Bob Beck has loaned us a copy of the late Mark Clement's brief, illustrated, 64-page review of Georges Lakhovsky's work. This contains excellent photographs of Lakhovsky's Multiple Wave Oscillator antenna, or transmitter, of before-and-after skin cancers apparently cured by the Oscillator, and of cancerous plants returned to normal health by Lakhovsky oscillating circuits.

Clement translated from the French Lakhovsky's own book on his work, "The Secret of Life". This was published in 1939 by Heinemann (Medical Books) Ltd., London, and contains a preface by Professor d'Arsonval. Then in 1949 Mark Clement wrote and published his own review of the Russian's radical researches in the field of electronic medicine. Here are a few quotes from his Introduction.

"On the day Hitler's mechanized hordes drove into Prague a book was published in London entitled 'The Secret of Life' by Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian-born engineer resident of Paris. The book had previously appeared in French, German, Italian and Spanish translations and Lakhovsky's theories were well known on the Continent long before the English translation was published.

"The evil designs of the Nazis soon gave rise to depressing repercussions in all spheres of human activity and Lakhovsky's remarkable work was left virtually unnoticed in this country (England) by the medical profession and the public alike. A few discerning critics, however, expressed their views with appreciative understanding. The Hospital said 'Lakhovsky's theories are so interesting from the point of view of future developments that it will repay any keen hospital officer to give them his close attention.'  . . . Science Forum - 'The admirable translation of Lakhovsky's 'The Secret of Life' will be heartily welcomed in progressive circles. The general theory is one which physicists, biologists, and medical men cannot afford to ignore.'  . . . But these were voices in the wilderness and the field for experimental investigation was left open to a few amateurs devoid of scientific training and lacking the necessary resources . . .

"The impartial investigation of claims of cure of various diseases by unorthodox methods demands high qualities of mind and character possessed by very few men indeed. Scientific truth is no respecter of persons or of vested interests, and Lakhovsky's spectacular results in the treatment of plants and animals and human beings were inevitably bound to antagonise orthodox practitioners and exponents of popular medical cults.


"On the Continent Lakhovsky's work attracted a great deal of attention in scientific circles, particularly in Germany and Italy. Italian investigators were among the first to study Lakhovsky's theories and put them to the test in laboratories and clinics. It was, of course, to be expected that the new science of Radiobiology should make a Special appeal to the intellectual heirs of Galvani, Volta and Marconi. It is somewhat depressing to observe that in the country of Faraday and Clerk Maxwell (England), Lakhovsky's theories have not yet received the attention they deserve.


"Lakhovsky has been criticised by physicists ignorant of biology and by biologists ignorant of physics! These self-appointed censors of knowledge soon found they were confronted with a redoubtable opponent who fully realised the value of experimental evidence. Its publication resulted in causing annoyance to the custodians of infallible doctrines who made up with carping verbiage what they lacked in clarity of vision. But Lakhovsky's achievements with his oscillating circuits supported by astonishing photographs of regenerated tissues in plants and human beings could not be exploded by mere verbal fireworks, and as evidence accumulated the scepticism of hostile critics relapsed into morose silence.

"The indisputable fact remains that Lakhovsky was the first experimenter to make use of high frequency electro-magnetic waves in the domain of biology. Thus out of the application of radio-electricity to biology his work developed and gradually established the foundations of the new science of Radiobiology. The first international Congress of Radiobiology was held in Venice in 1934. A leading authority on electro-therapy, the late Dr. E.P. Cumberbatch, wrote: 'Although it had been frequently observed that the short Hertzian waves could produce heat at a distance from the transmitter the first scientific investigation from a biological point of view was made by Lakhovsky and his colleagues who published a paper in 1924 on the effects of very short waves on cancer in plants . . .

"When France was occupied by German troops Lakhovsky, being a prominent anti-Nazi, decided to leave Paris and made his way to New York where he died in 1942 at the age of 73.

