Index of Vol. XVIII [1962]

011962January & FebruaryBANGA, BANGA, BANGA, WE DOWANNA LEAVE KATANGA, by Yo Editor • FLYING SAUCER VISITS VISTA, by Associate Gene Hurtienne • SECRET CITY IN THE VALLEY OF MYSTERY, Part IV - from "Darkness Over Tibet" • THE TRANSCENDENTAL REALITY OF COLOR, by Dr. Enrico Vinci, CESPERA • HOLY GRAIL, SYMBOLIC BRIDGE TO NEW AGE, by Judith Crabb • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Norbert Gariety, Death Rays Are Here, BSRA in Playboy?, Asteroids Horror Weapon, Dr. H.E. Roy, Bottomless Pit In Arizona, Van Vieringen's Cavern Experiences, Eastern Mysticism Vs. Western Occultism, El Paso Doesn't Want Us, Pheonix- City of Hate, Borderlander Ray Doermann and His Zodiac Coil, Soil Life Compost, That February Conjunction Again, and Second Borderland Convention Moved Back to Marck
021962MarchABRAMS' CONTRIBUTION TO ELECTRONIC MEDICINE, by A.N. Onymous • PLANETARY INFLUENCES ON MATTER OF EARTH, by Associate Trevor James • PROBING THE MYSTERY OF MT. SHASTA, by Emma Martinelli • THOSE UNDERGROUND REGIONS, by Ramon Natalli, from "Flying Roll" • SECRET CITY IN THE VALLEY OF MYSTERY, Part V - from "Darkness Over Tibet" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - "1962, Year of Crisis", Dr. Holloway Heads Our Way, Measurable Brain-Waves, Hitler Alive And Dead, Pain-Relieving Fibres, Dero-Queero Business, Reno and the Shulleys, Feb. 4th Doom Weekend, Billionaire Jesuits, Friendly Warning from Ver Hoven, Encouragement from Associates, Peggy LeGrand, Verne Cameron, Marcoux's Survival City, Wrong and Right, Middle Pillar and United Nations, What Says the Inner Circle, New BSRA Publications and the Los Angeles Convention in March
031962April"THE NEW OCEAN OF SPACE" - Clips, Quotes & Comments by the Editor • "TERTIUM QUID" - from "Encore, Browning" • WHAT SAYS THE YADA - from Probert Seance Transcript #6 • AHRIMAN AND LUCIFER, LEFT AND RIGHT, by Trevor James, Chart by the Editor • SECRET CITY IN THE VALLEY OF MYSTERY, Part VI - from "Darkness Over Tibet" • CHALLENGE OF THE D-CELL, by Joe Dun Sloan • COLOR, THE MUSIC OF THE UNIVERSE - from Dr. White's Writings • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Feb. Conjunction Aftermath, True Catholicism, Saucer Sightings in Minnesota, a Sad Associate, Wealthy Christian Brothers, Associates Ann Hardy, Ed Worthley, John Patalon, Ruth Wister, Rosemary Belchlavek, Mildred Fletcher and Frank Gerard, Lives of Francis Bacon, Dr. Donnelly, the Passing of Rolf Telano, Underground Agharti, Fire- Balls and Akualele, and The March Convention Program
041962May & JuneTHE PRICE OF GOLD WILL NOT BE RAISED THIS YEAR - Clips, Quotes & Comments by the Editor • THE "MAGIC" FILM, by Associate Dan Moran • THE NEW ORIENTATION OF SCIENCE, by Associate George C.O. Haas • THE SECRET CITY IN THE VALLEY OF MYSTERY, Part VII - from "Darkness Over Tibet" • THE PEOPLE'S PADRE - Review of Emmett McLoughlin's Book • NEGATIVE POLARITY OF UNDERGROUND WATER, by Associate Verne Cameron • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Convention Report, Trevor James, Vivian Day, Gene Hurtienne, Zipporah Dobyns, Ed Skilling & H.P. Miller, Harold Kinney, Marion Ver Hoven, Joe Dun Sloan, the Sunday Afternoon Bull Session with Bryant Reeve, Bill Dugan and Bob Beck, the Yada on the Future of Psycho-Therapy, Proposed Studies in the Kabala, and Regional BSRA Groups
