Index of Vol. XXII [1966]

011966January & FebruarySOLVING THE SALMONELLA EPIDEMIC WITH ESP, by Verne L. Cameron • "SO VAST, SO BEAUTIFUL, SO OVERPOWERING", by Gordon Cooper & Pete Conrad from "Life" and Fred Hoyle, "Nature of the Universe" • COOPERATIVE HEALING, Part III - from the Book by L.E. Eeman • FROM 3-D ROCKET SCIENCE TO 4-D OP ART, by Robert C. Toth, From LA "Times" • THE END OF A GREAT POWER HOUSE, Part III - from Van Rijckenborgh's "Light Over Tibet", and Seance Memo BSRA 8-A • A CONTACT WITH ERIC MURRAY? -Through Bertha Sale • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The MWO In India, Punitive Hand of the AMA, Self-Help With Eeman Screens, Eeman Book Available, UFOs and Power Failures, Not Anti-Semite Just Pro-American, Max Freedon Long's 1966 Predictions, Moon Program In Danger?, House For Sale Ghost Included, Books Wanted, Hidden Both-Sides of the Moon!, Cameron's Biggest Victory, Monstrous Salt Crystals, Are We Close to the Truth?, Tax Relief With Church Help, and New BSRA Literature
021966MarchA PAGAN MAGICIAN AT WORK - from Wilson's "My Six Convicts" • PHYSICAL FOUNDATIONS OF PSI PLASMA From Puharich's "Beyond Telepathy" • Connecting Ethers; Vortexian Physics; Change Time and You Change Gravity; No Space In Space; Jessup Joins the Etherians; What Says Lao Tse of the Inner Circle • BASIC NEW AGE PHYSICS, by Trevor James • CLIPS, QUOTES AND COMMENTS - Billions For Destruction and Profits, Atomic War Is Not New, A Modern Alchemist Sounds a Warning In 1937, Now It Is 1966!, Plea For Peace From FDR, An Unknown Soldier Speaks Up, More On Great Blackout of Nov. 9th, The Transition of Irene Probert, After Apollo Project What?, Contra-Gravity By 1971, Battle of Armageddon, SOS the Society Of Separationists, and "Flying Saucers Uncensored"
031966AprilMWO SURGERY AT SHASTRI VILLA, by Al Goeke • THE SICK AMERICAN -- MORTALITY RATE STATIC, by Owen B. Hunt, From "The A-V" • THE END OF A GREAT POWER-HOUSE, Part IV, by Riley Hansard Crabb • JUST CUT IT OUT WITH SCISSORS - from Dr. Decker's "Psychic Surgery" • THE DISTILLED WATER CURE, by Dr. O.Z. Hanish • STRANGE IDEAS FROM HOWARD MENGER, by James Moseley, From "Saucer News" • "ALL OF YOU COME OVER, EVERY ONE", by Eric Murray, Through Jessica Madigan • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Suicide Taken By A UFO?, What Says Lao-Tse, Getting Away With It In Vietnam, Our Real Reason For Being There, Cardinal Spellman's Program, Another Soviet First, Is This The Safest Planet?, What Says Pythagoras, The Left-Wing AMA!, Cancer The Hate Syndrome, Letters Of A Living Dead Man, BSRA 10-P, Tony Agpaca's Address
041966May & JuneTHE MEN IN BLACK ARE BACK - from Gray Barker's "Book of Saucers" • COOPERATIVE HEALING, Part IV - from L.E. Eeman's Book • PSYCHIC SURGERY IN ENGLAND - from London "Psychic News" • GETTING THE AIR FORCE "TREATMENT", by Fuller, in "Saturday Review" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Wealthiest Man In the World, Biggest American Corporation, Trading With the Enemy, "On a Clear Day", Radio Contacts For ESP, Thoughts On Springtime and Youth, Daddy Bray's Hawaiian Heiau, The Eric Murray Communication, Project Mo-Hole Victim of Viet War, Psychic Surgery In Los Angeles, The Regent of the West, Invisible Reality Behind Appearances, and Flying Saucers Uncensored
