After the talk on ESP, a listener came up to describe his experience. If he stands and stares at himself in a mirror for a few minutes, his physical image gradually disappears from sight.

"I can induce this experience any time I want to and make it last as long as I want to," he told us.

"How long has this been going on?" We asked.

"For years," he replied, "but no one has been able to explain it to me nor could they tell me how to stop it."

Obviously this is a dissociation which might indicate a desire on his part to escape some unpleasant situation in his daily life, an unhappy marriage or the like; but if it has been going on for years and he hasn't cracked up yet, he's learned to live with it and is actually proud of it. If this is the cause of his puzzling vision, this potentially dangerous split in his personality wont correct itself until this problem in human relations is corrected. Such situations are not easy to change.

But this repeated experience of his disappearing mirror image is also the first step in shifting from the normal adrenergic state to the cholinergic state discussed in Puharich's "Beyond Telepathy" -- from objective 3-D consciousness to subjective 4-D consciousness.

"The next step is up to you," we told him. "You can push this vision further by asking for or looking for the optical image of the flowing geometrical color pattern we showed you in our slides and discussed in the talk. This is the second step. The third step is to have some kind of real, subjective experience outside the body or in other levels of consciousness, say a vision of the past or of the future."

It was obvious we hadn't given him the answer he expected or wanted so we said, "If you don't like what we've told you, and you haven't been satisfied with the answers [2] or explanations given by other teachers, you'll have to go within yourself."

With that he turned without a word and left.


During the coffee break at another lecture, a lady with a nice aura of intelligence and devotional feelings asked us about a constantly recurring vision which she gets during her daily meditations.

"Why do I always get this bright blue light when I sit with my eyes closed?"

"This could be the first step through the Veil," we told her. "Does it stay the same size or does it change or flow?"

"Sometimes it gets larger and sometimes it gets smaller it changes as I watch it," she said.

"This is an invitation from your Higher Self to seek that union which is the goal of all evolving life, but the next step is up to you. You might try controlling the vision by expanding the blue light until it fills your sight as a Veil through which you move in full consciousness."

"I never thought of that," she replied.

"As you play and experiment with this manifestation of etheric energy it may change color and break up into moving patterns."

"Oh, it has done that at times. The blue light takes form as lines in a radiating effect!"

So she had seen the Optical pattern of etheric energies in a limited way, the second step in a definite expansion of consciousness and we encouraged her to set her will toward more definite results in meditation. Later, during the discussion, the subject of astral travel came up and this lady expressed regret that more people were not doing it and that there wasn't more literature on the subject. We threw the challenge right back to her.

"Your Higher Self has revealed the door to the astral world to you by showing you that blue light. Why don't you take over from there and do some astral traveling yourself?"



It was in a Southwestern city that a stocky, heavy-shouldered Associate told us of his courageous and successful defiance of the conservative power-structure that ran his home town. He is not in politics and holds a routine but responsible position in one of the nation's largest transportation companies.

A few years ago a scandal developed in the city administration because of the usual bribery and corruption in high places. A public scapegoat was needed to take the heat off of the officials in city hall. In looking for a sacrificial lamb to throw to the people, the leaders chose a minor, politically-appointed official, a friend of our Associate. He was to be framed, "discovered", publicly tried and executed with a long prison sentence. Our Associate got the details of the plot from the judge chosen to try the case before it happened:


The judge had to carry through on the frame-up or jeopardize his career, but he was sympathetic to the plight of the proposed victim. When our Associate told the judge he was willing to stand up and fight for the rights of the scapegoat, the judge told him how it could be done; he would see to it that our Associate got on the Grand Jury which would consider the "evidence" against his friend.

The whole frame-up went according to plan but when the assistant district attorney completed his presentation of the evidence to the Grand Jury, our Associate absolutely refused to vote for an indictment and even went so far as to accuse the city's attorney of unethical conduct in falsifying evidence. This stopped the plot even before it hit the papers.

It wasn't many days later that the Sheriff stopped our Associate on a downtown street and asked him to come into the Sheriff's office. Our Associate followed him there. The Sheriff went to his desk, sat down, pulled out his 38 police revolver and laid it on the desk before him.

"If you don't get cut of this case and stop interfering with what's going to be done to so-and-so, I'm going to blow a hole right through your belly."

Our bull-necked Associate stood there, looked the Sheriff right in the eye and said, "You yellow-bellied coward, you haven't got the guts to do it. Furthermore, you tell the bastards who give you your orders that it will take a bigger man than you to stop me."

