A hundred years ago Mesmerism was a term common to the vocabulary of every student of metaphysics. It derived from this famous doctor's researches into the illusory land of ectoplasm, mana, prana, electromagnetic nerve energy or whatever you choose to call it. Dr. Mesmer called it animal-magnetism, thus adding another term to the dictionary of occult science. We say this because orthodox medical science of Dr. Mesmer's day in Vienna and Paris crucified him, just as they've crucified every other pioneer in their sacrosanct field.

As a practicing physician in Vienna of the 1760s, Dr. Mesmer maintained some hold on physical reality by developing and using magnetic contraptions of the kind hereinafter described. He and his patients were convinced of their therapeutic value, even if his fellow practitioners were not. But when he removed to Paris in 1778, the abracadabra of ceremonial magic seems to have been added to his clinical routine. This could have only aroused the most violent antagonism from his colleagues and the authorities and he was charged with being a fraud and a charlatan. Even Benjamin Franklin, in France at the time as a representative of the United States government, was a member of the official commission which reported unfavorably on Mesmer's researches. There is no doubt in your editor's mind that Anton Mesmer was a member of the Lodge of the Western Mystery Tradition and that he was sent out by the Lodge to shed new light on the problem of health and disease in the Europe of his day.

Follows now the transcript of a seance held in the home of Associate Doris Heather Buckley, Sept. 9, 1964. The medium is Dan Buckley, her husband.

"Anton Mesmer coming to you at the request of the Council of the Essenes. I greet you with the Essene greeting: Love, Understanding and Freedom. Let me say to begin with, I have plenty of time, aeons, but there is not anywhere near enough time tor you to listen to all that I have to say.

"I will divide my lesson into two parts. The first will be with vibrations around you, magnetism and other similar terms. The second part, it has been requested by the woman, Doris, to re-explain the machine or contraption that I gave to this channel.

"Now as to the first. In my lifetime upon your Earth I went too far and I did not go far enough. If I had but taken a few more steps I would have been believed, but I limited magnetism and magnetism is unlimited. The vibration of light, the vibration of your electric [2] light, that is magnetism; but a purer magnetism, a purer light is from candles. A flame is the source of all light.


"In the beginning when there was only God and He started creating or expanding his power, the sun was first and it was a ball of fire; and from it all else emanated; and so it is in your old religions. There is always fire.

"You speak many times of pagan religions and yet they are worshipping God. Christians seek differences, not assimilation or similitude: You derive benefits from lighting candles; naturally you must take precautions the same as you must take precautions with pure magnetism. Were you, who are not versed in magnetism, to use electro-magnets, you would cause far more harm to yourselves and to those about you than good. Rather, it would be an accident if some good came of it! But there is definite good in electro-magnets when used in the hands of a scientist dedicated to God. He can create benefits to health.

"Colors are only an extension of light. Use colored glass in front of candles, I have found that one of you seems more naturally equipped to assimilate this than any of the others, because I do not hold with the theory of the Essenes of certain colors for certain things. I hold certain colors for certain beings. You are all beings, your animals that are pets are beings, your pests, bugs, lizards, things that are abhorrent to you are beings. In order to rid yourself of them you use certain colors, and in order to heal yourself or your pets or to bring about some good you use certain other colors. One of you, this channel and his wife, have found that the colors explained by the Essenes fit them perfectly.

"I do not seek to differ or argue with the Essenes, but I find that other colors would fit others of you far better. Experiment, slightly, easily. If you find that your being is not responding to a certain color within, what you call a short time, a minute, an hour, a day or a week -- all of those are short times -- then try another color and keep trying.

"I ask -- because it is becoming more difficult for me to control this channel -- I ask that you allow him a respite and I will return to give further information on this first part of this lesson.


"Anton Mesmer returning. I have said enough about light and candles. Let me but add this, when you gather in these meetings it would be wise if you would light candles, three or more and always an odd number.

"Now, to begin, each of you vibrates to the other. You who are gathered here vibrate harmoniously. Do not misunderstand me. Each of you can be inharmonious with each other of you; but as you gather together you vibrate harmoniously; but none of your inharmonious moments are of long duration. Remember that you are not antagonistic to one another, rather are you seeking to dominate one another. Cease this as [3] soon as you can. Enough on that particular phase.


Mesmer's Design for a Vitic-generating contraption, per Buckley.

"The mounting board preferably of oak wood, two horseshoe magnets of sufficient strength to lift 2½ lbs., the wire loop of #12 copper wire or heavier, the steel rod in the center is 3/4 in. in diameter. Magnets are to be placed in slots so they can be moved toward or away from the steel rod. They should also be pivoted so the North and South poles can be set so as to attract or repel, as indicated by the polarity of the receiver or subject. Distance of the magnets from the steel rod to be adjusted for greatest benefit to receiver. It is suggested that the birthstone of the receiver be attached to the end of the steel rod with putty or clay. Experiment will show best results."

