Index of Vol. XVII [1961]

011961January & FebruaryTHE WORK OF DR. RUTH DROWN, by Associate Trevor James • THE KEELY FORCE, by Francis M. Nicholls, from "Pendulum" • THE KEELY FORCE IN "SECRET DOCTRINE", by H.P. Blavatsky • THE SCALE OF PHYSICAL MATTER • LAO TSE ON SOUND AND COLOR - from a 1948 Mark Probert Seance • SEEDS RESPOND TO SOUND OF MUSIC, by S. Sabavala, from Chris. Science Monitor • FOWLS HAVE FEELINGS, by Erna Bence, Tacoma "News Tribune" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Robert Miller, Wing Anderson, Trench's "Sky People", Brookings Institute Verifies Saucers, What Says The Yada (on Cosmic Rays), What Says Time Magazine on Cosmic Rays, Astronauts Must Become Occultists, Delbert Pierce, F.R. Bartholomew, Rev. Bob Anderson, Granville Rice, 1960 Annual Report, Eastern Trip, BSRA Publications, and Off to Seattle
021961MarchOUR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL UPS AND DOWNS - from the "Metaphysical Digest" • MALTA, ENTRANCE TO THE CAVERN WORLD, by C. Lois Jessop, Sec'y, NYSIB • CAVERN COMMENT BY THE PROBERT CONTROLS - Rajah Natcha and the Yada Di Shi'ite • THE WORK OF DR. RUTH DROWN, Part II, by Associate Trevor James • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Chapman Case and Its Aftermath, Corruption of the AMA - Dr. H.M. Robinson, More On Radionics from Mark Gallert, And More On Malta, Rev. Horace Cronk quotes Lincoln Phifer, Edmund Kiernan and "God's Hitchhiker", Daniel W. Fry, the Eastern Trip and M.K. Jessup, Fred Hamman and Comfrey, What Happened to Homotronics?, and the Convention of Borderland Sciences, July 1,2,3 & 4, 1961
031961April & MayIS ALCHEMY JUST AROUND THE CORNER?, by Associate Harold Kinney • AN IMPORTANT PART OF INTERPLANETARY COMMUNICATION, by Geoffrey Hodson • THE IMPACT GROUP IN WORLD AFFAIRS, by Associate Delbert Pierce • LAO TSE ON MATERIALISM - from the early Mark Probert seances • ELECTROLYTIC CELL SALTS, by Associate Marion Ver Hoven • MASTER TEACHING ON SCIENCE OF BIORHYTHM, by Omni-Vosti • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Superstition Murder Clip from Herb Davis, Gaddis Links Church with Caverns, Andrew Hardie on Commie Symbol, Rev. John Henry Lehn, the Catholics and Lincoln, Florence Schmidt, Alan Wilcox, Van Tassel's Convention in October, Proof of Body Resonance, July Convention Reservations, Marguerite McGinty, Max Miller, Medical Monopoly, Dr. Chapman Convicted, Radionics, Daniel Catlos
041961JuneBRAZIL'S FAMOUS SPIRIT HOSPITAL, by Conrad R. Ferrari • STOP ABUSING YOUR WIFE, by Associate Frederick Hehr • THE OLD SOUL TAKES THE ROAD AGAIN, by John Masefield • PROPHECIES? WE GOTTEM BY THE MILLION - CQCs and Illustrations by the Editor • HOW TO SEE VITAL RADIATION, by Associate Trevor James • BIO-RHYTHMS, by Associate Marion Ver Hoven • -Remember Me For Laughter, by the late Director of BSRA, 1883 - N. Meade Layne - 1961- • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Protest from Trevor James, The Aura Radiometer, Reprint of "Aurameter", Our Daily Diet of Poison, March of the Medical Monopoly, Astrologers Ahoy - Zipporah Dobyns, Eugene Hurtienne, Borderland Job Opportunity, Cookies From the Clouds, and Pine Cones!, Mrs. Earl Holfinger, More Caverns come to Light, and the Convention Program
051961July & AugustINTRODUCTION TO JESSUP'S GYPSY ANNOTATED "CASE FOR THE UFO", by Michael Ann Dunn • JOHN BROWN'S TRUTH MARCHES ON, by Associate Joe Dun Sloan • LIFE WITH KRISHNAMURTI AT EERDE, by Associate Edmund Kiernan • ELECTROLYTIC CELL SALTS, Part II, by Associate Marion Ver Hoven • "A DWELLER ON TWO PLANETS" - reviewed by Associate Robert Wilson • FIRST 1961 CONVENTION OF BORDERLAND SCIENCES - reviewed by the Director • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Yoga of the West - Mary Morehouse, Dr. Gilvert Holloway's New Retreat, Two New Age Projects - The Voicespondence Club and the Psychic Co-Op - Dr. Dan Moran
061961September & OctoberARE YOU NICE-MINDED OR TRUE-MINDED?, by Associate Judith Crabb • A CRASH PROGRAM FOR WORLD-SAVING, by Dr. Frank C. Laubach • A LOOK INTO HELL - from the book "Private Dowding" • UNDERGROUND MYTH AND ACTUALITY, by Associate John J. Robinson • DR. NIEHAN'S CELLULAR THERAPY -News Clip from Associate M.L. Burnett • BREAK-THROUGH IN PSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS, by Associate Max Freedom Long • THE SECRET CITY IN THE VALLEY OF MYSTERY - from Illion's "Darkness Over Tibet" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Long Gone Dr. Donnelly, The Image-Intensifier, Psychism In Radionics, Invisible Ships & Men, Helen Enos Suggests, Prophecy Corner, Survival City, An American On Guard, Mrs. Kennedy Loves Lincoln, President's Adventure In Space, Trachtenburg Math, Box 777, October Trip
071961NovemberDROWN RADIO-THERAPY, by Dr. Ruth B. Drown • THE ALLENDE LETTER TO M.K. JESSUP • SECRET CITY IN VALLEY OF MYSTERY, Part II - from "Darkness Over Tibet" • "FRONTIERS OF UNDERSTANDING" - Reviewed by R.A. McCullough • PROJECT MAGNET, by Wilbert B. Smith • CARD TRICK FOR THINKERS, by Frank R.J. Gerard • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Prophecy Corner - That February Conjunction, McGuire's Survival City, South Africa Saucer Blow Up, Visitors From Alpha Centauri, What Says the Yada on Caverns, "The Lotus and the Robot", the Dugans & Carla, U.S. Drops Flying Saucers, Costa Rica Sighting, the Chicago Trip, Los Angeles Lecture Dec. 2nd
081961DecemberMAN IS BORN OF LOVE - A Christmas Message from Arakashi • LAO-TSE'S NEW YEAR'S MESSAGE • THE ETHERIC DOUBLE AT HIGH ALTITUDE, by Associate Trevor James • SECRET CITY IN THE VALLEY OF MYSTERY, Part III - from "Darkness Over Tibet" • ENCOUNTER WITH A NATURE SPIRIT - from Hodson's "Kingdom of Faerie" • BEWARE! FEBRUARY 4th IS COMING!, by Associate Harold Kinney • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Priestcraftery in Tibet, Roerich's "Altai Himalaya", Reality of the Underground, Lost Dutchman's Mine Found, Hitler Is Alive, The Chicago Trip, Dr. T. Henry Moray and "Radiant Energy", Ver Hoven on Biorhythm, Wagner on Drown Therapy, and our Winter Convention
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