Index of Vol. XXI [1965]

011965January & FebruaryTHE COMING OF THE GREAT ONES - from "Treatise On Cosmic Fire" and "The Masters and the Path" • EVIDENCE FOR THE REALITY OF THE ETHERIC - from the Honolulu "Advertiser" • THE PRICE OF GOLD WAS RAISED LAST YEAR -Quotes and Comment by the Editor • PRESIDENT IS NOT MASTER OF THE COUNTRY'S ECONOMIC POLICY, by Rep. Wright Patman • WHAT IS MANA? - from Max F. Long's November Bulletin • CLIPS, QUOTES AND COMMENTS - Associates Lose All In Flood, Prof. Luntz On Prayer, Ride the New Wave, Didn't You Read Your Renewal Notice?, BSRA In 1964 and What's Planned For 1965, Vitic Parts, Taped Talks and Other Offerings In New BSRA Pub. List
021965MarchTOTAL AMNESIA AND SIDEREAL IDIOCY, by Riley Hansard Crabb • THE ROSE IN THE GARDEN, by P.H. Grobler • A ROSE ANGEL - from Hodson's "Kingdom of the Gods" • THE PSYCHOLOGY OF RITUAL, by Dion Fortune, from "Inner Light" • THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME, by Hugh Lyn Cayce and Jean Dixon, With Editorial Comment • EVERY BODY CELL IS A RECEIVER - from "Northern Neighbors" • EXPERIMENTS WITH CARBON AND MAGNET, by A. Goeke • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - To Be or Not To Be Orthodox, Don't Shoot Little Green Men, Ride on a Space Ship, More On Vitic and Faraday Cage, Eeman Screen For One, The MWO Works, One Woman's Poison, Pro-Democratic Bias, Cancellation and Renewal, A Stimulating Hole in the Head, Adventures In Understanding, Annual Statement, Newest Seance No. 10-M
031965April & MayESP, THE SPACE TRAVEL PROBLEM, by Riley Hansard Crabb - Refrigerated Space Rides; Intimations of Immortality; Physical Space Travel Impossible?; Robot Controlled Astronauts; Change Man to Fit Space; Psychic Research Becomes Respectable; The Dead Russian Cosmonauts; Some Unknown Destroyer; A "Letter" From the Judge Mind Over Matter; Socrates, of the Western Mystery Tradition; Inhabited Valleys of the Moon; The Wall of Space; Telepathic Receiver and Cholinergia; Telepathic Sender and Adrenergia • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - More on Padrick the Contactee, More Inner Circle Material Wanted, Time for A Change of Truths, Flood Loss Not Too Bad, The Passing of Dr. Ruth Drown, Mechanical Ear for Saucers, Instant Happiness, "Quest For Truth", Don't Switch, Harold Kinney Ordered to Stop Selling Herbs, Hot Spots on the Moon, Convention at Harmony Grove, John Vander Werf
041965JuneTHE 1965 EASTERN LECTURE TRIP, by the Director and His Wife • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS by title: Back Home but Not Quite Broke; Gemini 4 and the 20th Orbit; Hypnotic Regression; Wandering in the Wilderness; Watch Out For July 21st; Black Magic a la Queen; 'Oss Adjustment by Absent Treatment; A Visitor From Outer Space; The Soul's Awakening; The Dual Consciousness of Projection; An Earth Elemental In the Flesh; The Vegetation-Covered Moon; The Moon, Above and Below; Pope's Commandos Claim the Moon; Religious Foundation of America; They're Still Trying To Sink California; Jupiterian View of San Andreas Fault; The Great Siberian Stronghold; Harmony Hill; The Passing of George Adamski, and A Reassessment, By Desmond Leslie; Is Another Depression Coming?; Appeasing the Vested Interests; The Burr Under L.B.J.'s Saddle; "Invisible Horizons" by Vincent Gaddis; BSRA #10-N: Seeing The Korean War Through the Inner Circle
