Color, the Music of the Universe

Excerpted from the writings of
George Starr White, MD,
by Associate Ada M. Ferguson

"About 40 years ago every magazine and paper had articles regarding effects of light through blue glass. At that time, blue-glass cures were prominent and heated arguments arose. While blue held the lead role, red and yellow also came in for compliments. I had an unusual opportunity to watch effects of color through glass. They were put in windows, various color panes, for the sun to shine through. I was convinced from clinical observation that that this was something more than imagination.

"For treatment of open sores, of which I saw many, I noticed that plain sunlight was very helpful; but that the blisters and burns were hindered in the healing process by direct sunlight. Then it occurred to me that leaves from trees would be good as a shield or filter to let the sunshine radiate through. Green leaves acted well but I soon discovered that the vari-colored autumn leaves made a filter that acted wonderfully well. I took fallen oak leaves, sewed them together for a complete filter for sunshine over the parts to be treated. Rapid healing of sores so radiated made many medical men think, talk and write! These were my first light-filters. Since then I have made special filters for radiating every form of ill-health, within the body as well as on the surface, and have learned by experience that the filtering of light, sunlight or powerful artificial light, adds more to the efficacy of radiant-light treatments than anything else. Filtering the energy cuts out the irritating rays and allows the deeply penetrating rays to pass deep into the tissues.

"Color is universal and the music of the Universe. As such it can bring joy or sadness to those who come within its vibrations. Without color the monotony in nature would be unbearable. Color is another of Nature's therapeutic agents. It can be utilised to keep one well or in restoring health. There are two distinctive methods to best effects from color: one is by letting it radiate through silk, parchment, glass, gelatin, or other material properly colored; while the other is by reflection from painted walls, drapes, etc. Colors can produce melancholia sadness, happiness or excitement. The same color will act on a well person different than when that one is sick: mentally or bodily. When in ill health one may crave certain colors, but when restored to health those same colors are not wanted.

"Red is stimulating, exciting; blue is sedative, soothing. Violet is depressing; its complimentary color, orange, exhilarating, bracing. Green is recuperative or sustaining as demonstrated by Nature. Magenta is mirth-provoking and over-exciting. Color-therapy has a wide field of usefulness, but it has to be intelligently applied to get best results. [20] For treating we use the indicated color radiated through colored glass. This method is now out-of-date. We learned by experience that the color should be used only a few seconds and then alternated by its compliment. For example, the patient should inhale while the indicated color radiates, exhale while its complimentary is on! Color in clothes, decorations should be chosen to suit the complexion and disposition of the individual. Hospitals should have rooms colored to suit the various conditions they have to treat?"

Dr. White has enunciated above the same pressure-release principle discovered by Dr. Abrams in the development of the oscilloclast, described in the lead article in last month's Journal. Apparently it does little good to radiate an unceasing flow of energy on diseased organs or tissue, whether electronic energy or color energy; alternating or oscillating pressures do the trick. Steady pressure may maintain or even increase the unbalanced condition. The trained Kabalist knows that the healthy condition is a balanced condition in which life-forces freely alternate from right to left and back again, always guided and under control from the center or zero point. In man this center point is the Christ-self. This same balance principle applies to a politically healthy nation. Take another look at the Tree of Life, page 11.

Mrs. Ferguson writes that Dr. G.S. White was an iconoclast and way ahead of his times, and that his thumb-nail sketches of diseases and treatments are well-worth reading. In his autobiography Dr. White tells of coming to the aid of a New York landlord whose Irish tenants kept quarreling and wrecking the place. White visited the place and noted the newly painted red walls! He offered his newly developed color theory to the landlord but met only skepticism. He then offered to repaint the rooms at his own expense, and did. The quarreling ceased.

White knew that sound is color but lower on the scale of vibration. He again proved his theories by singing to wild horses and calming them down.

* * *

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