Radiesthesia & Dowsing

The Abbé Bouly’s term “radiesthésie”, or radiesthesia, means radiation perception: the ability to detect radiation within the human body and within nature.

The practical application of dowsing and physical radiesthesia serves as a great example of the investigation of vital forces within the field of Borderland Sciences. Radiesthesia is a faculty used to locate objects, substances, or energies using subtle vibrations or forces that are often beyond the scope of conventional scientific understanding.

This investigation of vital forces involves acknowledging that there are subtle energies that exist beyond our conventional senses.

Dowsers perceive and interact with these energies that are not easily detectable through traditional scientific methods. It challenges the mainstream understanding of reality and pushes the boundaries of scientific exploration.

By utilizing tools such as dowsing rods or pendulums, researchers tap into their etheric components of their nervous system and intuitive abilities to detect hidden or unseen energies.

The practical application of dowsing not only showcases the capacity of individuals to tap into these vital forces, but also demonstrates the potential benefits for humanity by opening up new avenues of exploration and invites us to consider the interconnectedness of the physical and energetic realms.

Borderland Sciences catalog represents the most important primary research available in dowsing, primarily physical radiesthesia.

Principles & Practice of Radiesthesia


by Abbé Alexis Mermet (author), Mark Clement (translator)

Mark Clement’s English translation of this 1935 classic is a must for students and practitioners of radiesthesia. Theories on the nature of dowsing, the roles of pendulum, practitioner, and psyche, practical uses of radiesthesia, rays, and emanations. Packed with experimental information and illustrations.

Stapled: 228 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0410

Price: $21.95

A New and Rational Treatise of Dowsing

A New and Rational Treatise of Dowsing

by Pierre Beasse

Probably the most complete treatise on the subject of dowsing. Discusses the principles of dowsing, dowsing instruments, and the nature of the energies at work in dowsing. A must read for the practicing dowser. Illustrated.

Stapled: 108 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0321

Price: $19.95

Psychical Physics: A Scientific Analysis of Dowsing, Radiesthesia & Kindred Phenomena

by Solco Walle Tromp

“The task of this publication is three-fold: first to establish whether the different divining phenomena really exist or are due only to suggestions; secondly, when established, to study all the disturbing factors; thirdly to analyze whether the reactions of diviners (after they have proved to be real) can be used as indicators for certain external physical conditions.” – S. W. Tromp

This exceptionally thorough book is a classic manual for anyone interested in detecting the effects of natural and man-made fields of energy on living plants and humans.

Stapled: 513 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0097

Price: $65.95

The Cameron Aurameter

by Verne Cameron

The Cameron Aurameter

Borderlander Verne Cameron was a highly inventive and successful dowser. He developed an amazingly sensitive, specialized, all-purpose dowsing instrument called the Aurameter (see page 25). The contents of this book include an introduction by Meade Layne; the Delineations of the Human Aura; the AURAMETER and Vitic Device; Psychic Investigations; Eeman circuits.

Paperback: 90 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0013

Price: $19.50

Mesmerism Scientifically Considered

by William B. Carpenter

Contents include: Mesmer’s Own System, Von Reichenbach’s Doctrine, Electro-Biology, Penduluum, Divining Rod, Thought Reading, Mental Traveling, Extraordinary Muscular Energy Producible by Mental Concentration, and more! Fascinating!

Stapled: 160 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0301

Price: $19.95

Elementary Radiesthesia & The Use of the Pendulum

by F. A. Archdale

Radiesthesia is simply the French term for dowsing. If you’re interested in learning to dowse, this personal account by a professional dowser will introduce you to the subject in its simplest form.

Stapled: 32 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0101

Price: $12.95

How to Use a Pendulum

by Stella Askew

“To the average man or woman, the use of a pendulum or diving rod is completely new and mystifying. But in reality, it is one of the oldest sciences known to man, with many references to the use of rods and pendulums found throughout history.”

Language: English
Product Code: B0102

Price: $11.95

A History of Dowsing and Energy Relationships

by Erwin E. Stark

This little gem covers all of the key points necessary to comprise a thorough, scholarly work on dowsing. In it Stark touches on the history of both the term and the practice of dowsing, theories behind what is at work and why it works, and methods for refining it as a tool. Methods for detecting subtle energies and determining the relationships between them, health, and environment are also introduced.

Stapled: 48 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0405

Price: $11.95

The Elements of Dowsing

The Elements of Dowsing

by Le Vicomte Henry De France

Written in France in 1948 this book has a short but exceptional history and practical demonstrations of the technique of physical radiesthesia.


I. History

II. Pendulum and Rod
The pendulum – Holding and adjustment of the pendulum – What is it we perceive –The causes of the pendulum’s movements – The rod –Definitions.

III. General Technique
Method of fields – Methods of check and identification – Electrical radiesthesia – Use of the rod – The method of samples – The meridian and solar planes – Means of control – The method of series – Some useful series – The method of colors.

IV. Dowsing for Water

V. Dowsing for Minerals and Metals

VI. Alimentary Radiesthesia
Technique : Coefficients and measurements – Choice of food – Cooking.

VII. Medical Radiesthesia

VIII. Agricultural Radiesthesia

IX. Teleradiesthesia or Superpendulism

Stapled: 79 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0500

Price: $12.95

Divining Rod – A History of Water Witching

by Arthur J. Ellis

“The use of a forked twig, or so-called divining rod, in locating minerals, finding hidden treasure, or detecting criminals is a curious superstition that has been a subject of discussion since the middle of the sixteenth century and still has a strong hold on the popular mind, even in this country, as is shown by the large number of inquiries received each year by the United States Geological Survey as to its efficacy, especially for locating underground water.”

Language: English
Product Code: B0155

Price: $14.95