March 15, 1953 was World Contact Day for the International Flying Saucer Bureau, and its Director, Albert K. Bender, was successful. In fact, by his own count, his March 15th contact with the Visitors was the fifth. He was to have twelve in all before the Visitors broke off and left him with a permanently damaged etheric body -- that is, unless some competent spiritual healer can mend the rent in Bender's personal veil. In normal people this veil of closely woven etheric atoms protects one from the insidious, invisible forces of the Lower Astral.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and in March 1953 Albert Bender was on the way in high gear. He knows now, as does many another enthusiastic Saucer researcher, and occult dabbler, that good intentions are not enough to protect one from Lucifer spirits and other Elemental forces.

When Bender's Visitors had departed his consciousness at 6:05 p.m. they left their telltale calling cards. "I was left puzzled by the smell of sulphur which lingered in my room for two days afterward. This smell had accompanied the other experiences (his splitting headaches, his radio turned on) and had been the most physical part of them. This time I opened my windows and used room sprays to get rid of the odor, but this did not completely dispel it. When I went to bed I could smell it in the bed clothes."

This convinced Bender, in spite of all logic to the contrary, that "I was witnessing some very real events and that I would no longer be wise to assume they had been my imagination or dreams."

He decided against trying to convince his fellow IFSB officers of his "very real" experiences, for fear of ridicule, of adverse publicity, of losing his job. The Visitors had him right where they wanted him. "It is a lonely position you occupy," writes Bender, "when you have looked into the fantastic, and there is nobody to believe you have actually done so." Nevertheless, trying to be true to his dedicated search for truth, and his promise to share it with his members, in the April issue of his "Space Review" Bender promised a "startling revelation" in the July issue. Following that he described his experiences to two IFSB officers. They not only scoffed at his story but accused him of seeking further publicity for himself and the IFSB! The more Bender tried to adhere to the truth, the more violent became the split. One officer even threatened to have him jailed if he published his experiences. Thus is the Silence Policy on Flying Saucers maintained, by sincere but misguided fools with preconceived ideas of the Universe. Thus the Visitors proved their power and control to Albert Bender.



Unable to publish his contacts in his bulletin Bender secretly wrote them up anyhow, with the intention of mailing one copy to authorities in Washington. When he did get up enough courage to mail it he couldn't find it! "The inside of the box where I had locked it contained the now familiar odor of sulphur. I searched the box thoroughly, but the report had vanished."

Many members of the IFSB were disappointed that the July issue of the "Space Review" did not contain Bender's revelations. To assure that later issues would contain nothing of the truth, the Visitors tightened their hold on Bender by arranging a sixth and more spectacular contact. In writing of it Bender reveals the weakness by which the Luciferians continued to lead, and mislead him: pride. "I will never forget it as long as I live, and to me it is the greatest, yet the most fantastic thing, ever to happen to anybody on Earth."

He took a two-week vacation in July. When he returned home and went up to his room it smelled of sulphur again, and the radio was on again. This time it was so hot he was surprised it hadn't started a fire. His stepfather swore no one had been in the room while he was gone and that he must have left the radio on himself. Also, Bender noted that the dial was turned to the same setting again, a spot where no station came in. The Visitors told him later they used the radio as a means of getting into his room.

Before Bender could finish getting ready for bed the hypnosis began. Blue lights swirled through the room, his eyes throbbed and he fell on his bed. As the power was applied his body felt icy cold. Then he became aware of three shadowy figures floating about a foot off the floor. They washed him clean, or so he felt.

"All of them were dressed in black clothes. They looked like clergymen but wore hats similar to Homburg style." (The symbol of international banker diplomacy.) "The faces were not clearly discernible for the hats partly hid and shaded them. Feelings of fear left me, as if some peculiar remedy had made my entire body immune to fright."

He says the eyes of these three men in black burned into his very soul as they forced their painful way into his consciousness "the pains above my eyes became almost unbearable." Their telepathic message to him went something like this: "You have dedicated yourself to the solution of the strange problem of unidentified objects in your atmosphere. Your interest is deep and sincere and you have devoted many hours to it. We also know that such interest and determination might lead to something that could harm you. We feel that you are a very good contact for us on your planet of Earth. You are an average person, and we know that what we tell you and show you will not be believed by anyone you might tell."

He was threatened indirectly by their saying they would not be "disturbed from their ultimate goal", that many humans had been frightened and even killed to keep the secret of their presence from being revealed. [16] They "disguise" themselves as ordinary mortals when a dense, material body is needed, apparently either materializing one or driving out the original owner, murder, and taking over. The Three Men In Black informed Bender, "We have found it necessary to go to great extremes at times to frighten off your Earth people, and it has resulted in their deaths.