He turned his back on the Sheriff and walked deliberately out of his office.


"The stick didn't work," we observed, "so next they tried the carrot?"

"Yeah," replied the Associate, "how did you know? I received an invitation to see the top man himself, high in his office in our newest skyscraper."

"What was his power base? How did he make his money?"

"Insurance and land -- real estate. He was real polite, very calm and cool. He told me that if I would get out of the way and let so-an-so's case go through the Grand Jury, I could have a chunk of cash and a high-paying job in one of his companies -- about four or five times what I'm making now."

"And you turned him down?"

'What'd you expect? Cold! How long do you think I'd have lasted in that job?"

"Well, if he could have bought you that easy, too easy, he'd have made sure you were one of his kind by giving you a piece of dirty work to do, next."

This wasn't the end of it, of course, for the corrupt city boss turned to the stick again and tried to get our Associate fired from his got, even going to division headquarters elsewhere in the state. Fortunately, our Associate had a good record and the boss didn't have enough power to bring enough pressure to bear on this nation-wide organization to get him fired. It was thrilling to hear how this comparatively little guy made a stand for the right and saved a friend and fellow-citizen from being railroaded to jail.




Why are we urging people to expand their awareness of life? Why do we urge people to develop an interest in Extra Sensory Perception, ESP? Because this search for enlightenment leads to a stable spiritual base on which one can stand undisturbed during the sometimes violent changes going on around him. This search for Truth has been urged upon us by every Savior of every race. Those of us who read the printed words of members of the Inner Circle are constantly reminded of it. As the leaders of our nation guide our military forces toward conflict with Communist China in North Viet Nam in 1965, consider these words of the Yada di Shi'ite as those same forces tried to drive us out of Korea in 1950.

He first chants a mantram in the ancient oriental tongue of Yu, then speaks to the group in English. "Good evening. I am bringing you the blessings of the Inner Circle and of your God and my God, Ka. Using the spoken word by intonement we call and bring into manifestation the Elements into our control. A number of you sitting here this evening undoubtedly do not realize your own potential powers. In the years that we of the Inner Circle have been honored to come and talk to you of the earth plane we have said much concerning you as being potential gods. . .

"I do find it necessary, very, to tell you at this particular time especially, that you all must hold on to yourselves; that you must not permit fear to enter into your lives at this time. Its reactions shall be far greater than ever before, for the world is a living, vibrating mass of fear today. Man at large knows -- if not consciously knowing, he has it in what you call subconscious, an inner fear. This inner fear is bred by the knowledge that his civilization is coming to an end. . . All things are born out of change. The physical-chemical world is a world of violence. The very nature of chemistry is violent. Now you have before you, night and day, the thought of this coming strife. Do you think it should come now and get over with it before the world dies of fright? . . .

'Those of you who know something about the inner workings of life, it is your duty to aid those around you who know not; for they will be filled with the fear of death. Death, to them, is a frightful thing. To you who know better it is your duty to stand by and aid them. . . It is important that I repeat this this evening, very. If any of you doubt that you can exist apart from your physical body I advise you to spend a little of your most valuable time in making experiments in what is called telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and many other fields of the mind.

"Do not accept what we of the Inner Circle have to say at its face value; that is what you have been doing down through the centuries, listening to your priests, the ones in authority, telling you what you ought to do, what you should know, leading you around by your nose -- big or small nose (motioning to his head). You have this up here. It is but a physical machine; but nevertheless it is the entrance way; it is the channel for the real spirit, the soul, the self, the psychic body, or any other term you wish to use, to work through. . .

"Your country carries the Light -- the Light of possibility for man's opportunity to stay upon the physical plane so that he may be given further time to awaken out of his hypnotic stupor of believing in physical existence alone. . ."

The above is from the Probert Seance of Nov. 30, 1950 and is incorporated for the first time in print in BSRA No. 10-N, 46 pages, mimeographed, 8½×11, $1.00 a copy. Buy it now and read it for your own enlightenment and instruction. BSRA metaphysical Studies available at 50¢ a copy.



Getting the "feel" of big cities on an extended lecture trip is an interesting comparison. If anything, New York City seemed dirtier and more smelly, and the people more hard-pressed and bitter, than before. We are moved to quote CBS newscaster Eric Sevareid's characterization of the big town, "a few bright spots of progress amid the general decay." The contrast with hard-driving, wind-swept Chicago was especially noticeable where we enjoyed a three-day seminar at the historic Palmer House with Raymond Hudd's Space Group.

