In late May and early June your Director and his wife made their first return trip to Hawaii in seven years. The most fruitful contact of the trip was a two-hour interview with David “Daddy” Bray in his Honolulu headquarters with his good friend, devoted student, and business manager, Gini Cameron, also present, along with another Hawaiian student of the Mysteries. The interview was recorded. Following is that portion used in our illustrated talk on the Hawaiian trip, given Friday night, July 3, 1964, at our Borderland Convention at Harmony Grove.

“Our first class was really wonderful,” said Daddy Bray. “After about half an hour of lesson, we light one candle; then we meditate. All the people in the class are sitting down, looking; of course I look too, -- see what they get -- what -- to know if they are improving. Some can sit there all through the class and can’t see nothing. Well, you know there is something wrong.”

“Do they see clairvoyantly, after a few lessons?” asked Mrs. Crabb.

“Oh, yes,” replied Daddy, “we have thirteen lessons. After half of our lessons through, they start to see. You’d be surprised -- not many Hawaiians -- those haoles (Caucasian students) can see! Dr. Puharich was in Hawaii here -- seeing things that he never -- ”

“That’s what I understood,” interrupted Mr. Crabb. “He tends to be psychic anyhow.”

“He is,” replied Daddy Bray,” and one day when he was down here I said, ‘Now, Doc, I be your first patient; Look at me.’ He said, ‘Oh, David, I don’t know how!’ I said, ‘I’m asking you.’”

“Yes, he did,” agreed Gini.

“He stood there,” continued David, “and all of a sudden he saw me. He reached out and got my brain and every part of my body. He saw. He worked, He said, ‘I never had that in my life. And he told me the trouble there was, here and there, in my body.”

“Really?” exclaimed Crabb. “He diagnosed you clairvoyantly.”

“Yes,” replied Bray.

“After you commanded him to?”


“Yes, I told him!”

Exclamations of wonderland amazement from the women.

“Then Dr. Puharich said to me, ‘I can’t believe it. This is something I never contacted before!’ He had seen lots of other things. He has seen his Master, an Indian prince, not American . . . ”

“He knows his Teacher, doesn’t he,” said Crabb, “Consciously.”

“Oh, yes,” replied Bray, “he knows his Teacher.”

“Sounds like it might be Morya,” observed Crabb.

“That’s how we became friends,” said Daddy. “He and I -- Dr. Puharich and I -- belong to the same plane. Not only Hawaiian, but Hindu is mine, too!”

Daddy Bray had told us earlier that he is not pure Hawaiian. His grandmother was Hindu.

“You know what Dr. Puharich is doing now in New York, don’t you?” asked Crabb

“Yes,” replied Bray, “he is working on a hearing aid, but it isn’t finished yet. I told him, ‘Doc, you have to get down.’”

“What do you mean?” asked Mrs. Crabb.

“I talked to him about a couple of months ago,” said Daddy.

“What about Andrija’s space age work?” asked Crabb. “You told him what?”

“He’s not ready for it,” replied Daddy Bray. “Plenty more yet for him to learn. You know his Faraday Cage in Carmel?”

“The laboratory in Carmel Valley? Yes, we’ve been there,” replied Crabb.

“Now,” continued the Kahuna, “When I was there I was the sixteenth or seventeenth to be tested. When Doc first asked me, I didn’t want it, because the Sunday we were there, there were lots of people. I told him, ‘This is no plaything. To you, Doc, it is a plaything.’”

“I know,” agreed Crabb. “When we were there I could sense that.”

“To me, no. It is no plaything,” said Daddy firmly.

“Good for you,” said Crabb.

“So, I didn’t test. The next day, Monday, Dr. Puharich said let’s go over again, ‘David, won’t you do it for me?’ I said, ‘Provided, you [19] are sincere. You are not mocking me or making fun of me, of the Forces that I believe in.”

“Good for you! Boy, am I glad you told him that!”

“He needs that, you know,” said Gini.

“These scientists have to learn this,” said Crabb.

“So,” continued Daddy, “I got all my things (his magical equipment, no doubt). There was my daughter, Odeta, the doctor’s wife, the doctor himself, and there were two others -- Andrija’s brother. So, we were working. The cage was closed and the sound (equipment, a modified Theramin circuit) -- you know that sound stuff on top -- we could hear the ‘voice’. You been in his cage?”

“Yes, we’ve been in it.” (Though we didn’t get to Carmel on our trips until Dr. Puharich had gone to New York. Our only contacts there have been with David Pickett, Dr. Puharich’s lab assistant, and with Paul Jones, the Carmel realtor who organized the financing of the lab project. First time there was in the fall of 1961. A Faraday Cage is a metal room designed to shield out all kinds of vibratory interference, radio, TV, microwave, etc. It was here that Dr. Puharich proved there is a marked increase in ESP or telepathy when the subject is placed in such a shielded environment. Results of these experiments are given in his last book “Beyond Telepathy”, published by Doubleday.)

“And we sat there and Doc said, ‘Now David, you take over.’ I light the fire. Then I call the chant of the Ancients, Ko-iha-nua, the Foundation -- calling the Gods. So I called and I said, ‘I am here to be tested. Now if anyone is with me of my ancestors, prove to these haoles that we have something.’

