The term "men" for Albert Bender's Visitors from outer space -- or maybe inner space -- is a mis-nomer. When they revealed to Bender that they were not born from a mother's womb, from a warm-blooded creature, but were egg born, this should have indicated to Bender that he was dealing with creatures from another stream of evolution, more closely related to snakes and reptiles, who are also egg~born!

This lack of human feeling and warmth from the "men in black" indicates to your editor that Bender's Visitors were from the interior of some planet, the earth or the moon, and probably originating from the latter. Their alien frigidity became most apparent to Albert at his seventh contact with them, when the three appeared in his room in a more solid state than any previous time. Their human clothing was quite correct except that everything, suits, ties, shirts, shoes, were all black, including the Homburg hats they wore.

"We have come to take you to a most important meeting and such is the distance that all of us must accompany you. You are to see our base of operations here on your planet. Please take your small metal disk with you."

Bender did as ordered and for the first time "these people from another world actually touched me. They placed their hands on my shoulders, and as they did so I felt as if I had been touched by a piece of dry ice. My whole body suddenly went numb as if I had received a giant dose of Novocain."

Bender passed out and regained consciousness in what appeared to be a large cavern though as he said, "I would not have been surprised had I found myself on the moon!" The cavern contained an enormous, cigar-shaped space ship and his escorts led him aboard it, into the familiar science-fiction surroundings of shiny metal, light-beam controls, sliding panels, glowing control boards, complicated machinery. He was taken into the presence of a lab technician who didn't bother with the man-in-black disguise but retained his horrible monster appearance. He revealed his reptilian ancestry in his opening remarks.

"You are at a spot on your planet known as Antarctica. We have chosen this area because it is uninhabited and there is no one here to disturb us in our task. We have made this base by tunneling into your ice-covered surface and burying ourselves, with only a small opening through which our smaller craft may enter and depart. The intense cold here does not disturb us, for we are not affected by your range of temperature. Our bodies acclimate themselves readily to such ranges."


The monster said that living conditions on his home planet were even worse, forcing them to live in underground cities. Their space stations were elevated up through craters for takeoffs and landings. This again could be the moon. Such mechanical operations could very well be the source of the glowing lights seen so often in so many of the moon's craters. Bender was also shown the equipment for and the processing of sea water, but he was not told specifically why it was taken nor the use of the end product. He was shown a dome-shaped Scout saucer discharging its cargo into the refining equipment.

This was in August 1953, and already available to Saucer researchers in United States and Europe were photos of dome-shaped Scout Saucers. 176 years earlier the great French astronomer, Charles Messier, recorded a sighting of such UFOs in his diary: "They were large and swift and they were like ships yet like bells."


This was all a buildup for a meeting with Big Brother from the nether realms, who did his best to fit himself to Bender's anthropomorphic conception of God or Superman. We say "he" for this character assumed a masculine appearance though he and the others claimed he was a true bi-sexual. Bender was led to the audience room with impressive science-fiction decor of metal chairs, raised dais, elaborate control panel and glowing screen.

"From a sliding panel on the opposite wall stepped a figure glimmering in a blue haze. He was dressed in a uniform of golden color. His (or Its) white hair contrasted with the skin of light brown color. As he drew closer my attention focused on his face of handsome features. It was almost earth-like, contrasted to the ugliness I had observed in the others. He was of muscular build and about nine feet tall. I gathered this was the"exalted one" about which I had been informed, and that this bi-sexual entity was in charge of the base and probably the entire planetary operation."

Bender's escorts greeted It by walking forward one by one and touching It's forehead with metal disks which, they carried in their hands. Bender realized he was expected to pay homage to Mephistopheles in like manner, and he says he did, though how he could conveniently reach the forehead of the nine-foot monster is beyond me. We'll have to let it pass because the whole experience is irrational from our point of view anyhow! Bender got the necessary red-carpet treatment, necessary to his ego.

"I bid you a cordial welcome to our base of operations on your planet, and it is with deepest esteem that I permit you to be our honored guest because you have given so much of your time to establishing friendly relationships with visitors from space. . . Having proven to us that you were a trustworthy person who had much will power, you, above anyone else (the Devil is a great flatterer), were chosen to visit with us and learn of our purpose here."

After more BS, Bender was offered the opportunity to ask questions; however, bi-sexual Mephistopheles said, "we must be free to decline to [23] answer any we feel is out of order."

Mephistopheles told Bender they had been here only since 1945 and would require about 15 years in all to as much as possible of a needed substance out of our sea water. This rings true to some extent because all the Saucer sightings of water landings, and water apparently being taken up by hose or bucket -- the Brush Creek landing in California, the Steep Rock Lake incident in Canada -- though fresh water was involved here. This isn't unreasonable if the moon is as dry as it appears to be. The monster admitted to harming and kidnapping humans.

"We have found it necessary to frighten many, but we have also had to resort to graver action in some cases which involved deaths among your fellow Earthmen. We have carried off many of your own people to our own planet for means of experimentation and also to place some of them on exhibit for our own people to see. We have specimens of peoples from many planets, but some of them do not live. These we preserve. Such has been the case of your Earth people; they have not survived."

When Meade Layne got into this sensitive area with the Probert Controls in the early 1950s he could get little information. The Yada di Shi'ite admitted to receiving orders from "higher up" to keep his mouth shut. It was admitted that kidnappings had been going on for ages. But the Yada reminded the sitters at that particular seance: Humans have no justification for accusing others of doing evil. Look at the slavery, the crimes we perpetrate on members of our own race!

Years ago, at Pearl Harbor, I discussed this problem of UFO-rammed airplanes, of disappearing crews of ships and airplanes with a Navy Captain who believed in Flying Saucers because he had seen one on radar.

"Why should anyone want to kidnap or kill human beings?" he objected.

"Did you ever go hunting or fishing, Captain?" I asked.

"Lots of times," he replied.

"Why did you do it?"

"Because I enjoyed it!" He was irritated at such an obvious question.

"Hasn't it occurred to you that there may be other beings in the universe who look upon us as we look on animals and fish? And hunt and kill us just for the hell of it?"

He looked blank for a moment and then walked away without a reply.

Bender asked for an explanation of the universe as the Visitors understood it and was given a beautiful, three-dimensional View on the glowing screen in the audience room. It corresponded closely to that developed by our astronomers and physicists. Mephistopheles assured Bender that earth was the only planet in the solar system with human life like ours. This is probably fortunate for the solar system!

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Flying Saucers and the Three Men by Albert K. Bender

 by Albert K. Bender (edited by Gray Barker)

"After heading the International Flying Saucer Bureau for many years (a civilian UFO investigative organization), Albert K. Bender suddenly disbanded the group. Bender told close associates that he had found the solution to the flying saucer mystery but he had been frightened into silence by three 'men' in dark suits who warned him not to divulge his fantastic discovery. Now Bender reveals the sinister events behind his UFO encounter: the identity of 'the three men in black'; where the flying saucers come from; their strange purpose here on Earth; and how he was terrified into keeping their dangerous secret!"