Mesmer gave no dimensions for his design. The size of the mounting board will be determined to some extent by the size of the pair of horseshoe magnets used. Perhaps these should be bought first. There are several obvious differences here from the design given in the October Journal. There is no break or overlapping in the copper wire loop shown above but we feel this is essential for the pulsed or oscillating effect of a wire coil, a basic electronic device. We believe the Lakhovsky circuit will give the multiple magnetic field rhythmic oscillations which make it much more effective than a simple magnet. Because it is alternating, from positive to negative and back again, millions of times a second, it doesn't matter which hand holds the steel rod. I believe this is an alternating current circuit of magnetic energy.

In the above material there is no hint by Dr. Mesmer of the need for a carbon rod to complete or augment the circuit. Either he didn't know about it, or felt that it was not important. We believe that the use of a carbon rod for the other hand is highly important and do use it. Both the Sun and the Moon are important to life on this earth, and in this body? Neither is it suggested that the steel rod be covered with copper or some other diamagnetic material. This covering probably [4] helps to contain the charge in the steel.

You will note that Mesmer's wire loop is outside the magnets, rather than inside them as in our design. Which arrangement is most effective remains to be proven and we'll welcome the reports of Associates who take part in Project Vitic. We know our design works. Five minutes in circuit with carbon and magnetically charged rod gives the nerves a charge of mana which lasts for hours. Most people whom we've tested have reported favorable results. Some report no reaction whatever. For these a rearrangement of the components may be necessary. This is why the Vitic device should be made adjustable.


Here is a list of birthstones as adopted by the American National Retail Jewelers' Association years ago:

MarchBloodstone (or Aquamarine)
JunePearl (or Moonstone)
OctoberOpal (or Tourmaline)
DecemberTurquoise (or Lapis Lazuli)


"As you leave here," continued Dr. Mesmer, "and mingle with other beings your immediate reaction is one of harmony or disharmony. If it is harmony, so be it, things are going good for you. If it is disharmony understand this, within you there is a switch the same as you have an electric switch in your house. You can turn this off so the disharmony is none and you are shielded. There is no reaction. If this person is a superior who has a right to order, to command, you can accept the command impassively; but if you do not turn the switch off there is a definite ill effect to you, yourself. I repeat that, you, yourself, the inner you.

"Most of you here are constructed so philosophically that you will get along with other people. You have that magnetic quality, You have earned this magnetic quality to assimilate with other people; but there are people who will antagonize you, so remember this particularly, turn your switch off, be impassive, phlegmatic. Do not let yourself give way to your magnetic emotions. Experiment with your light rays, with colored flames, to learn control of your magnetic self. If you digest this it will be ample for this lesson. I leave you now in understanding and in freedom, and bring the blessings of the Council of the Essenes to you and to each of you.

Anton Mesmer


Madam: This is Abraham Lincoln coming through this channel to you. We both, Stephen Douglas and myself, are here together; for we are no longer [5] enemies. There is no enmity in this land nor should there be in yours. We were honest men and held honest opinions and had honest differences and now that we are in the Light we have resolved them. It is possible that you who are in the mortal flesh can resolve your differences, can come to brotherhood, can respect the honest differences that you have between one another without enmity. Stephen Douglas and I still have our differences, but we are united in brotherhood. Oh! If you bear any love toward me, work for that in your personal life. But first we must repair our own fences before we seek to help our neighbors. I respect you madam and leave you in love."


"A No One, an insignificant No One. A name that would not be recognized by any but my immediate family and none of you are even remotely related to me; and yet I lived and died in three wars, lived and died for liberty and justice. And so I will return in time for the next and the next and the next; for that is my mission until you who are left will learn by millions upon millions of death in agony. How many wars will it take? Oh! If you could see and feel how futile it is to be born to die for a cause that you know is lost. If you could but learn so that I could return to be no longer a non-entity, to live my life to its most beautiful fruition. Oh God!" (End of Sept. 9, 1964 seance.)



Meade Layne's introduction to Part V of BSRA publication #14, "The Cameron Aurameter": "The objective evidence for the existence of Vitic energy or force consists in the fact that normal galvanometric readings are greatly increased by holding the permanent magnet and the carbon stick (the pair) for a few minutes. Explicitly, if the experimenter puts the thumb or forefinger of each hand on a terminal of an Edison galvanometer, there will be a normal deflection of say four points. If then he holds "the pair" for a few minutes, one in each hand, and after putting them down again tries the galvanometer, the deflection of the pointer will usually show an increase of three to six points. This effect usually persists for six to eight hours, sometimes much longer. The alteration in the reading is not always found, especially if the nervous energy of the experimenter is at high level, and not lowered by fatigue. Apparently, however, in most cases something akin to nerve energy or vitality is received and stored in the nerve ganglia. The actual verification of this effect, by properly conducted experiments, is a somewhat tricky matter. The original discovery, however, was made by medical men of good standing shortly prior to 1914 and discussed in the Medical Times and other journals. It then passed into the discard, probably because of its elusive character, or because of a faint taint of the mysterious and occult from the connection with ancient Egyptian sources. But another source of verification besides the galvanometer had now appeared in the aurameter -- which, however, is itself under intensive study. This is the kind of situation in which Borderland investigators often find themselves, where firm footholds are difficult to find, and yet the data involved are far too important to be neglected."

"The Cameron Aurameter" is 78 packed pages of Borderland research, with pix of Meade Layne, Vern Cameron, Max Long, Crabb and the Yada.


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