"In the United States Lakhovsky's theories were put to the practical test with typical American speed. Noticing that patients treated with Lakhovsky's Multiple Wave Oscillator showed signs of rejuvenated appearance, the possibility of exploiting this side-effect proved irresistible to an enterprising 'beautician'. A film was made featuring cases after treatment with Lakhovsky's Multiple Wave Oscillator, which proved to be both interesting and convincing.

"In New York Lakhovsky was approached by several hospitals with a view to testing his apparatus experimentally. The remarkable results obtained . . . in a large New York City hospital, and also by a prominent Brooklyn urologist are fully set out in the text.

"In this country (England), owing mainly to the inauspicious time [11] at which Lakhovsky's major work was published, very little interest has been shown on the part of those best qualified to judge its merits. The medical profession, whose conservatism is the most formidable barrier to progress, has been notoriously slack in investigating the new radio-electrical methods of treating disease as originated by Lakhovsky . . ."

Mark Clement's observation on the formidable conservatism of the medical profession in 1949 is still true today. Effective electronic diagnosis and treatment of disease is still a closed door here in America as far as the AMA is concerned. Those brave MDs who have tried to keep medical practice abreast of developments in electronic science have been discouraged, if not actually driven out of practice. Dr. Abrams is a good example, with his Oscilloclast, developed and proven effective in San Francisco about the time Lakhovsky was developing the MWO in Paris in the 1920s. Radical innovations in any line of endeavor usually thought up and proven by rank outsiders. Georges Lakhovsky was no doctor, but an electrical engineer!

Doctors, with their own pharmacies and with massive investments in drug industry, are not likely to show much interest in radical new ways for treating human ailments, especially if the new way is a threat to profitable practise; and, as long as Americans think they can buy health in a pill or a shot in the fanny, doctors will continue to treat them with poisonous drugs at top prices. This is good business.


But for those of us who would like to keep our bodies as uncontaminated -- and as healthy -- as possible, Lakhovsky's theories offer a way out of the clutches of the medical trust. There is little likelihood that the AMA will support research in this area of electronic science for years to come. There is every probability that there will be murderous opposition to any attempt to exploit the MWO on a national scale. This means that you will have to build and test your own equipment, or make friends with some electronic technician -- engineer, TV, or radio repairman -- and prevail upon him to build it for you. This is the active kind of borderland research which requires that you get up out of your easy chair and get to work! If you live in an isolated spot, take a mail order course in basic radio construction. If you live near a high school that has an adult education program, sign up for the evening class in radio theory and bench work. I did at Barstow in 1958, so can you. Electronics has replaced aircraft as the basic industry here in Southern California. If you want to be a citizen of the New Age you should make some effort to keep up to date, even if the sick industry doesn't!

What are Lakhovsky's general theories? Mark Clement sums them up neatly in Chapter One of "The Waves That Heal":

"The fundamental principle of Lakhovsky's scientific system may be summed up in the axiom 'Every living being emits radiations'. Guided by this principle Lakhovsky was able to explain such diverse phenomena as instinct in animals, migration in birds, health, disease, and, in general, all the manifestations of organic life. (Here follows the drawing of a living cell shown on page 6 of the November journal).

The Waves that Heal - Living Cell


"According to Lakhovsky the nucleus of a living cell may be compared to an electrical oscillating circuit. This nucleus consists of tubular filaments and chromosomes made up of insulating material and filled with a conducting fluid containing all the mineral salts found in sea water. These filaments constitute minute oscillating circuits endowed with capacity and inductance and capable of oscillating according to a specific frequency. They are comparable to the circuits, coils and windings of radio-receivers."

I believe Clement's comparison of a body cell with a radio-receiver is only half-true. The cell can also be compared with a radio transmitter when it is releasing energy. We are both radio-receptive and radio-active! Lakhovsky's theory should be acceptable to any occult scientist. The push-pull idea, the positive and the negative, the Law of Opposites, is basic to all forms and to all life at this level of existence. By inductance Clement means that radio-electricity can be induced or put into every cell of your body. By capacity he means that each body cell can hold a charge of radio-electricity, just as the battery of your car can carry a charge of electricity. In the case of your car battery the charge is put in through wire or battery cables. In the case of your body, the charge is put in through invisible but very real radio waves. These can travel unimpeded through any solid object!