“Out of a clear sky -- they have a tape-recording of it -- instead of coming from here, from the wiring, the sound came from above, like a whistle. Mrs. Puharich had to put her-hands over her ears. It was going around, round and around. Then, finally, Dr. Puharich says, ‘Now David, will you ask to prove to us that they can raise it to the highest peak?’ And I said to him, ‘Don’t ask me! Now, ask the Gods yourself!’ So Andrija turned and said, ‘Now, the ancient Gods of David from the beginning of time, who are with him today; prove to us that this sound can go to the highest peak.’ All of a sudden the sound went to the highest for awhile. Then Doc said, ‘Prove to us that it can go to the lowest.’ And then the high sound went down and down to the low, low, low. Then Doc said, ‘Now that we have learned this, prove that you can stop the sound.’ It stopped.

“Dr. Puharich said that others tested there had made the sound. There was a woman, a medium from Saratoga, brought the sound, but she had no command. I was the only one, from Hawaii, who had actually controlled the sound.

“The next day, when we were driving back to Los Angeles, I said, [20] ‘Doc, your place in Carmel is full of all Forces, the highest and the lowest. You are using more of the lowest. This place will go to pieces. The highest Forces you will never get, because they don’t agree. The highest forces wouldn’t dare touch anything.”

“It is a ‘chop suey’ of forces at that Carmel Valley lab,” agreed Crabb, “all conflicting with each other.”

“I know,” replied Daddy Bray. “I told him, ‘Stop it!’ And he said ‘Will you come back?’ I said only under one condition, ‘I want it cleansed. I don’t want any more of this, because my Forces won’t come. You know this some time ago, before you and I went to Mexico.’

“Now, it has gone to pieces,” said Daddy.

This is true. When Mrs. Crabb and I were there in mid-December 1963, David Pickett was working for the little local paper and the lab was bare of equipment, empty, silent. Paul Jones still hopes that Dr. Puharich might return some day, or that some other scientists may make use of the facility.

“I told Doc, ‘The only thing for you is to get away from this place, down on the beach, or up in the mountains, and have this place cleansed; and don’t bring any rubbish in here. Because the highest and the lowest Forces never agree.”

“What about Puharich’s work with the NASA space agency?” asked Crabb. “You told him he wasn’t ready yet?”

“He didn’t tell me direct,” replied Daddy. “I heard, then he and I talked over the phone, and I told him, ‘Doc, what you are trying to reach -- you are not ready -- you come back to Hawaii -- stay with me another month.’ He said, ‘I will.’ Then, about a month ago he told me he was going with them (with the Space agency). I say he cannot. He can not get the higher Forces because he is not ready for that yet.”

“Gee,” said Crabb, “no wonder that contract with NASA hasn’t come through yet. We saw David Pickett in December and Dave showed me the letter from the Doc in which he said the research contract should have come through but was being delayed.

*”You see,” interrupted Daddy. “He promised to finish my book, my real Kahuna book, and it has been three, four years now. I telephoned him to return it and he says, ‘I’ll fix it up.’ Then I telephoned again and told him, ‘Doc, you’re not ready. You have to clean your foundation first.’”

“Purification,” added Gini.

“Let me tell you about his seeing the brain,” said Daddy. “Doc and I went to San Francisco one night. There was a big group. He was telling the story of what he saw in Hawaii, how he worked on me. He said never in his life -- took my heart -- everything -- saw the cut [21] here, saw the cut there -- what happened to me. Of course, some people laughed. One woman said to Doc, ‘Now, I just got back from the doctor, complete X-ray. Can you prove, by looking at me, what the X-rays will show?’ Doctor Puharich looked at me. I said ‘Doc, go right ahead.’ After a little while he went into a trance and told everything that had happened to her. At this time, no one had seen the X-rays. Two days later the lady went to her doctor for report. Dr. Puharich had told her exactly what was wrong.”

“He needed this confirmation of his new powers too, didn’t he,” observed Crabb.

“Dr. Puharich needed the ‘green light’ from Daddy,” agreed Gini.

“But can Andrija make this kind of clairvoyant diagnosis when he’s not in your aura?” asked Crabb.

“After he had gone to New York and I called him -- I asked him, ‘Doctor, are you still going ahead with what we have learned?’ He said, ‘David, I’ve been so busy with this Tooth business that I haven’t gotten back into that thing.’”

* * *

To your Director, the most significant thing in the above revelation is that America's leading authority on Telepathy, Dr. Andrija Puharich, had to go to Hawaii for initiation. He had to be led through the Veil by a pagan magician! And it is to this American scientist that Space authorities have turned for help in solving the mental problems encountered by orbiting astronauts! The tragedy is that in the four years since that experience, Dr. Puharich has not been able to organize his personal life so he could continue the purification, discipline and concentration required of any student of the Mysteries. These three requisites are necessary for his safety and well-being. The neophyte may be safely taken through the Veil by his Teacher or “Master”, as long as he is in the latter’s aura; but to do it safely and repeatedly -- and in full consciousness -- by himself, he needs spiritual muscle developed by daily meditational exercises. If the student cannot master his environment to create these ideal and necessary conditions, he is not ready for the Path, to the Moon and beyond.

In your Director’s humble opinion, the Astronaut who can safely make the trip to the Moon in the Apollo Project will be an Initiate in the full meaning of the term. To maintain his sanity and his health during the trial, he will have to have full control of his mind, his emotions and his body -- both in and out of the body. I suspect that this may be why the Russians have slowed down their portion of the Moon race. To enter this section of the “Kingdom of Heaven” their space scientists, and ours, will have to “become as little children”, and return to the myths and legends of our racial childhood. In these great stories are veiled the secrets of power, the power to rend the Veil which hides the other worlds from us. We won’t find it in cold, analytical, amoral, loveless science; nor will we find it in orthodox Christianity, but only in pagan Mother Earth! Dr. Puharich appears to be the chosen instrument to bridge the gap and the time is not too late.


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