The nine-foot, Superman, egg-born leader of the Antarctic Flying Saucer base told Albert Bender that the earth is the "sole planet with human life in your solar system". This sounds like another appeal to Bender's inflated ego and it perpetuates the myth which blinds 99 and 44/100ths percent of mankind to the truth, the myth that this is the only inhabited planet in the universe!

This is the myth which supports all present earthly institutions created by man, economic, social, political and religious; and when the veil is ripped away, look out. Bender's International Flying Saucer Bureau was well on the way to tearing a rent in the veil of ignorance which blinds men to the truth, in the summer of 1953, and he had to be stopped. There is a secret government in the world. It profits from men's ignorance, and their vices. Somebody, somewhere down the line decided that the best way to stop Albert Bender was to take him on through the veil; to initiate him into the Club, so to speak. Something like this happened to Richard Shaver about 10 or 15 years earlier.

So, the Mephistopheles of the Saucer base treated Albert to an artful blend of fact and fiction which would take a Jesuit sophist to separate, the one from the other.

"Could a person from Earth survive on any of the other planets in our solar system?" asked Bender of the amorphous giant before him.

"No, not without special equipment."

"Do you think we will ever reach our moon or Mars or Venus?"

"Yes, you will reach your moon, but it holds great disappointments for members of your races."

These statements of the Devil are in general agreement with information given us by the Probert Controls and other occult sources. They might have been in Bender's mind from reading BSRA literature previously. In any event, it is an admission that the moon is inhabited by disagreeable creatures who will not extend a friendly hand of welcome to our Astronauts when they descend from their Lunar Module. If the "silence policy" of the U.S. Government on Flying Saucers is still in effect when our first Lunar landing is made, and Moon inhabitants are contacted, the information will be classified Top Secret.

Then Mephistopheles revealed a surprising and embarrassing familiarity with the myths of orthodox religions, and with the techniques by [20] which the organized priesthoods maintain their control of the masses, in reply to Bender's question, "Do you believe in God?"

"That is a creation of your people on Earth. You have strange races and colors in your people, and many languages are spoken, but it seems that all your peoples have had the desire to worship something during their evolution. They, growing like small children, wanted to have an anthropomorphized, idea to cling to. Their belief was so great that in some cases miracles seem to have been created. These were written down for others to read, but these stories were told over and over until they are now considered to be true."

"What about Jesus Christ here on Earth?"

"A great believer in God, with miraculous attributes so great exaggeration. He could not save Himself from death, and even His own race did not believe in Him, yet they worshiped the same God."

"Do you not have a god on your own planet, and do you worship anything?"

"We do not worship anything, but we all know that the great central body created all of us, and cast us off into Space to form a life or to remain a barren piece of matter floating about."

What a cold, cheerless, loveless, lightless existence is revealed here by this sub-human monster, this reptilian creature from the depths of the Moon or some other planet. Totally ignorant of father or mother or any origin except an incubator on his home planet, this poor creature recognized no form of life higher than himself, or itself. Completely selfish, completely centered on the drive for power and knowledge. Knowledge is power -- Bender's teacher next revealed the principles by which millions of human beings are enslaved.

"What about Jesus Christ ascending into heaven, since they could not find his body?" asked Bender.

"We have studied all these things of your planet and have often thought how primitive your people appear to be. They are easily convinced of anything. They can be led by anyone who can turn their loves or hatreds in directions so desired by leaders. Yours are a vulnerable people; as long as somebody leads them they feel safe. On our planet every person is independent and his own leader. Some may be superior in intellect, but they are merely respected and do not become leaders."

Can you imagine living in such a society? Where every member is a law unto himself and to hell with the other person? Maybe this is where that left-handed magician, Aleister Crowley, got his inspiration. Remember the maxim by which Crowley lived, "Do what thou wilt, is the whole of the Law."