"The living cell can thus play the part of a transmitter or receiver of exceedingly short radio-electric waves which give rise to high frequency currents in the circuits of the cellular nucleus. Now the vibration of an oscillating circuit is maintained by radiated energy. But where does it come from?"

If the terminology of electronics is unfamiliar to you, let's take an example out of your daily life, if you own and use a television set. Right now N3G's television transmitter is oscillating (broadcasting)on top of Mt. Wilson, 6000 feet above Los Angeles and a hundred miles away from headquarters here in Vista. These "exceedingly short radio-electric waves" are bombarding this typewriter and my body, but they are so weak they don't effect me very much. Though undoubtedly some of my body cells are reacting feebly to the N3C frequency which we call Channel 4 here. Nor do my body cells tell me the quality of the radiated NBC energy, fortunately; to discover this I turn our TV set on. As the current surges through the "circuits, coils, windings" and tubes, sound and picture tell me what is being transmitted. Now my TV set is oscillating in tune with NBC's oscillator. The transmitter and receiver are in balance and the program comes in fine. With this picture clearly in mind now let us turn to the cells of our bodies as receivers, and Clement's interpretation of the Lakhovsky theory.


"Scientists have established the existence of highly penetrating waves to which, by reason of their universality, they have given the name of cosmic rays. These rays, generated by the interference of astral radiations, are capable of traversing dense metals and soils to a great depth. Lakhovsky has demonstrated that cellular oscillation of living organisms is maintained by cosmic radiation. According to him, [13] disease may be said to result from oscillatory dis-equilibrium due to either a deficiency or an excess of cellular radiation. An important factor in this connection is the nature of the soil. A reinforcement of cosmic rays takes place on soils which are good conductors of electricity such as clay, ferruginous and carboniferous soils.


"To avoid the harmful effects of loss of oscillatory equilibrium it is necessary to ensure the regularisation of the cosmic field round the living organism by filtration. Lakhovsky's own explanation of the problem of filtration is as follows: 'The terrestrial atmosphere is known to be impregnated by a vast range of electro-magnetic oscillations of all wave lengths and intensities as a result of unceasing electrical discharges (thunder, etc.). Besides that we know that electric motors and other electrical machines create in the atmosphere a field of auxiliary waves. Moreover, during the past 25 years the earth has been flooded with radio-telegraphic, radio-telephonic and other waves. Under such conditions it is easy to understand why any oscillating circuit of any form or dimensions is likely to find in this vast field of waves its own resonance with which it can vibrate harmoniously. It is therefore obvious that to make any oscillating circuit oscillate there is no need to have recourse to a local generator such as the Radio-oscillator used by Lakhovsky in 1924 when he first treated and cured geraniums inoculated with cancer. The oscillating circuit utilised by Lakhovsky in his second series of experiments -- a circuit having no artificial source of excitation -- proved equally effective in curing geraniums rendered cancerous by inoculation."

Yes, in 1924 Lakhovsky "graduated" from electronics to radionics! He discovered and proved to his own satisfaction that in some ways a simple, one-turn coil of wire or fibre was as effective as the electric powered Multiple Wave Oscillator. The simple Oscillating Circuit, as Lakhovsky called it, has two advantages over the MWO. It doesn't have to be plugged in to a battery or 110 volt home power supply, and it broadcasts no interference with radio and TV sets.

Clement says that "it must be particularly stressed that only Circuits made in strict accordance with Lakhovsky's directions should be used, otherwise the results will prove to be entirely negative."

To get back to Clement's text in Chapter One: "Through the action of this constant field of radio-electric waves which emanates from the surrounding atmosphere the oscillating circuit is made to resonate like an instrument in tune with certain sounds. Thus the oscillating circuit [14] creates a local field which calanises and filters, so to speak, the cosmic waves necessary for cellular oscillation.