These people were eager to study and practice in ESP with us. As usual, a half dozen out of the group of 25 or 30 found it easy to get into the subjective state with the simple techniques we have developed. At least we can get them to the second step where they see, against the black screen of the closed eyelids, the optical pattern of flowing geometrical or abstract colors. These indicate that the "escape hatch" of etheric material is forming. Modern artists are painting this glimpse of the etheric world in the new popular Optical Art, or Op Art, on display for everyone to see.

We feel at this time it is not wise to push people beyond this point in a mixed group of varied development in a public meeting. Trance conditions in a closed group where the members meet regularly and in harmony should be safe. In fact, this is an important part of Lodge work.



(1), (2) & (3) Coils. Original information specified Meissner Co. Nos. 14-1074, 14-1072 and 14-1071, respectively. It now appears that these are probably too low in frequency to work. See possible alternate coil data below, worked out by Ed John.
(4) 3.9 to 14.5 variable condenser, Hammarlund BFC 12 or equal.
(5) Carbon resistor, 3 to 6 megohm, exact value not critical.
(6) Crystal diode, Raytheon CK-705 or Sylvania 1N34.
(7) Crystal diode, Raytheon CK-708 (might sub CK-705 here)
(8) Cartridge unit only from variable reluctance phono pickup
(9) Rheostat, exact value not critical
(10) Push button or momentary contact switch

Indicates ground to chassis. If metal chassis is not used, connect these points together with wire.

Ed John hand-wound his coils with #17 silver wire. # (1) & (2), 10 turns on each primary and secondary, ¼ in. diameter, spaced out to about ½ in. in length. # (3) same as above except 12 turns on primary and secondary.


Associate Joe Ponciano of the Chicago group is a radio engineer.

He has built an improved version of the Project Hermes device and set up a research program with it some months ago using volunteers from the Chicago group. The device is a simple little, one-tube, electronic circuit designed to stimulate the telepathic centers in the head. Older members of BSRA will remember Project Hermes from the days when the late Meade Layne publicized it through the Round Robin in 1953. The unusual circuitry was received telepathically by Ralph "Rolf Telano" Holland. The only Associate who reported positive results with Project Hermes was Associate Ed John of San Francisco. All of this material, including the schematic and list of parts, is in BSRA No. 12-A, "Two Inventors Return and Project Hermes", 30 pages, illustrated, $1.00.

We have 18 pages of notes of tests on Joe's subjects in 1964 and 1965. These confirm Ed John's general observations from the tests made in 1953. We quote from BSRA 12-A, page 30: "I have already tested it on many others and it has not yet failed to make some sort of a response on every test person. Some experience great clairvoyance. Others see beings in other worlds, and still others see and hear both backwards and forwards in time. Others merely see the souls of those who have died some time ago. . .

"Your subjects no doubt are too tense as yet to feel any of the feeble radiations from the set. . . A nervous, irritable and somewhat frightened person will perhaps get only a headache. . . Make certain of several factors in your subject first: A, that he does not have to go someplace in a hurry; B, that he is relaxed; C, that he has a decided [7] curiosity regarding what he'll hear or see; D, that he tries to contact some definite person or who he has read or heard in history or mythology.

"Naturally, when one puts one of these devices on (mounted on a head band) and sits there with an expectant look on his face, and a blank mind, that is just what he gets, a blank. Remember, this device is a two-way apparatus, and if one wishes to hear someone he must send out a call to someone. . . Beings of other dimensions wait until they are called then they try to answer. Remember they are afraid of being called 'queer' in their world, too; so why should they try to start to speak to someone just because that someone built a receiver to perceive them?"

Ponciano has enclosed his Hermes gadget in a little black box, light tight except for one aperture which can be covered with colored filters -- infrared, ultraviolet -- in his own words:


"This is based on the original Project Hermes as we received it. Our version combines a basic radio with a basic camera in one chassis. The coils are made of solid silver wire and are hand made. A discarded phonograph cartridge, variable reluctance, is used as a microphone or electrode; it is usually placed over the right forehead when testing this device. The rest of the parts are standard. The tube is a Raytheon sub-miniature. We have been using photographic filters, singly, on one end, later lenses may be inserted.

"This device is three and a half inches by two and one eighth inches by one and seven eighths inches and painted black. It has three control knobs or rheostats: one for filament voltage, one for the tuner, and one for the plate voltage. On one-side is a hole where the photographic filters are inserted.

