The information released by the Soviet Union pertaining to Titov's sickness during his orbital flight, shows that space physics draws ever closer to metaphysics in the realm of human endurance, Cosmonaut Titov was "space sick" during a considerable portion of his 17 orbits of the earth. The Soviet Union, in a paper before the International Astronautical Federation, said that Titov was subject to stronger and stronger vertigo when he turned his head quickly or observed moving objects.

Titov's heart slowed down as well, and his pulse rate and breathing were both decreased and irregular. The indications were that eventually these conditions might have incapacitated his body and perhaps have killed Titov had the flight continued longer. The close parallel between what happened to Titov and what happens prior to "leaving the body" under occult training needs no amplification for those familiar with these things. Medical specialists, whose long training on the dead body provides no mental yardstick for this kind of thing, are in fact already in the realm of borderland science whether they know it or not.

Evidently Titov's capacity to do his job under these conditions was not greatly impaired for the time he was aloft. For a longer period of weightlessness however, the scientists are now filled with misgivings. The term "Cosmonaut" shows every sign of being premature.

The Titov findings are not incompatible with those of the Himalayan Scientific and Mountaineering Expedition, led by Sir Edmund Hillary from September 1960 until June 1961. Hillary's collapse from a stroke brought the expedition to an end. Important facts came to light during the expedition's ten months residence at heights greater than 20,000 feet.

The medical research facilities of the expedition established facts about human capacities at altitude that should sober many who dream of "moon colonies". Dr. L. G. Pugh of the National Institute for Medical Research in London established that altitude definitely affects the human in a remarkable way.

The mountaineers could exercise as hard as they wished, performing gymnastics, calisthenics and running as fast as they could. Their hearts could not beat faster than 130-150 beats per minute, nor pump more than 16-18 litres of blood. The conclusion that may be drawn here seems to be the presence of a ceiling on human performance that is connected with altitude. It is comparable, in a mechanical comparison, to winding the engine of a small motor vehicle up to maximum r.p.m. There is a point beyond which it will not wind, no matter how much accelerator is used.

High up in his capsule above the Earth, under conditions of "weightlessness", Titov came under a similar ceiling, except that in his case [5] protraction of the experience would probably have led to his death.

Significant and banging hard on the doors of metaphysics is the fact that despite a pressure cabin, conditioned air, and presumably, duplication of other sea level conditions in the capsule, Titov still ran close to the limits of human endurance. Without a capsule, the Hillary mountaineers encountered their ceiling at somewhat less than five miles altitude.

This factor of altitude and its effects will continue to elude official medicine until the human etheric double is admitted to its rightful role in all these happenings. During the work done by Dr. Woods and the writer in photographing the inner aura of human beings, it was found that altitude profoundly affected the capacity of the vital radiation to record on film.

Altitude was also a great aid in recording those special types of invisible UFOs which are not men from other planets, but fauna belonging to the earth's own etheric envelope. The special circumstances of lighting and altitude which aid these recordings, produced an observable side-effect that has significance in the light of the Titov information and that coming from the Hillary expedition.


There is a brief period of not more than five minutes duration in the half hour before sunrise, when the inner luminosity of the earth's etheric double may be easily perceived. During this same period both Dr. Woods and the writer found that they could see large "chunks" of their own vital energy breaking off from the physical aura and floating away to disintegrate. A very modest extension of physical vision is all that is required to see this. No clairvoyance is involved.

This effect was not noticed at 3-4,000 feet under the same conditions of lighting, temperature and time. At 7-8,000 feet on Mt. Wilson it was easy to see this departure of pieces of one's own inner aura into the ethers. This altitude showed another easily observable phenomenon repeatedly. Dr. Woods and the writer mutually observed the phenomenon of "being beside one's self", with the whole etheric double extruded from the physical structure and standing beside it attached by a mass of etheric cords. The moment either of us moved, the "double" would jump back into the physical structure. When movement ceased, it would tend to slip out again. This observation bears a scientific message, when it is coupled to the fact that even at 7,000 feet one cannot function physically as one does at sea level with acclimatization.

The function of the heart is produced by the presence of energy, when that energy leaves, you have a corpse. The etheric double is not only responsible for lifting man above the level of the mineral, it connects him to all the extraphysical energies that produce animation -- thought, feeling, willing. Medical science, as at present constituted, can only deal with the effects of these things. The etheric double holds the key to the manner in which these effects arise. Altitude obviously affects the capacity of the etheric double to remain closely [6] bound to the physical body.

Somewhere in the copious lectures and writings of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, this universal genius stated: "The laws of the etheric double of the earth are anti-gravitational laws." With these laws our space ambitions are now connecting us. There can be no doubt that unless we apprehend their nature aright, many false paths await mankind, and especially the scientists.

"Let us imagine a physical body removed from the surrounding world: it would die," wrote Dr. Steiner in his Outline of Occult Science. "That shows that physical life is an impossibility without the entire physical environment. In fact the whole earth must be just as it is if human bodies are to exist upon it. For in reality, the whole human body is only a part of the earth, -- indeed, in a wider sense part of the whole physical universe. In this respect it is related in the same sense, for example, as the finger of the hand to the entire human body. Separate the finger from the hand and it cannot remain a finger; it withers away. Such would also be the fate of the human body were it removed from that body of which it is a member -- from the conditions of life with which the earth provides it. Let it be raised above the earth but a sufficient number of miles and it will perish as the finger perishes when out off from the hand. If this fact is less apparent in the case of a man's physical organism than in that of his finger and his body, it is merely because the finger cannot walk about on the body as man is able to do on the earth, and because on that account, the dependence of the former is more obvious."

Over half a century has gone by since Dr. Steiner set this passage down. Yet it seems evident as natural science goes forward, that space research will eventually result in the disintegration of the personalities of astronauts and cosmonauts. The etheric double, the astral body and the ego cannot be pushed into space suits.


Some space scientists are keenly aware of this grave problem posed so clearly here by Associate James. Time Magazine's Sept. 5, 1960 "Man In Space" article said: "The scientist's sternest task is to admit the inevitable, and in space travel the unhappy inevitable may be that man can never journey safely to the moon and planets." There is no doubt that space travel will be limited to a very few, highly selected individuals. As Dr. Hubertus Strughold of Air Force space medicine has observed: "Not just anyone can make a trip to Mars or Venus. And not just anyone can make an orbital flight around the earth or the moon." And finally, Points 3 & 4 from our 19 Paragraphs Brochure issued in 1956: "3. No Earthian can make an interplanetary or true space flight while in his normal physical body. Such a flight would be possible provided his body were conditioned prior to entering the aeroform. 4. This conditioning would consist of time-measured dosages of high frequencies produced by small electronic devices, and 5. True space flight, even if achieved by a human under the protection mentioned, would result in amnesia and serious physical disorders."


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