"Furthermore, this filtration is a general phenomenon. It has been discovered, through the investigations of Lakhovsky, that radiations such as those associated with light, ultra-violet rays, X-rays, etc., have the property of making cosmic rays act, as it were, to the advantage or disadvantage of the cells. New the field created by an oscillating circuit is constant and emits a steady and sustained force. It invariably acts in a favourable manner on the oscillation of the body cells, facilitating by the filtration of cosmic rays, regular cellular division, a fact which explains the immunity imparted to the cells and their consequent capacity of resistance to diseases and microbes."

It is highly significant that about the only rays and ray machines approved for general use by the American Medical Association are the destructive ones of X-rays and atomic radiation for the mis-treatment of cancer.

"Since Lakhovsky's oscillating circuits were first used for the treatment of cancerous geraniums, an experiment fully described in communications to the French Academy of Science, the same method has been successfully applied in Continental hospitals and nursing homes."

Photos of the successful treatment of cancerous geranium plants are included in Clement's book, along with the pictures of the disappearing skin cancers in human beings. So Clement describes the two major features of Lakhovsky's work in this first chapter, the simple, one-coil Oscillating Circuit powered by cosmic rays, and the electric-powered Multiple Wave Oscillator. There are photos of the Multiple Wave Oscillator, showing clearly the unique, circular antennas. These were made of metal tubing, separated and suspended with silk thread. The simpler, aluminum-foil printed circuit in Bob Beck's adaptation is apparently just as effective.


"The diagram on this page shows where the oscillating circuits should be worn, i.e. round the neck, waist, and above the elbows and knees the effect is intensified if more than one circuit is worn. Generally speaking, the neck and waist are the favoured sites and likely to bring about the best results.

"In the light of Lakhovsky's theories the fight between the living organism and microbes fundamentally a 'war of radiations'. If the radiations of the microbe win the cell ceases to oscillate and death is the ultimate results. If, on the other hand, radiations of the cell gain the ascendant the microbe is killed and health is preserved.



"Broadly speaking, health is equivalent to oscillatory equilibrium of living cells whereas disease is characterised by oscillatory dis-equilibrium. This general principle has given rise to a vast number of experiments covering the whole field of biology. Plants, animals and human beings have been successfully treated by the application of Lakhovsky's oscillating circuits and the reader is referred to his major work 'The Secret of Life' for a full discussion of this important subject."

Those of you who have been studying the Kabala with Mrs. Crabb and me must have been struck immediately by the metaphysical soundness of Lakhovsky's basic theory expressed above. One wonders if this Russian escapee from Communism, and from Nazism, wasn't indeed a student of the Western Mystery Tradition, perhaps even an Initiate! The Tree of Life is the ground-plan of our Tradition. On the Tree we show the descent and the ascent of power, oscillating back and forth from left to right and right to left across the Middle Pillar, or balance point.

You'll be glad to know that a re-print of Lakhovsky's original work, "The Secret of Life", in English, is again available. Today, Nov. 26th, we have a letter from Leslie Speight, owner of Health Science Press in England, offering to purchase six copies of our November Journal. This contains Bob Beck's article, and the schematic diagram of his Space Age version of the Lakhovsky Rejuvenation Machine, the Multiple Wave Oscillator. In England, copies of "The Secret of Life" are available from Health Science Press for £2:2s;6d; he says that a supply of these have been sent to Health Research, Mokelumne Hill, California, where they can be bought for $7.50. Speight also tells us that Clement's "Waves That Heal", from which we have been quoting, can be bought from Health Science Press in England for $1.00, postpaid. Now for the final paragraph of Chapter One.

"During recent years observations on the part of several investigators have established the fact that most animals, including insects and birds, emit radiations while they are also sensitive to the influence of external electro-magnetic waves. These radiations emitted by all living beings cover an indefinite range (infinite range?) and are characterized by a multitude of different wave lengths. In the immense range of existing radiations we can only perceive the luminous octave (visible light) but we know that whole gamuts of radiations exist beyond the narrow limits of the visible spectrum. The limitations of our senses prevent us from perceiving radiations of living beings and this sensory incapacity also excludes from the field of direct awareness the vast gamut of electro-magnetic waves traversing our atmosphere. Yet all these radiations and waves exist and affect all forms of organic life in various ways."