"This research, testing and experimentation, will run into years before any definite conclusions can be drawn about this electronics ESP device. Most persons didn't receive anything on their first attempt; it was only after the second or third session that most participants started to receive impressions. The ESP results in these sessions seemed to be cumulative, in that the more sessions a person participated in, the easier it was to stimulate him. In the brief number reported here the types of ESP experienced are: clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition and retrocognition.

"The after effects noted have been minor. Some experience beautiful flower smells or other exotic odors during the testing. A few have noticed these strongly the day after the sessions. In the following notes some personal information has been withheld and I have changed the names of persons participating to prevent their being intimidated or silenced by vociferous skeptics. I want to thank those who took part and who invited me into their homes for the tests."

Joseph P. Ponciano, Director, Science Dept., Space Age Center,
PO Box 3383, Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60654



First Session, April 30, 1964, 9 pm, ESP Stimulator worn 10 minutes by each subject, with "mike" over left forehead and Ultraviolet filter on camera aperture. 10 persons present, 4 tested, 4 controls.

1. John M -- felt slight tingles in the head.
2. John P -- didn't get or feel anything.
3. Jack F -- got a slight headache.
4. John L -- saw a large anchor on its side, also a person with long hair and a long beard.

Control Jean F had earrings on. She had to remove them because she heard a buzzing in them; Control Betty L got a headache. Sandy A got a feeling of peace. Jack L, nothing. Jean F smelled ozone.

No. 4, John L, reported an after effect. He slept much better than usual for him, that night, and the next day he had far more energy than usual.


Second Session, May 14, 1964, 9:50 pm, ESP Stimulator worn for 10 min. "Mike" placed a various places on head, infrared filter on, 3 persons present, 2 tests, one control.

1. James L -- put device on and got all kinds of tingles around forehead. He seemed to be getting smaller. He was looking at a door that was tilted. "This is really something!" he said. When he put mike on back of head he heard some crackles.

Control Jan G said she also felt some crackles in the same spot on her head.

Then subject James L said he was seeing colors.

2. John M -- Tried device on left and right sides of forehead. Little response except a few vibrations.

Control Jan G said she saw spots of color in front of her eyes. She got a slight headache and a floating effect. It seemed as though her air supply were cut off. A week later she received from nowhere a strong ammonia smell and wondered if it might be an after effect.


Third Session, May 27, 1964, 9:40 pm, ESP Stimulator worn for 10 min. Mike worn on right side of forehead, infrared filter on, 3 persons present, 2 tests, one control.

1. John M -- received only slight vibrations on face.
2. James L -- Got only slight tingles.

Control Jan G got a floating effect and an ammonia smell.

1. John M started an ESP game, thinking of colors. Jan G only correctly named the first color of each of three groups he thought of. [9] On May 28th he received a powerful after effect while riding on the elevator, a smell of a combination of roses and strong foreign tobacco.


Fourth Session, May 28, 1964, 8:40 pm, ESP Stimulator worn on right side of forehead for 10 minutes, infrared filter on, 12 persons present, 6 test subjects and 6 controls.

1. John L -- saw sunset in many colors, other effects he couldn't describe
2. John M -- nothing
3. John G -- nothing
4. Jack L -- nothing
5. Jack F -- saw many sights in many countries.
6. Lara -- saw sights of other countries and scenes from the past lives of those present.

Controls Sandy A, Jean F, Jane J and Betty L also saw sights of other lands and scenes from the lives of other members of the group. Some could smell odors of flowers. Test subject #3, John G, is deaf in one ear. He was told that in a previous southern life he was a hard task-master on a plantation. He wouldn't allow his colored workers to sing because he didn't like to hear spirituals. In this life he is deaf in one ear so he can't listen.

Jan G and James L came in late. Jan was able to see two persons dressed in monk's clothing. This was the first time she was able to do this with her eyes wide open. James L also had visions of other places. Betty L said she got rid of a headache during the session.

This was the most exciting session so far. A tape recorder is needed to record everything received. I believe this Project Hermes device makes it possible for one to read the Akashic records.


Fifth Session, June 9, 1964, 8:50 pm, ESP Stimulator worn 10 minutes, Mike on right side, infrared filter on, 6 present, 6 tested.

1. John M -- I received many pictures run together but nothing definite that I could pick out. I got a slight pressure or headache on the back of my head.

Perry D said he felt pressure on his temples and definite pressure from the back to the front of his head. It then seemed to take shape -- his eyes were closed -- into two spheres, one on top of the other, then they dissolved into an unrecognizable form.

