On Saturday, April 28, 1957 Howard Menger gave a talk on Flying Saucers in Flint, Michigan. Many leaders of Michigan UFO groups were in the audience. I was more impressed by the men in black who accompanied him than I was by Menger himself. They let him hold the attention of the group while they watched him, like a hawk about to pounce on its prey. There were two of them, dressed in high quality black suits of a material which literally shone. I would like to have examined them more thoroughly, but sensed a menace there which later proved all too real. Here are a few notes from Menger's talk.

Claimed he first sensed the aliens in 1931 when he saw his first disc. He was about eight years old. He once saw a girl in a secluded area. She was wearing garments of a transparent material, very beautiful, "out of this world," talked with her about twenty minutes. He had several other borderland experiences during his army career in World War II, including a contact in a cave in Hawaii. His second contact with the girl in the transparent clothes, she came from Venus, was more informative in that she claimed to be 500 years old and that Venusians matured four or five years after birth. She told him that this, and their mental attitudes are due to a process called "rebirth," similar to our earth occult teachings. Menger claimed that the true goal of life is to be able to vibrate "love flows," that love is the main objective, not spiritual attitudes. He claimed also that all space visitors are from Venus only and that they are physical, dense beings, not etherians nor spiritual beings. He said also that there are no monsters from outer space, that there are no hostile space craft, no such things as Deros and that Shaver is a hoax perpetrated upon the public. He played a tape, supposed to be a recording of sounds of discs. I thought they could be duplicated easily in any city -- scratchy phonograph needles, high-frequency Morse code, dynamo hum, etc.

When I had a chance to question him during the question-and-answer period I asked: "You say there are NO hostile craft in our atmosphere?"

"No, they are friends. They are here to shows us love."

"Then what about the Serpent people, and Lucifer?"

"I never heard of them," replied Menger. "There is no such thing. If there were the Venusians would have told me so."

Here, he flatly contradicted himself in implying that there is no evil, all is love; for during his lecture he backed the Bible, saying that all religions are based on it.

"You say there are no Etherians, no spiritual aspects to the Saucer phenomenon? That all of these creatures are dense material beings?" I asked.

"There are no Etherians or spirituals. They are like you and me, solids."


"If this is so then you are disclaiming the spiritual aspects of what you said earlier, that religion is the means of our salvation," I replied.

"There is a spiritual meaning, a hereafter," he said lamely.

"But your other statements disclaim this."

"I don't know all the answers."

I was beginning to realize he didn't know any of the answers. Then I switched the questioning closer to his "guards" there in the hall.

"What is your opinion of Gray Barker's book, 'They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers'?"

"I never read Gray Barker's book," he blurted out, "so I can't form any opinions of it -- though, I will say -- that it was entirely possible that Bender was visited by three men in black. I have been visited many times, so -- I know that it is possible."

My reaction to this was that for a self-claimed Saucer expert he should have been familiar with every aspect of the problem. The other was that for one who claimed not to have read Barker's book he was surprisingly familiar with it. Menger meant to give the impression that his visitors were from Venus. Were they actually dark ones? If he had been visited by men in black, as he had just implied, then his denial of the existence of the Serpent ones was a cover-up. I repeated his implied claim that underground races don't exist, and retorted that they do.

"I know of the sincerity of Dick Shaver and Ray Palmer through personal experience. I have also met persons from the cavern world, have recently had a surface meeting with some of them. You claim they don't exist. I claim they do."

Menger became very excited and incoherent at this. "Wouldn't you rather be in contact with a high order of beings, that give love instead of hate? You had better watch your step," he warned me.

"You misunderstand the situation," I told him. "There are TWO types of beings in the sub-world. The Teros are beneficial to our society. My purpose in contacting and working with these people is to expose the evil forces that exist there. I don't want to get caught in any unpleasant situation, but I have been in this line of research for twelve years."

I knew it was time to stop this line of inquiry. It would be reckless to attack Menger on his chosen field of battle. I knew that if I continued, my hatred of THE SECRET EMPIRE would rile me up; so I got up and walked outside. My feeling then was that Menger was a complete hoax, or that he was a pawn of the Secret Empire, willingly or unwillingly. Obviously, the money taken in from these lectures would not pay Menger's expenses and those of the two men in black with him, and pay for the $5,000 car they were driving. To me it was significant that their car bore New Jersey license plates. That state is a hot house [9] of Dero control. The Cavern World is in complete control of ALL surface exchange in that area. The Cavern Bosses get much of their needs from this State.

As I left the meeting, one of the men in black, the one called Dave, followed me outside.

"Don't you think it would be better to follow the higher contacts?" he said.

"I could have knocked loopholes in everything Menger claimed," I replied. "I know a faker when I see one -- after being in this work twenty years."

"Then why didn't you?" he asked.

"Wouldn't that have been stupid -- to attack him in his own field!"

"Yes, it would. You were wise, not to do so in such a large gathering."

That was the end of it, or so I thought. The Menger meeting made me disgusted with all contactees. A few months later a car bearing Detroit license plates cane to my home in Flint. There were three men in black this time and they tried to barge in to my house, using foul, threatening language. They couldn't scare me. I told them to get on down the road. The next thing I knew was a campaign of slander against me, from nowhere. This broke up my group. The members got scared out. They didn't want anything more to do with me, just like that.


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