In Chapter Two Mark Clement gives "Medical Reports on Lakhovsky's Oscillating Circuits". We'll give only one, but Dr. Araujo, Physician at the Prophylactic Institute, Montevideo, Uruguay. "In 1929, Dr. Araujo was suffering from a long-standing infection of the larynx which his eminent colleagues had failed to cure. While in Paris he met Lakhovsky [16] who advised him to wear one of his oscillating circuits in the form of a collar. Although feeling rather sceptical about this unorthodox method of treatment Dr. Araujo wore the oscillating circuit for several months with the result that he fully recovered and has had no relapse since. This personal experience led him to treat his own patients with Lakhovsky's oscillating circuits. Having treated over 300 patients suffering from a wide variety of diseases Dr. Araujo succeeded in curing or greatly improving cases of rheumatism, asthma, anaemia, neuralgia, gastric ulcer, colitis, glandular disturbances, sterility, genito-urinary affections, general weakness and even cancer . . . Dr. Araujo observed that in cases in which Lakhovsky's oscillating circuits appeared to give no definite results there was invariably a latent infection which required special treatment such as syphilis, cholecystitis, sinusitis, pyelitis, dental sepsis, etc . . . A full account of Dr. Araujo's Report appeared in a monograph entitled 'Cosmic Rays and Oscillating Circuits' by Dr. P. Rigaux. Paris, 1932."


Most of this has been well explained by Bob Beck in his article in the November journal, though we might quote again in Clement's own words: "After many experiments Lakhovsky succeeded in constructing an apparatus generating an electrostatic field in which all frequencies from 3 metres to the infra-red region could be produced. Hence in this field every cell could find its own frequency and vibrate in resonance . . . Thus a type of oscillator was obtained giving all fundamental wave lengths from 10 cms. to 400 metres, corresponding to frequencies of 750,000 to 3 milliards per second . . .

"Since 1931 the Multiple Wave Oscillator has been used in most European countries and in America for the treatment of many diseases including cancer. No contra-indications for the use of the apparatus nor any harmful effects on patients have ever been reported. This is in striking contrast with short-wave therapy in general, X-rays and radium whose application in the hands of experts has not infrequently been followed by the most serious consequences . . ."

Then follow several pages of photos of before-and-after cancer cures and medical reports from doctors. This one is typical, from Dr. Nicholas Gentile, Chief Radiologist of the Clinic for Incurables of the Apostolic Ladies of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Rome, published in the medical review "Medicina Nuova" XXVI, N.5., 1935, Rome: "I. Effects On The Nervous System. Generally speaking I have observed a marked analgesic action following the application of the Multiple Wave Oscillator in all affections associated with pain, particularly in the classical cases typical of such affections. For example, a patient suffering from cephalalgia, resulting from violent cranial trauma, for a duration of 10 years, was subjected to a great variety of treatments, but all in vain. This patient was definitely cured after 2 months treatment with the MWO. Improvement was manifest after only 3 applications."

Dr. Gentile also reported the effects of the MWO on the Central Nervous System, on Chronic Inflammations, on Metabolism, on Disorders of the Cardio-Vascular System, and on miscellaneous cases. He says he adopted the "technique of localized irradiation. Generally speaking, [17] treatment is given every 4 days for a duration of 5-15 minutes per session. This is the technique which has given me the best results after having experimented with many other forms of application. For children, old people and debilitated women, a relatively weaker application is indicated. If results are not apparent after 7 or 8 applications, I continue until 15-30 applications are given at the rate of a single treatment once a week. I have never observed any ill-effects from the MWO treatment, whatever the number of applications was in any given case. Moreover, the general condition of patients is always improved, even if only temporarily, so much so that the patients themselves sometimes insist on having further treatments . . ."

This chapter on the MWO concludes with four pages of reports of notable improvement or cure by American doctors. Chapter Five is concerned with the remarkable results obtained by using the Multiple Wave Oscillator on animals. Chapter Six contains Lakhovsky prophecy that some time in the future diagnosis of disease would be obtained by television! This is something which Dr. Drown's Radio-Vision instrument and radionics instruments have already accomplished.


