form (there are several others) of what Dick Shaver called 'telaug' in his writings. Its main use by ancients was to communicate telepathically with others on the same 'here-living' plane. My information says, however, that it can also be used to communicate with entities on other planes, if properly tuned."

Associate Resh-Mem-Heh (a.k.a. Ralph Holland)

If you dare, an account of psychic contact and a schematic for the Hidden World receiver from the notorious Shaver Mystery, detailed in full: #B0084, "Two Inventors Return & Project Hermes".

Cover art: Robert Gibson Jones, for Richard S. Shaver's "QUEST OF BRAIL" (Amazing Stories, December 1945)

Cover art: Hidden World #1, Spring 1961.

The Hermes Device

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On the Shaver Mystery & the Underground World

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Another curious Shaverian contraption, likewise schematicized by Ralph Holland: the "Exd" (Star Ash) Motor.