Index of Vol. XXIII [1967]

011967January & FebruaryTHREE GREAT AQUARIAN AGE HEALERS - Introduction, by the Director • TEENAGER CRIES FOR NEW SPIRITUALISM - from London "Psychic News" • THE UNPUBLISHED DR. DROWN BIOGRAPHY, by Trevor James • FIRST PHASE OF ARMAGEDDON IS COMPLETE - from Deska, Through White Star • OUR ONLY PROTECTION AGAINST ATTACK - from Ashtar, Through Marian Hartill • LET THERE BE CHRISTMAS IN YOUR HEART - A Protective Ritual • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - God is Dead?, The Faith of This Father, Whose Belt Is Being Tightened?, The Free Speech Revolution, Voice of Big Business, A Warming Glow of Hope For The American Future-Joseph Alsop, Foundation Business for 1967
021967March & AprilKNOW THE WORKINGS OF THE UNSEEN WORLD, by the Yada di Shi'ite • DR. DROWN, "CRIMINAL OR GENIUS", Part II, by Trevor James • OUR ATOMIC HERITAGE, READ IT AND WEEP-Clips, Quotes & Comments • ASTROLOGICAL INTERPRETATION, THE LAST SUPPER, by Macy P. Mason • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Prophecy Corner, Sudden Changes In The Balance Of Power, "Do You Want Something More To Worry About?", Cosmic Prayer For Love, Jack Ruby Not Dead?, Australian Group to Experiment With MWO, Two Letters From Seattle, Sacred Name Pronunciation, As Ye Believe, Another "Letter" From Andy Hardie, Nothing To Praise In Student Behavior, America-Purveyor of Violence, Help From Vitic, American Edition of "Healing Hands", BSRA 1966 Financial Report, Members Vote Yes
031967May & JuneA CHALLENGE TO PSYCHIC SURGERY, by Maurice Barbanell, "Psychic News" • FEAR OF IMMORTALITY, by S. Ralph Harlow, Ph.D. • SPACEMEN INFILTRATE OUR GOVERNMENT - from "Parastudy Review" • THE HEALING POWER OF MOVING COLOR - from LA "Times", Dec. 5, 1948 • VORTEXIAN PHYSICS, WHAT IS IT? - John Morrill Asks, the Honorable S. Shuttleworth Answers • THE ENTRANCE TO THE PATH, by Ian Hutton • THE SONG THE STATUES SING, by Lynn Poole • COOPERATIVE HEALING, Part IV - from Book by L.E. Eeman • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Message of Doom and Gloom, Danger From the Dark Brothers, Rainbow City, "Why Should They Come?", Dr. Babbit, "Be Ye Not Deceived", The Wonderful and Profitable Ouija Board, The New Occultism, The Aquarian Press, Two Associates Protest, and Coming of the Guardians
041967July & AugustCONCERNING MIRACLES, by E.C. Rogers, M.D., C.M. • GUIDE LINES FOR SPACE CONTACT, by Myron, of the Ashtar Command • WORLD GLAMOUR, Part I - Review by Janet C. Wilkinson • MENTAL GIANT AT THREE - CQ&C by the Editor on Genius • COLD AS A WITCH'S TIT, by a Bay Area Associate • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - A Transistored MWO, Comment by Bob Beck, Beware the AMA, A Message from Boroeboedur, Congress Fiddles While Detroit Burns, When Will It All End? 1980 Says Jeane Dixon, The Force of Karma, Welcome Aboard, DeVere Wrote the Shakespeare Plays, An Associate and An Angel View the Current Scene -- Expectantly, BSRA Literature
051967September & OctoberTHE IMPORTANCE OF EMOTIONAL CONTROL, by the Yada di Shi'ite • THE JOURNEY HOME, by a New Mexico Housewife • THE ROSE-VEILED STRANGER, by David Patterson Hatch • WORLD GLAMOUR, Part II, by Janet C. Wilkinson • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - AMA Encourages "Home Brew" Healing, How Dr. Jamison Was Trapped, MWO Helpful in Indian Clinic, Our Non-Profitable Search For Truth, "For Whom We Prey", Is There An Unholy Alliance?, The Passing of Florance Verrico, "Arabia Decepta" and Hashish, A Relevant Message From Mars, Space Age Convention at Berkeley, The Music Transducer, BSRA Business and Literature
061967NovemberTHE PRINCIPLES OF LIGHT AND COLOR - Review by Lyle Stewart • THE CIA AT WORK IN SOUTH AMERICA, by Walter Buhler, M.D. • PROJECT BLUE BOOK, PUBLIC RELATIONS, NOT SCIENCE - Editor Reviews Chap. 11 of the Lorenzens' "Flying Saucer Occupants" • YOUR AURA, REFLECTIONS OF A HIGHER WORLD - Review of Dr. Audrey Kargere's Talk • FILLING THAT VORTEXIAN VACUUM, by J. Harold Claborne • WHY AMERICA CAN'T AFFORD SLUM CLEARANCE, by Rep. Wright Patman • DO THEY RETURN?, by Mrs. Charles H. Rivers • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - "The Human Church", Making the Aura Visible To Everyone, Mind Over Matter or the Principle of Indeterminacy, Does Man Influence the Electron?, Mind Over Matter or the Principle of Responsibility, Hurricane Beulah Evens theVietnam Score, Let's Look at the Catastrophe Record, Dr. Rogers Needs a Third Miracle, Flying Saucer Detector, BSRA Business
071967DecemberTHE OTHER MEANING OF CHRISTMAS, by Judy and Riley Hansard Crabb • WHO FLYS THE SAUCERS? by Riley Hansard Crabb • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Should Christmas Begin At Home?, A Republican President in 1968?, Vox Populi, The War to End Communism, McNamara: What Is Our Determination, Suicide?, Mrs. Harold Wilson: After The Bomb, Holy War, the Church Militant, Parravicini: Chaos Will Save Us, Natalli: Who Is Right and Who Is Wrong, Big Brother Is Watching You and Me, Cancer Victims and Friends International, Maybe Jeane Dixon Is Right About UFOs, Businessman Develops a Conscience, Have the Doomsday Prophecies Gotten To Howard Hughes?, The Ordinances of Heaven, BSRA Literature
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