"We also found it necessary to carry off Earth people to use their bodies to disguise our own. We wish to keep in touch with you, and tell you many things, because one day you will write about this, and we are certain that nobody will believe you, [This is only one of the many lies which these vicious, immoral, sub-human, love-less, Light-less creatures put across to poor Bender. Consider the next three phrases. These are classics of Saucer literature.] but you will be much wiser than anyone else on your planet. You will know what is out there in space, and you will know what the future holds for your mankind . . ."

You will be much wiser than anyone else on your planet. Lucifer is a great flatterer. How many times has your Editor seen that phrase or something like it in the endless bilge put out by the would-be and so-called Contactees. Pride, the first and last enemy on the Path! They had his number all right, Albert "The Great" Bender, number one among mankind. To cinch the pact the next thing to do was to make him a member of the fraternity. He was given a talisman, a little piece of metal similar to our small coins, and a magic password, "Kazik". When he wanted to contact them he was to turn on his radio, hold the coin in his hand, and repeat the magic password. About that radio Albert writes, "As they gave me this information one of them went to my radio, turned it on, and switched the dial. I asked him mentally why he was doing it, and he replied only that it was a method of getting back to their base.

"They disappeared and once again I felt my body resting on the bed. I was covered with perspiration, though during the experience I felt so cold. In my hand was the piece of metal; finally I had physical evidence that I was not insane. This cheered me in spite of the shocking circumstances I had just encountered."

The icy touch of Satan is a commonplace in stories of witchcraft and demonology. Men and women who confessed to intercourse with the devil generally agreed that contact with the fiends from the nether regions was neither pleasant nor warm, but rather cold as ice. See R.H. Robbins "The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology", Sexual Relations with Devils.

Bender thought he "would be looked on as a person of importance if I could produce the piece of metal to back up my story". But when he rushed to his safe box to look at it and hold it again in the morning, it was gone. "But a couple of days later it was back there again, glowing slightly, waiting for him to use it in his next and seventh contact. As he picked it up the thought of showing it to somebody "came back in to my mind. As I thought of this the metal began to glow with a deep red color and got so hot I had to drop it". Bender got the message; it wasn't to be used "for personal glory or gain".


Still hot for adventure into unknown realms with the Three Men in Black, Bender turned on his radio, held his metal talisman and said the word "Kazik" several times. Again the icy cold and the throbbing temples warned him of a coming projection and he threw himself on his bed. This time "I sensed that the living part of my body was being transported to some other place . . ."

The next thing he knew he seemed to be in what might have been a stainless steel space ship, seated in a chair of the same material, in what appeared to be a circular lecture hall. All this could have been a very real, Etheric plane experience; but it also reads as though the sulphur-smelling Lucifers were taking the science fiction material which Bender had filled his brain, and were re-arranging it to suit their convenience and his limited understanding. The dome-shaped room darkened, an invisible wall panel opened and closed, someone walked to the edge of the dais before him, a message was telepathed into Bender's brain, "using words I could speak myself, somewhat as if I were talking to myself -- this is the very best way I can describe it . . . whether it was augmented mechanically or electronically, I do not know."

Bender was welcomed to their domain "where no Earth creature has ever set foot". His attention was directed to a large television-like screen behind him on which were pictured, presumably, scenes from the Visitor's home planet "many, many light years from your small system of planets. We are much older than your system, for we were created long before the Earth or any of the planets revolving around your central body." He referred to the Great Central Stillness of the Milky Way galaxy, a source of Life "so powerful that you could not even approach it by light years; for if you did you would immediately be destroyed. It is the creator of all of us, and more families of planets are constantly being formed and thrown off into orbits."


The Visitor told Bender these planetary systems travel at different speeds. His system had overtaken and passed the Earth several times in the dim and distant past. He enunciated in July 1953 the cosmic principle now being cautiously advocated in 1962 by a few scientific leaders. "Because many of these are far advanced in their ways of life your planet Earth will constantly be under surveillance by these systems as they overtake you and pass you by. Your planet is yet an infant as far as progress is concerned, and you have far to go accomplish what many others in your neighboring systems have already achieved . . . We have been within reach of your system for a number of years, but will soon pass beyond the point of no return. So we have found it necessary to accomplish our task speedily."

Then Lucifer, or Mephistopheles, or whatever his name was, gave the real, or supposed, reason for the visits of the Visitors. "We have been taking a valuable chemical from your seas. This substance is vital to our existence . . . We process the sea water to remove the substance. A sticky residue that remains floats back to your planet in the form of long strings." This refers to the well known and documented Flying Saucer phenomenon of the "Angel Hair". This still falls to earth occasionally though the Visitors, according to Bender's story, have been [18] gone since 1960. Another contradiction was the Visitor's claim that "we take the material without harming anyone who lives there". A liar has to have a long memory. In the previous contact Bender's "friends" had boasted of the number of human beings who had been killed or kidnapped for getting in their way!


The next revelation to the overawed Bender was an over-all view of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., "only to inform you that we have some of our people stationed in your so-called Pentagon while we are visiting your planet. We have them stationed in numerous places about your planet, to keep us informed of all that is taking place."

