Index of Vol. XX [1964]

011964January & FebruaryNIKOLA TESLA'S GIANT OSCILLATOR - from John O'Neill's "Prodigal Genius" • HUMANITY THE TRUE SOURCE OF EVIL - from "The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett" and "The Encyclopedia Britannica" • HOW DOES PRAYER MAKE A PLANT GROW? - from the Inner Circle Seances • THEIR EVIL LIVES AFTER THEM - from Paul Dare's "Indian Underworld" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Words from Innocent III and John XXIII, The Lakhovsky Rejuvenation Machine: Nothing Happened, Similar Instruments Under Development, How Often and How Long, The Oscillating Circuit, MWO Used Twenty Years Ago, Board Meeting at New Los Angeles Regional Director's Home, February Program in Smogville, March Convention Program, New Release of Unpublished Seance Material BSRA 10-G, and the Lakhovsky Brochure
021964March"KNOCK A KNOCKING SPOOK" - from the "Honolulu Advertiser" • "FLYING SAUCER METAMORPHOSIS", by Peter Kor, from "Flying Saucers" • THE PRICELESS ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND - from the May-June 1951 Round Robin • THE WALL OF SPACE - from "Missiles and Rockets" • PUTTING THOUGHT IN ORBIT - from the "San Francisco Chronicle" and "Beyond Telepathy" by Dr. Puharich • THE DISAPPOINTMENT OF RANGER VI -Thought-control of Satellites? • RENDING THE VEIL, Chapter III-Laying on of Hands, Phantom Lovers, False Polarity or Homosexuality • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Fabulous D-Cell, Black Devils, Poor Man's LSD25, Anti-Gravity?, What's In Store for '64, Army Docs Support Lakhovsky and MWO Research in New York, Doctors Sue Quack-Quack Press and TV, March Convention at Harmony Grove and July 4th, National TV Appearance, Los Angeles Regional Meets, and new BSRA Publications
031964April & MayTHE PURGE OF TRAGEDY - from "New Age Interpreter" • THE OLDEN MOORE UFO STORY, by Clyde W. Fitch, from "Saucer News", And Navy Sighting, from "FS, Top Secret" • MATHEMATICAL PROOF OF A SPIRIT WORLD, by Hereward Carrington, from "Fate" • HEALING WITH COLORED COTTONS AND COILS, by Associate James Brownlee • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - That Knocking Spook Again, Saucer Landing at Socorro, Air Force Flumduddery, The Blue Planet, The July 4th Convention at Harmony Grove, and Tarot Readings by Person
041964JuneI HAVE NOTHING TO RETRACT, by Sir Wm. Crookes, from "Psychic News" • NINETEEN PARAGRAPHS ON SPACE FLIGHT, by Meade Layne • RUSSIANS UPSET AFTER SPACE TRIPS - from "New York Times" • PENDULUM ANALYSIS OF THE D-CELL, by Associate Henry Gallert • SOUND AND HEAT ESSENTIAL, by Prof. H.L. Twining • VAN VOGT ON DIANETICS, by A.E. Van Vogt, from "Spaceways" • PETER HURKOS, MAN AND MYSTIC, by Eleanore Person • RUSSIAN SPACE TALK VIA TELEPATHY, by Norma Lee Browning, Chicago "Tribune" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Jack Kennedy Murder & Myth, Battle of Armageddon, Birch Putsch in 1964, Lakhovsky Circuits, Hopped Up MWO Dangerous, Associates Speak Up, Doctor Vouches For MWO -- from Prison!, Dr. Drown Betrayed By Her Attorneys, Dr. Koch Still In Brazil, Search For Truth Continues, BSRA #10-I Available July 15th, and Labor Day Convention
051964July & AugustESCAPE FROM THE POWER OF THE MOON, by Rodney Collin, from "Celestial Influence" • SAVING THE HAWAIIAN TRADITION, by Kini O Keahi, from "Star-Bulletin" • HUGE SPACE PLATFORM CIRCLING MARS, by David Lever, from the "Enquirer" • AMAZING PREDICTIONS MADE IN 1886 - from "Chimes" • "GHOSTS WON'T GIVE UP" - from San Francisco "Chronicle" • MATHEMATICAL PROOF OF A SPIRIT WORLD, by Hereward Carrington, from "Fate" • THE 4-D INTERPRETATION OF THE FLYING SAUCERS, by Meade Layne • THE KAHUNA AND THE SCIENTIST - BSRA Director Interviews David Bray • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Medical Research Handouts, Not a Single Cure, Radio Rigged Astronauts, ESP For Astronauts, English Witch Prefers America, Oscillating Circuits, Peter Hurkos, Mississippi and the FBI, Static From New Zealand and Praise From Minnesota, the July 4th Convention and Labor Day Coming Up
061964SeptemberTRUE STORIES OF HAWAIIAN MAGICK, by Associate Clark Wilkerson • EEMAN SCREENS AND CIRCUITS - from Eeman's "Cooperative Healing" • "WHO MURDERED THIS GIRL?" - from Health Federation "Bulletin" • HIDDEN WEALTH OF CATHOLIC CHURCH - from "Church and State" • VIS VITAE, THE WONDER MINERAL, by Col. A.E. Powell • MAN'S EMERGENCE IN SPACE - from "Los Angeles Times" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Poisonous Moon, Goldwater's Slow-Down On Space, Can America Face the Truth?, Who Controls the Moon?, Barry's Nazi Speech Writer, Immortality For Man In Space, Moon Madness in the Capitol, Lakhovsky Circuits, An Associate in Jamaica, That 2nd Pentacle of Jupiter, Luntz on Good and Evil and Relief From Tension, The Labor Day Convention Program at Harmony Grove, New Seance Material
071964OctoberDRAMA IN THE MEDICAL WORLD, by J.A. Morrill • HOW TO DEAL WITH ANXIETY, PSYCHIC ATTACK, by the Yada di Shi'ite • "THE ART OF TRUE HEALING", by Dr. Israel Regardie • BIRTH CONTROL IN HISTORY, by V. Leff, from "The Humanist" • THE VORTELLA PROJECT, by Egerton Sykes, from "Pendulum" • RUSSIA MARKS TIME ON SPACE FLIGHT, by Hans Lauritzen • MAN, THE BIOMAGNETIC ANIMAL and VITIC, THE PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF CARBON AND MAGNET, by Goodavage, Walewski, Layne, Crabb • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Vitic Better than MWO, Anxious Asker Answered, Sun Takes a Mate, Shower Of Rocks, Iris and Bonnie Dugan -- In Memoriam, the Labor Day Convention Report, Book and Magazine Reviews, Flying Saucer Speeds Aging, the Los Angeles Workshop, new BSRA Literature
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