Mephistopheles went on, not to extol the virtues of the Savior of our race, but to praise the clever priesthood who followed after the Master. "In the case of your religious leader, Jesus Christ, the wisest [21] man of all was not the religious leader himself, but the person who devised the idea to hide away or destroy His body so that for centuries afterward people would benefit from the celebration of the birth and death of this prophet. It is best to leave many things unsaid in the area of your religions, for it is a topic which causes great upheaval on your planet."

There is a lot of profit in the celebration of the birth and death of Jesus, but Mephistopheles was careful not to reveal which people received the benefit. Then Bender came up with another $64 question. More than any other, the Devil's answer to this revealed the utter hopelessness, the complete moral degradation of the beings who had pulled Bender into their orbit.

"Is there life after death?" Bender asked.

"On our planet there is no life once the body is destroyed, but we are fortunate in having a life span five times longer than your own. Some live even longer, but they are the gifted ones. We have no disease on our planet, but the thing which causes many to die is the great blackness that covers our planet when we pass a certain cluster of celestial bodies on our trip around the great central body. This has been our reason for living underground and sealing all surface openings against the penetration of a strong gas which troubles us at such times."

"How do you account for the apparitions and ghosts that people claim to see?"

"It will surprise you to learn that beneath the surface of your planet, far down in cavernous cities, live creatures that are able to make themselves invisible when they come to the surface. They roam the surface of your planet quite frequently and like to cause fright to cover their stealing of certain things which they take back with them."

Here is expressed the same materialistic explanation of psychic phenomena offered by Richard Shaver -- probably derived from the same source! A simpler explanation might be that the Exalted Ruler of the Antarctic Base picked that one out of Bender's memory, from Al's previous reading of the Shaver material. Then Al switched to the number one killer of our society, cancer, and asked for the cause of that. Perhaps it's not surprising that the Ancient One, Mephistopheles, agreed with some medical researchers: byproducts from the use of oil and gas. The increased use of "gasoline-propelled vehicles is a main factor" in the prevalence of cancer.


Bender asked to see scenes of life on the Exalted One's home planet. These views were apparently projected on to screens around the interview chamber, but the leader concentrated so powerfully on Bender's brain in impressing the pictures that Bender's head hurt, He was shown the massive elevator shafts which lifted towers and landing platforms from deep in the craters, up above the surface to send and receive aerial traffic.

Other scenes showed the daily life and traffic of one of the underground [22] cities. Then he was shown the interior of a building "resembling a vault or a tomb. An inside view showed-walls containing drawers or trays. In opened trays appeared objects which looked like ostrich eggs. These, I was told, were the future generations of the planet, hatching by controlled system whenever the blackness approached and caused many deaths . . ."

What can we expect from these egg-born who know nothing of father or mother, or human love and warmth, or life beyond the grave? Nothing but a cold, pitiless, selfish race, using of us for their own ends. With their hypnotic power these Lucifer spirits play on our passions; our vices, in the successful effort -- sometimes -- to pull us down so they can stand in our place. They would be like us. They envy us because we are higher on the ladder of evolution.

In answering Bender's next question, Mephistopheles confirmed again his Cavern origins. The bi-sexual monster also revealed his membership in the sinister space race referred to in the Allende Letters to M.K. Jessup, their liking for fungus growths and for sea food!


"What is the food on your planet?" asked Bender. "Do you have plants and animals?"

"We live mainly on a fungus kind of growth similar to your mushrooms. We grow many varieties, of different food values. We also consume many types of shell-covered water creatures. Large plants which grow near our bodies of water bear delicious fruit. From this we make many of our food products."

Isn't it significant that one of the commonest and most degrading vices here on earth is drunkenness. The creation of alcoholic beverages is impossible without fermentation, the reaction of the juice of the grape with a certain type of fungus. This in turn derives its power from the Cavern world beneath us. Here you have a definite lead on the secret government of the world and how it maintains its hold on millions of people. Trace out or uncover the ultimate owners of the liquor industry and you'll find human beings who have sold their souls to these same "men in black" who haunted Albert Bender in 1953.