051962JulyA STORY OF FREE ENERGY, Part I, by Associate Ed Skilling • RADIESTHESIA IN NEW ZEALAND, by Associate James Brownlee • FATAL RADIATION IN EVERY HOME, by Associate Hazel Diaz Pumara • THE SECRET CITY IN THE VALLEY OF MYSTERY, Part VIII - from "Darkness Over Tibet" • "BRINGING A CORPSE TO LIFE", by Alexandra David-Neel • THE LAST SYMPHONY -by Associate H.G. Seanor • THE NUT GAME, by Associate Frank Gerard • I DISCOVER THE IMMORTAL B-CELL, by the late John Brown • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Alyce Alexander, Where To Send For D-Cells, Little Squirt, Power of Prayer, Nearing Says No Politics, X-15 and UFOs, Jessup and the Visitors, Life on the Moon, Jesuit Control of AMA, Two Views on Reincarnation, Skilling's Music Transducer, Another Regional Group, Los Angeles Meetings, Harmony Grove Meet
061962AugustLUMIA, THE ART OF LIGHT - The Mobile Color of Thomas Wilfred • I DISCOVER THE IMMORTAL CELL, Part II, Conclusion, by John Brown • DEVELOPING CREATIVE TALENT, by the late E.G. Reed • THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON - Clips, Quotes & Comments by the Editor • THE SECRET CITY IN THE VALLEY OF MYSTERY, Conclusion - from "Darkness Over Tibet" • A STORY OF FREE ENERGY, Part II, Conclusion, by Ed Skilling • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Allende Letters Again, Ray Palmer on the Invisible Empire, George Adamski's Particles, Into the Cavern World with Percival, Space Age Job Inquiry, Dr. Anderson's Food Taboo Talk, Bob Beck, Wayward Scientologist, Mr. Pogue Stays Right, Algeria's Holy War, Mrs. Ralph Zellman, Sanctity of Free Speech, "Flying Saucers On The Moon", Selling BSRA Is Easy says Harold Kinney, and the Labor Day Convention at Harmony Grove
071962September & OctoberSTRIP FLYING SAUCERS OF SPECIAL STATUS - Quotes & Comments on Dr. Lloyd Berkner • TREES AND THEIR HEALING LEAVES, by Roger Walpole, Radiesthetist • REPORT ON D-CELL RESEARCH, by Joe Dun Sloan • BOOK REVIEWS BY ASSOCIATES - Granville Rice, Robert W. Wilson, Harold D. Kinney and Wilbert Smith • RENDING THE VEIL, Chapter One, by the Editor • CREATORS ARE WE, by Associate Fern Schaefer • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Richard Shaver, a Denver Borderlander, the Labor Day Convention at Harmony Grove, and Future Gatherings There, BSRA Literature
081962NovemberRENDING THE VEIL, Chapter Two -The Society of Professional Trouble Makers • THE NEW SCIENCE OF PARAPHYSICS - from the Delaware Newletter • HARRY EDWARDS, FAMOUS HEALER - from Max Lon's "Huna Vistas" Bulletin • APPORTS, AND THE NATURE OF MATTER, by Emma Martinelli • ABSOLUTE TRUTH IS UNOBTAINABLE, by Inner Circle Control, Lao Tse (1947) • "ALBERT BENDER AND THE THREE MEN" - Part I of a Book Review by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Failure of Moon Probe, Man on the Moon by '65, Blavatsky: The Moon a Rotting Corpse, Change Your Mind and Change Your Body, Associate Ponciano's Opinion, A Prophecy for Khruschev, What Says Manly Hall, Spiritualist Decides for Reincarnation, Psychiatrist Decides for Spiritualism, Color in the Astral Light, TV X-Rays and Cancer, Are We Growing?, Harmony Grove, Christmas Party and the Arizona Trip
091962DecemberJESUS, TEACHER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS - from "The Religion of the Occident" • SPIRIT RETURN OF MARILYN MONROE, by the Editor of "Psychic Review" • APPORTS, AND THE NATURE OF MATTER, Part II - by Emma Martinelli • MARK PROBERT'S PHYSICAL CONDITION, by the Yada Di Shi'ite • ALBERT BENDER AND THE THREE MEN - Part II of the Review by the Editor • COL JOHN GLENN'S FIREFLIES, by Trevor James • "OUTER SPACE VISITORS TO EARTH" - Dr. Carl Sagan in LA Times • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Fern Schaefer, Meteor Hit Overdue, Battle of Armageddon, Telepathy to Outlaw War, the D-Cell At Work, Young Francis Bacon, Political Suicide, Underwater Living, M.K. Jessup Warns Gray Barker, Tibetan Lamas on Run, Earth An Uninhabited Planet, BSRA Christmas Meeting at Harmony Grove, New Publications
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