Drown Radio Therapy

By Dr. Ruth B. Drown

For many years now I have been reading and also listening to the versions of other people about my work, which I named Radio-Therapy almost thirty years ago. My reason for this name was not that my instrument was a "radio", but that it did tune into the energy emanating from the Human, Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms.

All of these "experts" have concentrated upon the device, instead of the purpose for which it was invented. It is true that the instrument does not diagnose. That is the reason for calling it an instrument. It is only an antenna and resistance apparatus, used to tune into the energies of these bodies. It needs the interpretation of the operator, which means that the operator must have a Doctor's knowledge.

When I say doctor, I mean one who knows the body from the embryo to the completed adult, and knows the function of all the organs, glands, chemistry, etc. which constitute its mechanism. One who can coordinate the function of the endocrine glands with the organs of the body, the differential blood count, blood chemistry, urine analysis, and the nervous system, and also the functions of all the organs and parts and their relation to each other. Then there must be the relation between the parts of the body and the feeling world, and the thought mechanism.

All of this is necessary for the proper use of the Drown Radio-Therapy Instrument, because it is like a light bulb, nothing working until it is attached to energy, that of the patient or the subject under observation.

The people who criticize my work the most are those who have never come to me to find out about it. They were so sure they knew, that they set themselves up as authorities, and that is always a bad position. There are even those who think I am a psychic robot: saying that I have something wonderful, but I do not know what I have.

Everyone must agree that this subject cannot be discussed with people who have no understanding. Their ignorance of the subject shows up when they say that the Radio-Vision pictures I make are interesting but serving humanity is more important. One would not think of making such a remark about the X-ray, yet the picture of a condition on the inside of a body is just as important, especially when it shows bacteria, normally seen only under a microscope.

There is much more I could say, and last but not least, machines using electricity are not like our Drown instrument. On our instrument there are only nine dials, as there are only nine numbers with which all mathematics deal, regardless of their combinations. Pythagoras stated [2] that "Form is number". This was never understood until now. Our pictures prove this to be a fact.

We do not concentrate our thought on the part of the body into which we tune, and I have been criticized for talking on another subject while doing the routine diagnosing of a patient. Often the patient did not think I was keeping my mind on the subject. My reason for this is twofold: First, to keep my mind away from the part tuned into, and second, to keep the patient's mind off himself. Then the energy is less qualified by our thoughts and comes in as free as we can get it.

Another important difference between Radio-Therapy and Radionics is that we do not use wood or Bakelite for our detector. Thus it may be necessary for operators of Radionics to concentrate their thoughts on the parts being diagnosed. Because they all use my rates does not prove they are correct on their equipment, but there must be an analogy or they would get nothing. I know the true explanation but cannot give it out at this time to those who are not aware of the full subject.

This does not detract in any way from the work done by certain Radionics machines, but I hope to explain that they are not only different from mine but also exactly opposite in function. The Drown instrument uses only the subject's own energy, and the Radionics machine uses electricity as its carrier wave. I worked on both principles nearly forty years ago, but the gentleman who has been criticizing my work in the Journal has not been trained by me in my work, at least not to my knowledge.

Also, the patient is both the "sending set" and the "receiving set" with the Brown instrument, as all energy returns to its source. As steam has no power When scattered but is very powerful when resisted and confined, so the Drown Radio-Therapy Instrument resists the energy into which it is tuned, and uses this as a means of diagnosing, treating, and taking pictures of the subject, regardless of the distance away. All energy is here now; otherwise, how can the Sun, Moon and Stars influence humanity?

All of our Radio-Vision pictures are made here in our laboratories. It was first done in 1935. This is a separate instrument, altho it includes fundamentals of the diagnosing and treating instruments. We have never sold the Radio-Vision instrument, because of its many variations and requirements, including the knowledge of photography.

I hope to live to see the day when all criticism of my work, and in harmony concerning it, will be turned into harmony and understanding, since I only tune into that which has already been created!


If you wish to discuss the merits of Radio-Therapy with the author, write to the Drown Laboratories, 1358 No LaBrea Ave., Hollywood 28, California, the phone is Hollywood 5-7158.

For a more thorough survey of Drown's system of radionics, we recommend
Trevor James's "The Work of Dr. Ruth Drown".

Ruth Drown.

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