We know from massive evidence that the Flying Saucers are here. They are real. They have been seen and reported by the best qualified observers. They have been photographed and otherwise tracked or recorded on the best scientific and technical equipment. Now it is high time to look more closely at the actual contacts and contactee stories of the 3-D solid occupants of the alien space ships.

Why are they here? One surprisingly different answer to this question was received by BSRA almost 21 years ago. The first Saucer sighting reported in our Round Robin Journal of Borderland Research occurred over San Diego, the night of Oct. 9, 1946. This black, torpedo-ship circled around over the city for some time that night. It was seen by hundreds of people including Mark Probert. His remarkable ability as a trance medium had already been well demonstrated to our late founder-director, Meade Layne. The next day, Oct. 10th, Meade called Mark and asked for an opportunity to talk to some of Mark's Controls about this startling new phenomenon. Mark agreed. During the trance session Meade recorded these significant remarks from Control Rama Ka Lo.

"This ship comes from west of the moon. No, I cannot get the name of the planet. It is many thousands of miles. No, I cannot say how many thousands, but very many. It is a mechanical bird. These people have been trying to contact the earth for many years. The earth is now sending forth a strong ray or column of light, and this makes it easier for approach from other planets. Yes, these people come in peace. They are much more advanced than you are. Their bodies are similar to yours but much lighter. They would like to make a landing but they are afraid of their reception. They know they will not be understood. They want you to get a group of scientists who will meet them at some isolated spot. (This was finally done at Edwards Air Force Base in 1954.) The matter must be kept secret from the public at present. Do not say anything to scientists about psychism or these communications, they would not understand and might reject the whole matter. But these people are most anxious to cooperate with you. Much will come through psychics in the next six-months. You must work quietly at this. The new [16] telescope (Palomar?) will amaze scientists."


The earth is sending forth a strong ray? And this is attracting Visitors from outer space? That's what the Control told us in 1946. Of course this is not a physical thing. Corroboration, if we are to find it, would have to be in occult literature. I found confirmation in Alice A. Bailey's "The Reappearance of the Christ", published in 1948. In Chapter Six on "The New World Religion" she writes: " . . . The massed demand, unconsciously voiced, and the crying appeal, wrung from the hearts of men in all times of crisis such as the present. This invocative cry rises ceaselessly from all men living in the midst of disaster; it is addressed to that power outside themselves which they feel can and should come to their help in their moment of extremity. This great and wordless invocation is rising everywhere today . . .

" . . . human beings everywhere are searching for spiritual release and truth. This is especially true of those countries that suffered most in World War II. Countries, such as the United States and the neutral countries show, as yet, no sign of any real spiritual revival."

But a dispassionate analysis of the Flying Saucer data indicates that this "wordless invocation" arising from the earth as a column of light has attracted the bad guys as well as the good guys from outer space! There is a great crisis here and all sorts of opportunists are moving in to take advantage of it. This phase of the Flying Saucer phenomenon is being dramatized for millions of Americans on the weekly television show, "The Invaders". I recommend that you watch it.

One of the major points made every week in this TV show is the lack of proof. The contactees on the show, just as in daily life here in America, have little or no physical evidence to back up their stories. In fact this is the story line of "The Invaders", the lack of evidence and the block-headed scepticism of the authorities and the man in the street. When an Invader is shot he turns fiery red and quickly disintegrates before the flabbergasted gaze of the policeman. All of which points to one incontrovertible fact of Flying Saucer research. If you want answers, intelligent answers, you'll have to turn to ESP. You won't find answers in the physical data accumulated in official and unofficial files across the country. The UFO phenomenon is a constant challenge to man to open up the unused side of his brain and look for the other meaning of life in space. And remember, space equates with consciousness!

As we've already shown you, Meade Layne turned to the ESP of Mark Probert for answers to the first UFO sighting over San [17] Diego so many years ago. In view of the situation today in America, almost a generation later, those ESP answers are intelligent, penetrating, thought-provoking.


Now we ask you to consider another ESP message received on March 5th of this year, 1967. The medium is Marian Hartill, daughter of one of our Associates, Andy Hardie. He lives in Santa Barbara, California. Occasionally he forwards to us some of the material received telepathically by Marian because he thinks it would be of interest to us. The Control identifies himself as Hanford, a former earthman. He is now a member of the Ashtar Command. This is one of the space groups concerned with our welfare here on earth. He casually identifies two of the robot-type Saucer pilots. These are the ones with whom some of us are having rather startling physical contacts.