There were two Multiple Wave Oscillators available. These were generously furnished by Bob Beck and Ed Skilling, and were set up in the shielded seance room. Only short exposures of from 2 to 5 minutes were given, during the lunch and dinner hours on Saturday and Sunday. In that time perhaps a 100 people volunteered for tests. Until a follow up inquiry is made, no statistical conclusion can be made, or even begun!

A few individual cases reported to your Director are worth of note including my own. By mid-morning on Saturday a spinal injury from my old hockey-playing days was acting up. Doctors have called it a spasm in the sacroiliac area. Ed Skilling invited me to sit in the rays from the MWO for a couple of minutes while the seance room was being readied for the testing. Within a minute the spasm relaxed completely and the pain was gone. This was not a permanent change, of course, but the analgesic effect was certainly noticeable.

Mrs. Fred Rannenberg, financial secretary of Harmony Grove and a BSRAssociate, told me she had had a sharp pain in the area of her left hip for ever two weeks at the time of the Convention. One 3-minute exposure to the rays of the MWO removed this completely. When I attended the Grove Board meeting a week later she said the pain had still not returned.

One Associate did report a negative reaction to the MWO. She attributed it to arsenic poisoning. She had had a severe case of this earlier in the year. When the machine was turned on she felt a severe pain through her right side, as though someone had jabbed a knife into her. It could be that some of the lead poison was still in her system and the stirring of the cells in the mid-section produced this reaction. It was endurable, however, and she sat out the exposure without a murmur. The pain persisted that night and she had to put cold compresses on her side to get to sleep. The next morning she felt fine and was eager to take another exposure to the multiple waves. This time there was no [18] negative reaction.

The most startling subject of all was the woman who had been awake all Saturday night with a migraine headache, an old and recurring ailment. By Sunday morning, Nov. 10th, she was sick and nauseated. It was suggested that before taking her to a doctor or hospital she be given a short exposure to MWO rays. Within minutes all pain was gone and she returned to her cottage to lay down and sleep like a baby.


Ed Skilling is the only one we know of who has stayed in the MWO field or rays for longer than 15 minutes. While testing and adjusting his equipment at his microphone factory several weeks ago he deliberately stayed between the antennas for an hour! At the end of that time he was beginning to feel so light-headed and dreamy he thought it a good idea to get out before losing consciousness altogether.

An even more spectacular possibility is the Time-Machine effect in connection with rejuvenation. If, as Bob Beck suggested in his article, the MWO tends to take the body cell back down the time-track to a more youthful, more vital period, what would happen to a person who stayed in the field of the machine for four hours? Would his vibratory rate be speeded up to where he would disappear completely? Like the hero of H.G. Wells' "Time Machine"? Anybody want to try it? It seems, from hints George Van Tassel has been dropping over the years, that his Integratron at Giant Rock, California might do something like this -- if and when he gets it working! As I recall, both George and the Canadian Saucerian, the late W.B. Smith, spoke of the four dimensions of electricity: 1. is the electricity moving in one direction along a copper wire, 2. is the magnetic field around the wire, 3. is the static charge created by the first two effects, and 4. is Time -- or the "tempic field" as Smith called it. The Time Field equates with Space, where consciousness is everywhere present. Seems to me Lakhovsky's Multiple Wave Oscillator is a gadget which gives us the opportunity -- for the first time -- of approaching the Time Field with scientifically acceptable equipment, operating in known frequencies. Remember, that with its circular antennas it operates on the vortex principle. Each individual antenna in the group is a segment of a 60 degree cone. The 1/2 in. gaps, at alternate l80 degrees from each other, conform to the alternating principle and give a damped or pulsed wave.