Jack F said he saw test subject John M as an Aztec priest on the top of a temple wearing a ceremonial robe. "What he was supposed to do I don't know but he was definitely an Aztec Indian."

Jane J said she didn't get sensations of visions of any kind. Jack L didn't see anything. Lara didn't see anything but she felt waves or vibrations over the top of her head and was moved to write this message for John M: "Behind your sleep you'll find the answer to your dilemma. You will then be on the right track." She also got the message to broaden the aerial scope by three inches and all would be better.


2. Perry D -- "It was rather unusual. After I put the device on and was half way through the test period, I saw Jack F walking into a shop. At first he was saying, 'Isn't that a lovely hat shop?' As though the shop wasn't his. Afterward there was some urge for me to turn the dial, the tuner, on the device. Then it was time to take it off."

John M received on tingles in his head. Jack F got a vision. "Most important, it was a message. First I saw some space ships. Then I saw them land. Then I got the message that Perry D was brought to this planet some lifetimes ago His mission for being here for inter planetary communication. That is his work in this particular lifetime now."

Jane J got vibrations, "first a pressure over the left temple, then vibrations across the forehead and a couple of times a ripple across the forehead."

Jack L, "I didn't get a thing."

Lara, "I have written a message for Perry but I don't know if it means anything. He'll have to tell us if it does: 'Perry, don't take the bitter words you heard seriously. The new way will work out for the best interests of all concerned. Pretend nothing has happened. You'll have peace and harmony in the end.' That's all."

Perry D, "Concerning that message, I do understand and it does have a definite meaning and I believe in the advice you just gave me."

3. Jane J -- "I didn't see. I just had sensations on the forehead, of course. Pressure, almost a pain. Along towards the last my right eardrum started to vibrating and the left one ringing."

John M, "I got only tingles, especially under the chin." Jack L, "I didn't get anything." Lara, "Again I got a message but Jane will have to know what it means: 'You will not have to wait for your new way of life. It will come in a sudden and beautiful way. The others around you should not be consulted, as this will lead to confusion and upset within yourself. Keep your own counsel and all that you desire will come. Quiet and courage is the keynote. It will come in a very short while. Your path is love, back to Yoga. You'll have an unusual gift to use with your love of people. This will fulfill the need for many people.'"

Perry D, "Yes, I received something. Ever since Jane put the device on I got impressions. It was very unusual. I experienced exactly what she experienced. Some of my impressions were almost like Bible quotes: 'All I have spoken -- all these things have come to pass. All that I shall speak. I shall speak of history -- He's forever, you know -- the impression that all is for the glory of God. This is the love aspect you were talking about. Before this I had a vision, if you want to call it that, it was of love for one's fellow man. I also had the experience of seeing a blue path directly to Jane. It took the form of a triangle from each side of my forehead directly to a point on her forehead, or to the little black box, I don't know which. I'm still trying to recall the first impressions but there were so many I just can't. I've never been so active in all my life, as far as impressions or thinking go. They were all generally based on the idea of love for one's fellow man. Also there was the fact that everyone makes his own place in the world. [11] There's a place for everyone. He has to find it. That's all I remember. When I think of the rest, I'll tell you."

Jack F, "In the beginning I didn't get anything. The only thing was, there seemed to be an interference with me. I was told, for the best reception or impressions, or whatever we are doing, is for the one wearing the ESP device to face us. In other words, we should all be directly opposite the wearer of the device. Jane was beside me, so it was a little difficult; however, I did get this message: 'Jane will be receiving information that she will understand, Sunday, during May's lecture. She should go into confidence with her at a later date, whenever it can be arranged, because Jane will have communication with our space brothers through May."

4. Jack F -- "After I put the device on, my vision was taken to an old Victorian house of several stories high, which was perhaps in the 1800's. It was properly cared for, the grass and so on. I recall there was a red carpet down the steps and saw horses and carriages. Time rapidly passed and I saw the red carpet go away. I saw the house become grey and down to an older stage. Then I was taken on the inside, up the stairs and to the attic. On complaining about it being very dark, they opened the door and the attic was filled with light. In the attic was information of some kind, which at the moment I don't know. I felt it would come at a later date. I didn't know anything else until I was conscious of my body being rotated and swayed, like in the spirit. After I came out I was told they were adjusting me for something, I don't know what."