051965July & AugustTHE 1965 EASTERN LECTURE TRIP (Concl.), by the Director and His Wife • Mirror, MirrorI Hear You Knocking and You Can Come InIn Defense of FreedomThe Reach for New ConsciousnessProject Hermes RevivedAmerica's Mis-Managed MoneyIncreasing Productivity With ColorThe Case of the Earth-Bound BaptistMagnificent Obsession • THE HUNA CODE IN RELIGIONS -New Book by Max Freedom Long • BE YOURSELF, THE ART OF RELAXATION - Reissue by Israel Regardie • OBSERVATION OF LUNAR COLOR PHENOMENA, by J.A. Greenacre, from "Sky & Telescope" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Russians Got There Ahead of Us, More Colored Spots on Aristarchus, Harold Kinney Goes Out of Business, The Desert Herb Gobernadora, International Association of Cancer Victims, Success With Vitic, Mars Photograph No. 11 and the Yada on Canals, Flying Saucer Flap, LA Riots and the Full Moon, New Seance Prices and List, and the Famous Psychic Surgeons of Manila
061965SeptemberLONG HOT WEEK IN LOS ANGELES, by Riley Hansard Crabb • CLEANSING FIRE OF RHYTHMIC BREATHING - from "Huna Vistas" • CHURCHMEN LOOK AT OTHER WORLDS - from San Francisco "Chronicle" • TIBETAN ORDERS KNOW THEIR OWN - from Fortune's "Psychic Self-Defense" • THE ALL-SEEING ULTRASCOPE, by Thomas A. Edison • DOWN TO EARTH WITH SPACE SCIENCE, by Wm. Coughlin, "Missiles & Rockets" • THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF LINOLN STEFFENS - Review Notes by Ada Ferguson • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Home Rule For Washington, Southern California Dream, They Learned in Harlem, Passing of Doreal, Extra Pure Carbon for Vitic, Chinese-Albanian Arms Pact, ESP With London?, Should They Have Stayed?, Pendulum Knows All, Kill Bugs by Radio, One Man's Cancer Cure, Los Angeles UFO Sighting, "Innocent III His Last Years", and Flying Saucers On the Moon
071965OctoberTRUCKER BUZZED BY UFO - from the N.I.C.A.F. Reporter • THE COMING OF THE GUARDIANS - from Meade Layne's Masterpiece • THE DAWN OF MAGIC, by Pauwels and Bergier • POWER OF CONCENTRATION IN HEALING, by Dr. Nelson Decker • END OF A GREAT POWER-HOUSE, by Riley Hansard Crabb • COOPERATIVE HEALING - from L.E. Eeman's Book • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Harold Kinney Back In Business, Another Arthritis "Cure", Those Mars Photos?, Ikeya-Seki The Wrong Way Comet, Behind the Gold Curtain, Hurricane Betsy Spares An Associate, The Reeves' Second Book Coming Out, School Children See UFOs, The View From Watts, Flying Saucers Uncensored
081965November & DecemberTHE METHODS OF THE BORDERLAND, by Trevor James • END OF A GREAT POWER-HOUSE, Part II, by Riley Hansard Crabb • CODED MESSAGES BY TELEPATHY, by Egerton Sykes, From "Pendulum" • COOPERATIVE HEALING, Part II - from Book by L.E. Eeman • WE ARE "DISCRIMINATING & PREJUDICED" -Letter from Violet Kormos • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Night New York Stood Still, Jupiter Over New Hampshire, Controlled Frost Patterns?, ESP Easier In Space, Saucer Ride to Jupiter, What Says the Yada, Merry Christmas From the AMA, The Amateur Conservative, Torch of Religious Freedom in Los Angeles, Fire- Bomb Christmas Presents to the Buddhists, Cancer Cure Legal In India, Eric Murray Still Around, Trouble With Orthodox Christianity, and A Message from Mary
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