This, your Editor will agree, is about as true a statement as any Bender received from the Three Men in Black. The governments of the world are riddled with these trouble makers. But I won't buy their claim of originating from a temporary neighboring planet in deep space. I think they've always been here and come from no further away than the Moon. M.K. Jessup came to this conclusion and this may have been the cause of his untimely death. He put it this way in "The Case for the UFO": "It is no longer necessary to explain the Visitors as coming from Mars, Venus or Alpha Centauri. They are a part of our own immediate family, a part of the earth-moon binary system. They didn't have to come all of those millions of miles from anywhere. They have been here for thousands of years. Whether we belong to them by possession, like cattle, or whether we belong to each other by common origin and association is an interesting problem, and one which may soon be settled if we keep our heads."

Max Heindel says we do have a common origin and association with the Lucifer spirits. It started on the Moon countless millions of years ago. But there is one major difference. They look to the interior of their planet for life, Light and inspiration; we look to the Sun.

Then Mephistopheles tried to impress Bender with their supreme power, claiming they could blow up all our atomic stockpiles with the touch of a button. During this discourse Mephistopheles had appeared to Bender in human form as he stood there. Now the monster decided to reveal himself in his normal shape to Bender.

"Then he switched to a horrifying picture that made me shudder. It depicted a hideous monster, more horrifying that any I have ever seen depicted in the work of science fiction or fantasy artists. The monster was alive. As I reacted in repugnance to the scene I did not see the speaker leave the dais and started again when I noticed his absence.

"He then seemed to be speaking from the screen itself, and from the mind of the monster itself. It was as if he had instantly changed himself from the form of a man to a creature which appeared to be similar to that pictured by the West Virginia witnesses who described the Flatwoods monster!"



At this point Bender doesn't give much description of his host, but you'll find an eyewitness description of him, or one of his fellows, in Chapter Two of Gray Barker's "They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers". A Flying Saucer landed on a hilltop near Sutton, West Virginia on the night of Sept. 14, 1952. This was close to Barker's hometown of Clarksburg and it was convenient for him to make a thorough investigation of the case. This included talking to the seven people who climbed the hill for a closer look at the glowing object that had settled down on it. When they got up there in the dark one of the Visitors was out of the craft and walking around in a fairly solid body.

"Fifteen feet away, towering over their heads, was a vast shape something like a man. The face, everyone agreed, was round and blood red. No one noticed a nose or mouth, only eyes, or eye-like openings, from which projected 'greenish-orange' beams of light. These light beams pierced through the haze pervading the scene. In the excitement some of the group thought these beams of light were focused on them but Nunley was specific that they were not. 'They went out over our heads.'

"Around the red face and reaching up to a point was a dark, hood-like shape. The body was seen only from the 'head' down to the 'waist'. It appeared dark and colorless to Nunley, though some said it was green, and one child drew a picture with an outline of fire. Mrs. May said it lighted up when the flashlight beam touched it as if there were some source of illumination inside it. She also saw clothing-like folds around the body, and terrible claws. No one is sure whether the shape rested on the ground or was floating . . . Originally the group said the strange, nauseous odor resembled burning metal, or burning sulphur. Under questioning, none could remember having encountered anything similar. It was finally described only basically as sickening, irritating to the throat and nasal passages. 'It seemed to grip you in the throat and suffocate you.'"

Sulphur and brimstone, associated with appearances of the devil since time immemorial. The monster's claws give a clue to his non-human origin, a separate stream of evolution, cold blooded, akin to the reptiles and other crawling creatures, and with great hypnotic power. Another clue given by Bender's instructor was the egg-born origin of, these creatures with the mineral stink: "On our planet we have three sexes: female similar in function to yours; male also similar to yours; and the third is neither male nor female. These latter individuals are the exalted ones who become our rulers. They are few and when they are born there is great celebration. Our females bear eggs which are stored away. We control our population and these eggs are permitted to be hatched only when the great blackness covers our planet and takes many lives."

This ended the interview and Bender's seventh contact with the Visitors. He was returned painfully to his body and found that a half-hour had elapsed from the time he first lay down. In our next instalment of the review of Bender's story he visits the Antarctic base and talks with the sexless leader!

Continue with "Albert Bender, Flying Saucers and the Three Men" (Part III)

Flying Saucers and the Three Men by Albert K. Bender

 by Albert K. Bender (edited by Gray Barker)

"After heading the International Flying Saucer Bureau for many years (a civilian UFO investigative organization), Albert K. Bender suddenly disbanded the group. Bender told close associates that he had found the solution to the flying saucer mystery but he had been frightened into silence by three 'men' in dark suits who warned him not to divulge his fantastic discovery. Now Bender reveals the sinister events behind his UFO encounter: the identity of 'the three men in black'; where the flying saucers come from; their strange purpose here on Earth; and how he was terrified into keeping their dangerous secret!"


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