051966JulyTHE END OF A GREAT POWER-HOUSE, Part V, by Riley Hansard Crabb • LORD BALFOUR'S PROPHECY FOR AMERICA, by Anne Dooley, In "Psychic News" • BIRTH OF AN AQARIAN AGE INITIATE, by Riley Hansard Crabb • 4-D, THE ZERO DIMENSION, by Philip Friedman • WE NEED ACTION ON UFO RESEARCH, by J. Harold Claborne • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Into the Fourth Dimension, The American Murderical Association, It Happens In California, What Is Radionics?, Are You Positive, Negative or Neutral?, Vortexian Physics to Replace Nuclear Physics, "Mood Movies" By BSRA, Artistry In Light, Congress of Scientific UFOlogists, "Robin's Return: A Viet Nam War Casualty", Fred Kimball's "Improve Your Psychic Life", Help Wanted In Cavern World Research, BSRA 10-P, Eeman Screens, Vitic, "Flying Saucers Uncensored" and The Judge's "Letters"
061966August & SeptemberSPACECRAFT OF THE SIRIAN SYSTEM, by Edward S. Schultz • THE DOUBLE STAR, SIRIUS - from "Sky and Telescope" • HAUNTED HYAMS AND HIS HOUSE, by Riley Hansard Crabb • BEST SAUCER SIGHTING OF 1897 - from the Houston "Post" • COOPERATIVE HEALING, Part V - from L.E. Eeman's Book • HITLER, THE ANTARCTIC AND SAUCERS, by Miss Pippa Braybrook • A MAGNETIC FROST GUARD, by Gaston Burridge • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - "Advent of the Cosmic Viewpoint" by Bryant Reeve, The Fifth Freedom-Health Freedom, Welcome To The Club, The Fascist Conspiracy in America, Our Wonderful Magazine, "Three Steps To Tragedy", Where Our Money Goes, Saucer Conventions at Giant Rock and Berkeley, New BSRA Literature
071966OctoberBIBLE KAHUNAS IN HAWAII, by Riley Hansard Crabb • CHRISTIANS HAVE A MORAL OBLIGATION TO BE INTELLIGENT, by Rev. George W. Goth • THE SUN BEHIND THE SUN - from "Letters From Christopher" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Our Haunted Dream -- The Earth, Parastudy Supplies ESP Teachers, Descartes On Sirius II?, Passing of Harold Kinney, What Says Arthur Conan Doyle?, Passing of Louise Long, Max Freedom Long on End of Vietnam War, Dr. Jamison and the MWO, The Natural Hygiene Cure-All, Timely Warning From Trevor James, Effective Use of Vitic and Eeman Screens, Universal Cure for All Disease, Invocation To The Flame, Moment of Truth for J. Allen Hynek, Revolutionary Influence of Uranus, and BSRA Literature
081966November & DecemberSPACECRAFT FROM BEYOND THE SUN, by Riley Hansard Crabb • BIG POTENTIAL FOR STRUCTURED FOODS, by Fred E. Tunks • THE POWERHOUSE BEHIND BSRA - from New BSRA Brochure 10-Q • THE YADA, HE WALKS ON MOUNTAINS - from Astaron • THE SUN TAKES A MATE - from Kraspedon's "My Contact With FS" • ASHTAR COMMENTS ON THE HILLS - from Andy Hardie • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Balance Spiritual Forces and the Body Follows, High Frequency Ultra-Violet Lamps Available, Help For An Infected Tooth, "Return Of The Dove" Wanted, "They Live In The Sky" Again Available, Russians Already On Way To Mars? -- ESP report From Ponciano's Chicago Group, "World Wide Divine Love Radiation Service" and Schedule, The Simple Music Transducer and BSRA Literature
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