Hanford writes through Marian that the Jelly-Bag type of Flying Saucer creatures "are not really human but sub-human, not Astral but Etheric robots. They are governed by others who do not wish to be known for their nature is destructive, and they wish to use the surface of the earth and colonise it if possible. The Jelly-Bags are sent here to chart, and if possible, to bring back flesh-type creatures either animal or human."

Remember the Purple People Eater cartoons and toys of 10 or 12 years ago? I believe the Jelly-Bag robots were the inspiration for this fad that swept the country.

"The Tin-Cans are of a different class," writes Hanford, "but they are robots, too! They are not concerned with capturing humans, but with finding a spot on earth that is similar to their own native environment. They are not aggressive but will or could become dangerous if interfered with  . . ."

Just like us! We become dangerous if interfered with! Too bad Hanford didn't tell us just where the "native environment" of the Tin-Cans is. The etheric regions around earth itself? Some other planet in the Solar system? Or some dying planet in one of the constellations of the Zodiac?

There is one reference in the writings of Alice A. Bailey worthy of note here, given in my previous talk, "Spacecraft From Beyond the Sun". It is in her book, "Treatise on Cosmic Fire", on pages 836-837: Mrs. Bailey's Teacher discusses the profound philosophical problem of good and evil in space. There very definitely is War in Heaven, he says, and it is caused by late-comers in any scheme of evolution. They still want to live out a full cosmic life -- if we can use that term to paraphrase him -- but they find themselves as members of a decaying solar system. This means that they are forced [18] to look for and find a new home -- if they wish to continue their evolutionary education at the physical-etheric level.


" . . . Just as the moon is a deterrent or malefic force where the Earth is concerned, and productive of evil 'influences'," writes the Master D.K. through Mrs. Bailey, "so all such disintegrating bodies are equally destructive. Such bodies exist within the solar ring-pass-not, unrecognised as yet, and disintegrating constellations (of which there are many in the universe, unknown and unrecognised by scientists) have an equally malefic effect upon our system, and upon all that passes into their sphere of influence.

"There is one such constellation, situated between the lesser Dipper and our system, and another, interrelated with the Pleiades and our system which still have a profound effect upon the physical body of the Solar Logos."

And we might add that the creatures from these decaying-systems within Draco and the Pleiades have a profound effect on the physical bodies of human beings!

Consider what happened to two young Swedes returning home to Halsingborg, Sweden from a country dance. It was early in the morning, 3 a.m., Dec. 20, 1958. There was an apparent fire just off the road that attracted the attention of Hans Gustavsson and Stig Rydberg. They stopped their car and got out to see. There, not ten yards off the road was a glowing Flying Saucer, 16 feet in diameter, about three feet thick, and sitting on three legs. Suddenly they were attacked by four creatures about the size and shape of four-foot jelly bags. The creatures didn't seem to have any noticeable arms or legs yet they had excellent grasping ability. They also stunk, like stale swamp water. To the occultist here is an indication of an elemental, sub-human type of life.

These partially materialized (?) bags offered nothing that Rydberg or Gustavsson could get hold of to fight back. And they also seemed to be able to anticipate the Swedes' every move. Rydberg said later that when he slugged one his arm went in all the way to the elbow, without hurting him or hindering the bag! The boys fought so desperately to save their lives that the bags decided to concentrate on kidnapping only one, Gustavsson; but he saved himself with a tenacious grip on a roadside signpost. Rydberg ran to the car to honk the horn for help, when that sound ripped the quiet night the bags dropped Gustavsson like a hot potato and dashed to their UFO. It took off with a high-pitched whine that paralyzed the Swedes in their tracks, for a moment. It left behind a bad smell the Swedes compared to burned sausages. Back in the Middle Ages the smell would have been termed sulphur-and-brimstone. Gustavsson and Rydberg got back into their car and [19] sat there in shock for fifteen minutes. Finally these Flying Saucer believers drove on in to Halsingborg to relate their spine-chilling tale to the unbelieving chief of police. Like thousands of Flying Saucer sighters and contactees before them, and since, Gustavsson and Rydberg had not one shred of physical evidence to back up their personal experience. Yet the horror of it is burned indelibly into their memories.