Jane J, "It was strictly physical again. I had a deep boring sensation in the middle of the forehead and I found myself bending forward. It seemed that my eyes were trying to push through something. Towards the end I thought I saw a flash of light, but it could have been my imagination you know." Jack L, "No impressions." Lara, "I have a message for Jack." (Deleted). Perry D, "I didn't get anything spectacular. I remember very definitely I saw three triangles. If it means anything, I don't know."

5. Jack L -- "Just a thumping in the head."

John M, "Only vibrations in the head." Lara, "I have a message for Jack L. 'You'll be with us in your next life and we welcome you with open arms, our true brother. We are of Venus and when you come to us, you'll be able to do much good and satisfying work to help your less fortunate brothers you leave behind you on earth. We are looking forward to that time and we hope you look forward to it too. Blessings on our dear brother.'"

Perry D, "Let me ask you, Jack M, are you a lover of great music? Is 'Victory at Sea' one of your favorites? This was all I heard during the entire session." John M, "Do you agree with what Perry said, Jack?" Jack M, "Wholeheartedly, absolutely. My favorite pastime is listening to nice symphonic music." Jack F, "What I received was a message for Jack L. He will be given a gift soon. It will be in the form of a stone. He should study crystals for receiving. This is going to be very important to him." [12] Jane J, "It was the same physical feeling, boring through the middle of a the forehead."

6. Lara -- "I didn't receive anything, just various sensations in my head. Nothing definite of any nature."

Perry, "The only thing I got was a message for Lara. I don't know if she would understand it: 'Look into a mirror.' That's all." Jane J, "Just the same boring sensation in the middle of the forehead. I saw waves going through my eyes. I felt the blackness when you close them real tight and the light when you almost open them. Physically, I wasn't doing this; so it's beginning to work through." Jack L, "No impressions." John M, "Slight vibrations."

Jack F, "I got this for Lara: 'There is a door, the door is open and you are being asked to come through. Beyond the door there are many stars, and you shall learn to call them by name.' I was then told to get a page and read again. Perhaps it had another meaning."


Sixth Session, June 17, 1964, 8:20 pm, ESP Stimulator worn 10 minutes, Mike on right side of forehead, infrared filter, 6 present, 5 tested.

1. John M -- "I didn't get much. I saw a few scenes run together and a sacrificial altar. I also felt vibrations on my head."

Mary V, "I didn't see anything. I felt very definite vibrations that rather pleasant." Sandy A, "The first I saw -- I don't know if I saw it as much as I felt it, knew it -- was Katy R. The time was during the building of the pyramids, which ones I don't know. I was impressed that was a queen at the time, a just queen but a very stern queen. Because you wanted to build this pyramid to the sun. You felt you had a certain time in which to build it, and it had to be done; therefore you drove the people very hard to do this. I then saw the trumpets blowing and I got the impression that you died when you were 37 years old. Mary V, I got for you a southern woman back during the time of the Civil War. I saw you on a plantation. You loved flowers. You were cutting flowers around a fence that surrounded your property. You helped both the north and the south. You weren't particularly for either side. You were a very religious woman, not in a prayerful way, but within yourself. I started to get something on John M during Napoleonic times. He was a merchant."

Paul B, "During the meditation I saw interchanging lights of all descriptions." Jack L, "I saw nothing." Katy R, "I didn't concentrate. I saw some lights and felt a lot of drawing sensations in my head like pulsations or drawing in and out."

* * *

We are most grateful to Joe Ponciano and Ray Hudd of the Chicago Space Age Club for making this research material available to us. The Session notes total 18 pages and will be reproduced as an addendum to the "Two Inventors Return and Project Hermes" brochure if this success with the Hermes device stirs a revival of interest in this mechanical aid to telepathy. Note that the controls responded better than the subject, who was under the tension of wanting to succeed!




After three days of the big city routine of hotels, restaurants, porters, taxicabs, sky scrapers and pavement we were ready to move on to the green fields of Illinois and Iowa, and to Mr. and Mrs. Doermann's pleasant country home and garden in Clarence. Our talk to Ray Doermann's select New Age group there was about "America's Money and How The Bankers Mis-Manage It, For Their Profit."

Any lecture which reveals the horrible facts of private control of public money is bound to be disturbing; but we'll say this for the farmers, school teachers, doctors and businessmen of that Iowa group, they took it well and even came up with a few confirming facts from their own experience.