Copies of our November journal have gone all over the world. Each day's mail brings new orders. We are confident that Lakhovsky's invention, far ahead of its time in the 1920s and 30s, has been given a new lease on life and will be pushed to its ultimate development on every continent. There will be vigorous opposition from the right-wing conservatives and reactionaries. Their resistance will furnish the platform from which electronic "medicine" will eventually sweep the world. I see the day when a device, similar to the MWO, will be a standard part of every home bathroom or cleansing center. You will consider it as necessary and as routine to take an electronic showerbath, [19] as to take a water bath. Home from work, tired, dirty and discouraged, you strip, flip on the MWO switch, and while shaving, doing your hair or whatever, re-balance your whole system with a two or three minutes exposure to the pulsing waves from the oscillator as they flood the whole room. For the sale of the house of the future it will be as important for the ad to say "shielded bath with MWO" as it will to say "tile bath with radiant heat".

Mr. Skilling told me he was tired and "dragged out" after processing dozens of volunteer "guinea pigs" late Saturday afternoon. Before shutting down the equipment he sat in the nail-less wooden chair between the antennas and gave himself a three-minute shot of pulsed waves. Refreshed and revived he looked forward to a good dinner and the full evening program.

I don't know of a better Christmas gift we could have given the Associates than the idea and the plans for the Lakhovsky MWO, researched and so generously offered us by Bob Beck in the true borderland science tradition. Now it is up to you to carry it forward in your own individual way. We welcome your comments, observations and research data as you develop equipment and a testing program.


This is headed by Ed Skilling and Gene Hurtienne, with Ed developing new borderland gadgets and Gene working on design and packaging. As soon as components and general shape of Ed's bench-model MWO are finalized Gene will get busy on design of a Do-It-Yourself kit, price undecided yet. Fortunately, Ed and his business associate, Bob Gerdes, have an electronic shop in being. They have been manufacturing the hand-tailored Omega Condensor Microphone for over a year. This retails for over a hundred dollars. If you have cash and don't want to wait until the kit is developed, they'll be glad to make hand-made MWO models with professional skill, ready for go for $69.50, sold only through BSRA. We felt this was a reasonable price for know-how, labor and material. Add a couple of dollars for postage and insurance, and 4% retail sales tax if you live in California. As we have no operating capital you must send cash with order, and allow at least two weeks for delivery.

The research program on the Multiple Wave Oscillator will continue at Harmony Grove. Love offerings made during the testing at the Convention totaled $100. At the regular Board meeting a week later it was voted to spend this money for an MWO and for copper screen and aluminum for shielding material. One of the old sleeping cabins will be converted into a healing shrine where science and religion can meet. As far as the Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association is concerned, this will be a continuation of the ministry of the Healing Christ begun in 1896. As far as BSRA is concerned, this is a continuation of our research program begun in 1945 by Meade Layne. Every person who volunteers to be exposed to the rays of the MWO will have to fill out a BSRA research data questionnaire, giving his name, address and vital statistics. No one who offers his services will be refused, but anyone who has the means will be expected to make a reasonable contribution toward the continuation of the work.

[To prevent confusion, we would like to reiterate that historical pricing and contacts are preserved in older articles for reference purposes only. If you are reading this during a year beyond 2000, be aware that BSRF does not sell the M.W.O. kit at your present. We do not encourage physical time travel under any circumstance. However, if you are interested to learn more and to study schematic details, we continue to offer, in limited quantity, the Multiple Wave Oscillator Handbook. Read on below! ~ Ed., year 2014]

Cover to the Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Handbook, depicting a faceless figure standing directly in the center of oscillating circular patterns.

"The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Handbook"
Contains articles and schemata by Georges Lakhovsky, Jorge Resines, Bob Beck, Klark Kent, Riley Crabb, Peter Lindemann, and others. Edited by Tom Brown.

"This is the only source which contains the many diverse opinions as to the actual construction details of Lakhovsky's original M.W.O.s, and this new edition contains many new and updated circuit diagrams as well as new pictures taken at Lakhovsky’s home in Paris! You may have heard of different types of devices — this book shows you how to build them all, with reports from researchers who have. From simple experiments with copper coils stimulating the growth of plants to different types of electrical circuits and antenna patterns used in cellular regeneration research, this is THE MWO BOOK for experimenters and researchers."

Available now through our online cart (while supplies remain).


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