Index of Vol. XIX [1963]

011963January & FebruaryTHE SONG OF PIONIYO, by Bernard Copley • IDEAL REALITY BEHIND APPEARANCES - from Plotinus' "Letters to Flaccus" • "SLEEPING OUT: FULL MOON" - from Rupert Brooke's "Collected Poems" • HOME EXPERIMENTS IN ELECTROCULTURE, by E.L. Jackson • PRICE OF GOLD MAY BE RAISED THIS YEAR - Clips, Quotes, etc., by the Editor • DRUGS AND EXPERIENCE, by Associate Robert N. Churchill • ALBERT BENDER AND THE THREE MEN - Part III of a Review by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Mojave Desert Gold BCave, Claude Debussy: Visitor From Inner Space, That Outer Space Traffic!, Meade Layne Finally Pierces the Veil to Max Freedom Long, What Says the Inner Circle?, Astro-Weather Forecasting Too Good, New Tape Talks, New Literature and Book List, February Harmony Grove Meet, 23rd and 24th
021962MarchHERBS FOR HEALING - reviewed by Gladys Rose Hiett • DESERT HERBS FOR ARTHRITIS, by Harold D. Kinney • WHY REINCARNATION WAS DROPPED, by Edgar Cayce, from "There Is A River" • THE YADA'S TALK AT HARMONY GROVE - transcribed by Juanita Smith • THE DRIVE TO DO WHAT IS NATURAL?, by Lucien Vinet, from "I Was A Priest" • ALBERT BENDER AND THE THREE MEN - Part IV of a Review by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Yada on Space Beings, Dion Fortune on the Kingdom of Pan, Mrs. Crabb's Contact, The Atomic Meteor Creator?, Hostile Space Environment, Another Cause of Arthritis, Pan in England, Managed News, Hal Saflini Still Open, BSRA Publications, March 23-24 Meeting and 1963 Borderland Convention Memorial Day through June 2nd at Harmony Grove, California
031963April & MaySPACE AND PEACE, by A.L. Kitselman • TOWARDS FLIGHT WITHOUT WEIGHT - from "Interavia" Magazine, Barker's "Saucerian Review", C.F. Krafft, Inez Robb, Dino Kraspedon, Yada di Shi'ite • IN MEMORIAM - from "Topside", Journal of the Ottawa Flying Saucer Club (For W.B. Smith) • CLAIRVOYANT DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER, by Geoffrey Hodson • OCCULT SPECULATIONS ON NATURE OF CANCER, by Dion Fortune • DR. MAX GERSON REPORTS ON CANCER - from "Let's Live" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Joe Sloan's D-Cell Report, Fluorescent Lamps, Psychic Self-Defense from Martha Stark, 1963 Year of Decision in Gravity Research, UFOs Still Taking On Water, and May-June 1963 Borderland Convention at Harmony Grove
041963JuneTHE 1963 EASTERN LECTURE TRIP - By the Director, BSRA, and His Wife • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS, by title: Astronaut Philosophy of John Glenn; New Idea, Powerful as Any In History; Atlantean Relics at Mt. Shasta; Rattlesnake Mating in Arizona; A Disgusted Scientologist; Space Age Developments in Texas; Murder by Injection and by Cancer; A Sailor from the “Thresher”; A Visit from the Angels; Frustrations and Disappointments; The Fourth Cause of Tension; The 23rd Psalm; Parastudy, Inc.; Boston Uncommon; The Death Prayer; The Spirit of ’76 and of ‘63; Managed News; Standard Oil Tracking Staellites & UFOs; The Boy Is With His Father; Oh For An Effective Banishing Ritual; United Nations, Hope of the World; LOS ANGELES MEETING, Saturday, June 29th, Latest Publications and Tapes
051963July & AugustMY PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE, by Riley Crabb, Director, BSRA • D-CELLS, Talk at Harmony Grove, by Joe Dun Sloan • D-CELL QUESTIONS & ANSWERS, by Hilary Dorey • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The D-Cell, The Tarot, the Kabalistic Rituals, Person's Hermetic Science Center, Head Stand -- A Miracle Tonic, Spiritualists Get the Word, Will the Commies Win after All?, Medical Bonanza -- Fluoride Heart, The Caduceus Coil, Report On Mt. Shasta, The Hate-Peddlers Confuse an Associate and Director Tries To Clarify Issues, One Step Beyond in Color, We Make A Mistake, The Annual Report, Harmony Grove, Author of "Framework For Unity" Coming Here, and Publications
061963SeptemberPSYCHIC RESEARCH BY BRITISH ATOM SCIENTISTS, by Anne Dooley, in "Psychic News" • ADVENTURES IN AWARENESS, by Dr. John W. Aiken • UFO MATERIAL FROM THE ETHERS - Seance Memorandum from Lao Tse • THE MAURY ISLAND INCIDENT, by Ken Arnold, in "Coming of the Saucers" • THE PRINCIPLES OF LIGHT AND COLOR, by Dr. E.D. Babbitt • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Powerful Leverage of Ritual, Seein' Things, Dutch "Disc Digest", Rite of Spring - The Maypole, John Vanderwerf on the Infinite, McLoughlin on the Assassination of Lincoln, Psychic Newspaper "The Cosmic Star", Dr. Holloway's "Eternal Masculine-Feminine", Dr. Anderson's BSRA Regional Group Meetings, the Climbing Cost of Production and Dugan's Help, the Fairyland of Disneyland, Christopher Hills and Bob Beck's New Mobile Color Projector, the Nov. 9-10-11 Convention
071963OctoberM. FOUERE AND THE NATURE OF THE AEROFORMS, by Meade Layne, in March 1955 • SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH IN DOWSING, by Rev. Verne L. Cameron • BINDING FORCES, OR LACK OF THEM!, by W.B. Smith • THE HARVEST IS GREAT BUT HARVESTERS FEW, by Gordon Northcott, Lao Tse, Dr. Cosman and Meade Layne, BSRA #8- B • THE HAGMAN SYSTEM OF VISUAL TRAINING, by Mark L. Gallert • THE WORLD OF FLYING SAUCERS - Review of Menzel's Latest Flumduddery • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - American Society of Dowsers, Through the Veil In the Cavern World, The Rain Finally Came, It Rained Live Shrimp, Most Powerful Electric Battery, Let's Not Slow Down Now!, Escape to Inner Space, New Dimensions, My Psychedelic Experience, Los Angeles Lecture Nov. 2nd, Borderland Convention at Harmony Grove
081963NovemberTHE RUSSIAN LAKHOVSKY REJUVENATION MACHINE, Story and Diagram of the Multiple Wave Oscillator That Gives an "Electronic" Massage to Every Cell In the Body, by Associate Bob Beck • AN ANXIOUS ASKER ANSWERED - The Editor Replies at Length to the Probing Questions of a 15-Year Old UFO Researcher From Philadelphia, PA • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Anderson Research Center in Los Angeles, Australian Radiesthesist Mira Louise Added To November Convention Program at Harmony Grove, Nov. 9th, 10th and 11th
091963DecemberTHE CASE OF DR. RUTH DROWN - A Review of the Raid and Her Arrest • THE LAW OF SACRIFICE, by Annie Besant • THE NOVEMBER 1963 CONVENTION of Borderland Sciences • "THE WAVES THAT HEAL" - A Review of Mark Clement's Book on the Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - On the Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the Master of the Blue Cape from Manly Hall's "The Ways of the Lonely Ones", Christmas Greetings
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