They were profoundly concerned with the continuing drop in farm income -- or at least in the fact that the farmer's share of the consumer's dollar goes down while the cost of living goes up! In reviewing the use and abuse of money in America we gave them our blunt conclusion: Public money will continue to be administered by private bankers for years to come, and this financial wizardry will always be primarily for the benefit of certain privileged members of the business-community. Farmers will have to continue to be subsidized by the government -- through price supports and other benefits -- to keep going.

"My advice to you is to go to Washington and squeeze every dime and dollar you can get out of the Department of Agriculture and Congress. This is what the business men do with their well organized lobbies. The farmer will have to do the same to get his share of the tax dollar."

During the discussion which followed one farmer told us our talk confirmed what he had come to realize years before, that the leaders of the Farm Bureau were actually chosen by Wall Street.

"They keep the farmers from organizing into an effective political front by endless squabbling among the farm organizations and cooperatives," he said.

Another one told us, of sound private advice given to him by an official of a local bank, "if you want to make money fast, own a bank. It's the best money-making racket ever devised by man." Of course the bankers had their apologist there. Brainwashed with their financial abracadabra he trotted out a long series of impressive figures on the declining value of the dollar, giving the deflated dollars of 1932 as the shining example of sound money. We asked the audience if anyone there wanted to return America to the dim, dear, dead past of 1932, without jet travel, rocket power, super-highways, instant news via television, and all the other wonderful conveniences of 1965? No one raised their hand in support of him or his ideas.

It was most encouraging and stimulating to exchange ideas with these intelligent and solid citizens close to the soil in the heart of the mid-Western farm country. We look forward to a return visit on our next trip east. We taped the talk, an hour and a half of it, you can have a copy of it for $4.50, on a 5 inch reel, monaural at 3 3/4 speed.




In Kansas City, after our Science Fair presentation, a Swedish masseur and healer gave us two interesting items on color. Years ago, a successful manufacturing firm in the city decided to relieve the drab interior of their factory by painting walls, ceilings and machines a sea-foam green. This change in color so improved the dispositions of management and workers that production increased 15%! The accident rate went down, too.

The other item was about a successful and progressive Kansas City surgeon who made use of color therapy whenever he wanted to, in spite of the ridicule of his more conservative and orthodox colleagues. In case of a severely constipated patient, allergic to drugs, the doctor caused amber light to shine on the patient's bare-belly for several minutes. The result was a natural and easy bowel movement shortly thereafter.

This healer is interested in experimenting with color therapy on some of his clients. He was familiar with the general principles that red light is a stimulant. Green light tends to be soothing and harmonizing, and blue is a cold color, even a depressant. We told him of the rhythm principle established by Dr. Abrams in the 1920s: that a pulsed weak electric current is much more effective in therapy than a steady direct current. For this reason we believe that a pulsed or flashing light, of any color, would be more affective than a steadily burning one, when trying to affect living organisms one way or another. The intermittent pressure of the light or electricity gives the living cells a chance to breathe, to adjust toward a balanced state.



He had been a life-long Fundamentalist and one of the leading ministers in the Southern Baptist Convention. As a prominent Southern Democrat, living in Houston, Texas, President Wilson had appointed him minister to one of the Latin American nations. This hard-shelled Baptist's mansion in Houston had long been a center for fixed religious convictions and he was proud of his great library of Protestant religious literature. All of these self-limiting concepts guaranteed an earth-bound existence when death took him from the flesh. There he stayed, haunting his old home, until one of the ministering band of the Master Jesus came to live there. She was a rescuing "angel" in the flesh.

By this time the old place had been divided into four apartments. The neighboring tenants were heavy drinkers. Their drunken carousing must have sorely disturbed the hard-shelled old minister, still gloating over his precious books and fearful they would be desecrated and scattered to the four winds.

When our ministering angel lay down to sleep that first night, she saw him, full figure, pacing through her bedroom; she heard him clearly too; and his favorite words were, "Rigor mortis; rigor mortis." When he realized that she was looking at him, he stopped. She recognized him immediately because he looked just like the portraits still hanging [15] in the library. He complained to her about the careless treatment of his precious books.


She tried to reason with him, to forget his earthly glories and possessions and go on to the heaven world where he belonged; but this hard-shelled Baptist refused to budge. Thus began a series of nightly sessions which lasted for two weeks, as she argued with this opinionated minister, trying to get him to see the Light within himself. The Light she released from herself attracted hundreds of earthbound spirits in Houston. This was a new experience for her, lecturing to such a huge audience every night after she had gone to bed. It was a choice collection of earthbound characters: drunks, bums, bindle stiffs, hanged murderers, prostitutes, dope addicts, misers, money lenders, swindlers and others still held to earth by the vices and passions which dominated their physical lives.

