Index of Vol. XVI [1960]

011960January & FebruaryWASHINGTON AND JEFFERSON (and Lincoln) - from Claudas • THE SPACE RACE -News Item and Comment by the Editor • THE PURGATORY OF HARRY HOUDINI, by Riley Crabb • UNDERGROUND (CLAIRVOYANT) EXPLORATION IN EUROPE, by Geoffrey Hodson • OBSERVATIONS ON UFO PHOTOGRAPHY, by James Associates • EXCERPTS FROM "ANTIQUITY UNVEILED", by Associate Alice Winston • CLIPS, QUOTES and COMMENTS
021960March"ALL AND EVERYTHING" - A Review by Associate Robert A. Walsh • NOTES ON THE KINGDOM OF PAN, by an Angel Teacher • JESUS, OR APOLLONIUS?, by Associate Howard D. Clark • EXCERPTS FROM "ANTIQUITY UNVEILED", by Associate Alice Winston • "ANGELS OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS", by Associate G. N. Holloway • JEFFERSON AND LAFAYETTE - from Claudas • CLIPS, QUOTES AND COMMENTS, by the Editor, from Associates and Friends
031960April & MayA NAIVE REALIST BOWS OUT OF BSRA - A letter from C. F. Krafft, with comment • FROM SCIENCE TO MAGIC, by Riley Crabb • EXCERPTS FROM "ANTIQUITY UNVEILED" -by Associate Alice Winston, with comment from Associates Laughead, Roy and Kinney • PARTHENON, A LINK IN THE GLOBAL WORK, by Edith C.M. Nicolaisen, Sweden • THE JOURNAL OF THE NEW GROUP, by Editor L. Grant, New Zealand • SUSIE JESSEL, HEALER - from Associate Wing Anderson's material and writings of Hodson and Newhouse • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS: Prophecy Corner, Flying Saucer Week, Sightings, Fortean Phenomenon, 1959 Report and Policy, Giant Rock 1960, the Eastern Trip
041960JuneTHOMAS JEFFERSON ON INTEGRATION - from Claudas • JUSTIFIABLE SUICIDE, by Faith • AH, THOSE MEN IN BLACK, by Associate Charles A. Marcoux • THE R-R-R-RIPPED VEIL OF ANTIQUITY - Associates Elsie Keithe, Theron Winston, F.R. Bartholomew, Frank Gerard, H.E. Roy and Wing Anderson • PROFESSOR LUNTZ ON WOMEN AND WELL- BEING - from TR 10-C-53 • THE SUN NEVER SETS, by Associate Philip Friedman • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS: Letters from downunder, The disappearing Briggses, Frank Gerard on the Contactees, the Director on the characteristics of the psychic racketeer, the Los Angeles area meeting, Phylos, Prophet with Honor and the astronomical coverup, The Eastern trip
051960July & AugustORIGIN OF THE THREE GREAT OCCULT TRADITIONS - from Dion Fortune's "Esoteric Orders and Their Work" • DAN FRY'S APPROACH TO ANTI-GRAVITY - from his books, "White Sands Incident" and "Steps to the Stars" • EDISON'S PSYCHIC MICROPHONE, by the late Associate J.G.E. Wright • 1960 GIANT ROCK CONVENTION, by Clementine Fortescue • FLYING SAUCERS ARE REAL, by Associate Al Bielek • EXCERPTS FROM "ANTIQUITY UNVEILED", by Associate Alice Winston • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS: Vern Cameron, Fluoridation, Mrs. M.L. Canelis, Henry S. Conard, Victor Waage and Dick Shaver, Granville Rice, John Astley-Cook, Mrs. A.M. Hardy and "Topside", the Director's Eastern Trip, and North to San Francisco and the Bay Area
061960SeptemberASTRAL RESCUE WORK - from Associate Andrew Hardie, Lord Dowding's "Lychgate" and Chimes Magazine • STEPS TO THE STARS - Chapter 1 from the book by Daniel W. Fry, and a review of the "Cosmological Constant" • STRONTIUM 90 AND FLUORIDATION, by James D. Kerwin, D.D.S. • EARTH'S LAST FRONTIER, INNER SPACE -Lt Don Walsh's description of his first deep sea trip in the Bathyscaphe "Trieste" • PSYCHIC POWERS AND HEALING, by the Yada Di Shi'ite, from an early seance • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS: Peggy LeGrand Baker on the U-2 Incident, Frank Zipporah Dobyns on the Presidential Race, Wing Anderson, Mark-Age, Peter B. Hale, Marion Ver Hoven and "Harmony Harbor", Saucer conventions and 1961, the late J. Gilbert E. Wright in August Chimes, and the Eastern Trip
071960October & NovemberMAN AND THE NEW WORLD OF SPACE, by Reverend R.A. Nelson, BSR Associate, With Quotes on Religion and the UFO's • WHERE THE OCEAN WATERS COME FROM, by Associate Hugh Auchincloss Brown • A LIFE OF PSYCHIC WONDERS, by Associate S.O. Brown • SOME THOUGHTS ON REINCARNATION, by Associate Mary Hyde • IS IT REINCARNATION OR RACIAL MEMORY?, by James Engle • STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel W. Fry, Chapter 2 on Gravity • WILL THE PRICE OF GOLD BE RAISED THIS YEAR? - A Book by Allen W. Jones, Jr., Reviewed by the Editor, With Comment • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS: The Hefferlin Manuscript, Charles Marcoux, Dr. Gilbert Holloway, Natalli on Eisenhower and the Muroc Landing, Frank Hunter, Mrs. Gladys Layne, Gaston Burridge, George Heppner, Rev. Horace Cronk, Alice Winston, Trevor James, the Eastern Trip, and to Berkeley and Monterey Bay again in October
081960DecemberTHE DEEPER MEANING OF CHRISTMAS, by Judith and Riley Crabb • A NOTE ON MARY, by Geoffrey Hodson • APOLLO TO MARPESSA - from the Poem by Meade Layne • STEPS TO THE STARS - from the Book by Daniel W. Fry • EXCERPTS FROM ANTIQUITY UNVEILED - Conclusion, by Associate Alice Winston • INNER CIRCLE SEANCE MEMORANDA, by a Missionary to Africa • WHEN THE SPACE PEOPLE COME, by Associate Frank Gerard • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS: H.M. Wagner and Oahspe, Dr. Carl Wickland, UFO Sightings from Crescent City, Calif. and Moringham, France from Associates Bullock and Morlet, Ernest C.K. Brown, "We Are A Corporation" and Prof. Luntz' comments on same, Meade Layne's health, BSRA's future, Kennedy Rides the American Rhythm, the Eastern Trip, July 4th Convention, and Texas for Thanksgiving, whoopee ti yi yo, git along little Dodgie!
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