Now for another shocking example of the Saucer robots referred to by Hanford of the Ashtar Command. This one occurred near Hopkinsville, Kentucky on Sunday evening, Aug. 21, 1955 at about 7 p.m. Cecil Sutton, standing in the doorway of his rented farm home heard a hissing sound and saw a bright light come down in the field about a block away from the house. As he stood there, wondering what this was, coming from the field were about 10 or 15 little green men.

As Sutton described them later to the Sheriff, these were hideous little creatures about four feet tall. They had huge mouths in ugly faces. Their arms hung almost to the ground. Their bodies were shiny as though nickle-plated. Strangest of all, though they had legs they didn't seem to walk. They just floated or glided along toward the house.

The startled Kentucky farmer dashed back down the long hallway to the living room to tell the rest of the family and his friend Taylor, "Get your gun! We're being invaded!"

Sutton got his shotgun and loaded it. Taylor had a .22 target pistol with him, and four boxes of bullets, He armed himself. Sutton's mother pleaded with the two men not to open fire, After all, the "invaders" hadn't made any hostile moves.

About that time one of those ugly heads, with big, grinning teeth and pointed ears, leaned down over the edge of the roof and peered in through the living room window. Sutton raised his shotgun and blazed away. The ugly face disappeared. Taylor raced down the hallway and out the back door with Sutton right behind him. A long arm reached down from the roof overhang and grabbed Taylor by the hair. He wrenched himself free and ran on out into the yard. Little green men seemed to be all over the place, sitting on the roof, the fence, the water barrel.

Taylor opened fire on that one and heard his bullets riccochet away into the dusk. It sounded as though he were hitting solid steel! The bullets were effective, to a degree. The little green man was knocked rolling off the barrel by the impact. But he just righted himself and floated away, back toward the glowing UFO down in the field! Sutton opened up with his shotgun, too, and the one-sided gun battle went on [20] for hours, or at least until the marksmen ran out of ammo.

Anyhow, the earthmen and women all piled into the two cars on the place and drove pell mell into Hopkinsville. You can imagine the Sheriff's scepticism at the wild tale told by these Flying Saucer believers. Nevertheless, he gathered up some deputies and a caravan of cars drove back out to the Sutton place. It was a rented farm.

Of course it was deserted and the Visitors were gone without a trace. Yet all seemed to sense a sinister, oppressive atmosphere. The empty shells littering the farmyard showed that Sutton and Taylor had been shooting at something. And there was that hole in the living room window and screen! Tension was in the air as the deputies searched the grounds with flashlights. One inadvertently stepped on the tail of a cat in the dark. The resulting screech made everyone jump a foot.

The Sheriff and his deputies finally went back to town, empty-handed, leaving the apprehensive Saucer believers at the farm. Was it a mistake? Who knows? For the Tin-Cans may have returned that night. The story spread the next day and the farm suffered another invasion. This time it was newsmen and Saucer investigators. The place was deserted and there was no indication of how, when or why the Suttons and Taylor had left, except that their cars were gone. Nor have they been heard from since!


Professional journalists are now mining the mountain of Flying Saucer data for articles for national magazines. We are thankful that their objective conclusions now support our own, after 20 years of prowling this particular borderland.

Irving A. Greenfield, writing for Dell Publishing Company's "Flying Saucers, UFO Reports No. 2", asked the obvious question, "Why Would the Visitors Come?" and comes up with three routine answers for their presence: 1. To explore the earth; 2. To gain knowledge of its inhabitants; 3. To conquer the planet.

"We must consider the possibility of their planting a Fifth Column on earth," he writes; and he reviews some of the contactee stories which indicate the Visitors are interested in our type of sexual reproduction: 1. To produce a mutant between our type and theirs; 2. To gain control of the earth by affecting (or stopping) our normal reproduction.

Greenfield refers specifically to the Barney and Betty Hill contact of 1962 (reviewed in "Look" magazine last year) in which the Visitors seemed mostly interested in external characteristics, "skin samplings, hair and other Features, to successfully reproduce a human-like robot".

David Vincent (Roy Thinnes) looking at the viewer, while behind him a flying saucer hovers, above them the show title 'THE INVADERS' in pink text.

The Invaders (1967-68) <http://imdb.com/title/tt0061265>


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