Then there's this seafood bit! This was one statistical item which bothered the hell out of Charles Fort and M.K. Jessup. History is replete with news stories of great falls of primitive marine life from clouds, and from clear skies!

Jessup devotes a couple of pages to it in his "Case For the UFO". Consider the astonishment of the surface dwellers in Alabama on May 29, 1892. At Coalburg "a tremendous shower of enormous eels took place. The eels were of a variety unknown in Alabama, though somebody said he knew of such eels in the Pacific Ocean. There were piles of eels in the streets and farmers came with carts and took them away to use for fertilizer."

That same year, 1892, the inhabitants of Paderborn, Germany received [23] an unwelcome celestial delivery of mussels, from a yellow cloud! Jessup comes to the logical conclusion that the hydroponic tanks of a great space ship were receiving their periodical cleaning.


About fifteen years earlier, Memphis, Tennessee got a load from on high, in 1877 "after a violent storm during which rain fell in torrents, thousands of snakes were found in the space of two blocks. They were crawling on sidewalks, in yards and in streets, masses of them."

Might as well include Jessup's two-paragraph summation from page 72: "Accepting as I do the veracity of the many reports of live things having fallen from the skies, I submit that they are the inhabitants of celestial hydroponic tanks and that their falls come from one of two things: (1) when the tanks are dumped and cleared for refilling, for whatever reason that might be; (2) that the falls may be the residue from the collection from earth while the monitors are replenishing their supplies.

"Again we are faced with the admission of intelligence and direction. An intelligence in space controlling either the collection, dissemination, or nurture of sea life, either for study or for food or both, is the only answer which satisfies all the elements of all the reports."

Gypsy commentator Carlos Allende underlined the "celestial hydroponic tanks sentence" above and made this marginal note: "Come of both, and of wrecks and repair jobs on most ships." He and his two buddies seem to be quite familiar with these Cavern Space dwellers and refer to their great space ships as Arks. They also identify two races, referring to them as the L-Ms and S-Ms. The S-Ms are the bad guys, the L-Ms the good guys. A few pages later, Jessup's chapter on "Falls of Water", Allende makes the marginal note "some chemical gardening practised in Arks and D ships. Not too much at last report." This was in connection with a deluge which fell on Hongkong May 29-30, 1889. The city received 34 inches of rain in two days! Further down the page Allende notes "the cleaning and regeneration of the Great Ark and all its Great Rooms. All Arks too, needs cleaning same as any other ship."

If you haven't read the Allende Letters to M.K. Jessup you can get them by ordering our brochure, BSRA No. 13. All of Jessup's books are necessary additions to any Saucer researcher reference file. To get back to Albert Bender and his Antarctic interview with Big Brother Mephistopheles, he then asked if it would be "possible for me to write about my experiences so that others on Earth can learn of your existence?"

Permission was denied, absolutely, "as long as you possess the small piece of metal you will be under our power." He then asked why his head hurt so severely when in the presence of the monsters. "We are able to penetrate your skull and gain complete control of your body."

Finally, Bender asked for objective proof of their existence, and the leader promised a real Flying Saucer phenomenon would occur near his home and it did! We'll cover that in the next Journal.

But, for the rest of Bender's story, you will have to read the book itself, as Riley Crabb’s review was left unfinished in the rush of his lecture tour and preparations for the 1963 Borderland Convention.

Flying Saucers and the Three Men by Albert K. Bender

 by Albert K. Bender (edited by Gray Barker)

"After heading the International Flying Saucer Bureau for many years (a civilian UFO investigative organization), Albert K. Bender suddenly disbanded the group. Bender told close associates that he had found the solution to the flying saucer mystery but he had been frightened into silence by three 'men' in dark suits who warned him not to divulge his fantastic discovery. Now Bender reveals the sinister events behind his UFO encounter: the identity of 'the three men in black'; where the flying saucers come from; their strange purpose here on Earth; and how he was terrified into keeping their dangerous secret!"