Some were released after only one or two sessions. She could see their aura of gloom visibly lighten. Relatives, a friend, or an angel would appear to their newly opened eyes, be recognized, and they would go reluctantly or happily away. But not old hard-shell. A few of these entities tried to possess or obsess her. One particularly hideous, murderous character was succeeding until she put her hand desperately over her heart and cried aloud, "In the Name of Jesus Christ!" The would-be obsessor immediately dissolved from sight.

Old hard-shell gradually softened up. She had to keep reminding him of the Light he had been seeking all his life. "Now that you have lost your body you are free to find it," she told him. He grudgingly admitted he was dead, and that consequently his earthly library books were no longer of any use to him. Finally, after two weeks, a life-time of fixed ideas and orthodox Christian pride were dissolved, and he yielded to the Light. To her astonished eyes, two huge angels appeared, one on each side of him and twice as tall, and took him away to higher realms.

We met this angel of mercy during the latter part of our trip. She was one of that dedicated hand of millions of mortals who willingly and happily serve the cause of the Master Jesus around the world -- though He may be known by other names elsewhere. She led a normal American life to all outward appearances. She was married, had children but her husband was a rather unusual chiropractor. He made adjustments to the spine by merely pointing at the affected area, or by lightly touching it. He had perfect sympathy, understanding and support for his wife's life of service.

For example, several years ago the Master appeared to her and suggested that she make an extended trip to a mining area of the West. Her husband agreeably took her on this journey. Still many miles short of their destination she felt an overpowering need to go to sleep, or into trance. She asked him to pull off the road. He did, and let the seat down so she could stretch out. She went out, completely!

The next thing she knew, she was standing in a one-room shack and [16] before her on the floor was a man, a stranger to her, dressed only in heavy winter underwear. The room was icy cold and this stranger was unconscious, breathing the last few breaths of an attempted suicide. She could see the dim light leaving his aura. For the first time in her years of service she felt an irresistible urge to merge herself, her aura; with that of another human being.


For a time she was an obsessing entity. She felt the reverse flow of life forces, from her back into the stranger's body. Most amazing of all, she actually saw a stream of golden glowing little crosses leave her heart and go into his as the vitality returned.

Finally, when the rescue mission seemed a success, her vaporous hands took on a firmness which enabled her to pick up a heavy wool blanket nearby and cover the sleeping form on the floor. Then the rough cabin faded from consciousness and she was back in her own body in the car, her watchful, patient husband beside her. She told him simply that the job was done and they could turn around and head for home.

We asked her if she had ever considered the possibility that she owed a life to this stranger, from the dim and distant past on this or some other planet? She replied in the affirmative, that this unusual experience might have been the repayment of a karmic obligation. She had introduced herself to us after one of our lectures for a Flying Saucer group. We asked her if any of the members of that group knew of her work as an Invisible Helper.

"No," she replied, "I wanted to but my Master warned me that if I told them, no one would believe me. Beyond that if I persisted, they would try to use me to solve their own personal problems and crucify me in the process!"

* * *

The above completes the notes and anecdotes on the 1965 Eastern lecture trip by your BSRA Director and his wife. The review of the trip began in the June 1965 Journal. BSRAssociate and V-P Florance Verrico invited us to review the trip for her Questors group at the East-West Cultural Center in Los Angeles, July 31, 1965. This hour and a half talk was taped, and illustrated with 52 slides. Tape copies of this talk can be had from BSRA Hdq for $4.50 the 5 in. reel, Monaural at 3 3/4 speed. Two lectures, your choice, can be had on a 7 in. reel, for $7.00. Duplicate slides are also available at 35¢ apiece. These slides include orbital shots from and of the Gemini 4 trip by McDivitt and White, and the Flying Saucer photographed by McDivitt on their 20th orbit. Another interesting item is the three formations of Space Ships hovering over Moon crater Aristarchus on the night of Oct. 29, 1963. These slides are photocopies of the Air Force map of the sighting published in "Sky and Telescope", Dec. 1963. The sighting was made by James A. Greenacre, Aeronautical Chart and Information Center, U.S. Air Force, using the 24-inch refractor telescope at the Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona. The Air Force drawing by Patricia Bridges, we assume, was drawn by her from Prof. Greenacre's eyewitness description of what he saw on the Moon that memorable night.