Index of Vol. XXIV [1968]

011968January & FebruaryWILL IT HAPPEN IN 1968?, by J. Allen Hynek and Otto Binder • HOW TO INFLUENCE YOUR ELECTRONS, by Professor Alfred Luntz • TRANSPLANT SURGERY AND THE ETHERIC DOUBLE, by Trevor James, BSRA • THE GRUESOME ETHERIC BORDER PATROL, by Andrew Hardie, BSRA • LIFE BEGINS AT ZERO! BEWARE!, by Philip Friedman, BSRA • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Not Any One Of Us Is Safe, Help! To Clear a Haunted House, Are You a Human Boarding House For Spooks?, Those Thirsty Humanoids, As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, Aloe Vera, Tony Agpaoa Barred From Practice, Voice Of Experience From New Zealand, Heather Buckley Gets Her Book Out, "Teletherapy" With Color, The Etheric Road To Health, "The Essene Heritage", A Word Of Gratitude, and BSRA Publications
021968March & AprilTO DREAM AWAKE IS TO SEE IN THE ETHERIC LIGHT, by Eliphas Levi • MY TRIP TO MT. SHASTA, by Major H.A.C. • THAT FOUR-LETTER WORD, LOVE - Compiled by the Editor • Notes from "LOVE IN THE AFTER LIFE", by Wilfred Brandon • AN UNIDENTIFIED BEEPING OBJECT, by Ted Beauchamp • SPRING AND THE AQUARIAN AGE, by Riley and Judy Crabb • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Men In Black Aren't Back - They Never Left!, Help! Deros Have Got Me!, Beware of Warlock In Seattle, The Cappadocian Sage: Apollos, Harold Kinney's Desert Herb Tea, The Immaculate Conception Dogma, Demand for D-Cell, 1967 Financial Report, Etheric Road To Health, Animal World Deva, What's New Under the Earth, Money, the Disturbing Subject, and Understandorama Convention at Morongo Valley
031968May & JuneTHE ART OF OCCULT HEALING, by Manly P. Hall • HE LEARNED ABOUT HEALING FROM THAT, by Wesley Aber • AVATAR OF THIS AGE OF EARTH, by Bryant Reeve • THE SPIRITUAL PROBLEMS OF TRANSPLANTS, by Myron, of the Ashtar Command • PLEASE DON'T LET THEM GO WITHOUT ME, by Constance Buttenshaw • MEDICAL TITAN, DR. WILLIAM KOCH, by Morris Bealle • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Righting Wrongs With Glyoxylide, Why Must We Suffer for Knowing the Truth About UFOs, XXX The Mysterious Black Sedan, We Can Do Without the Moon, Give the Solar System To the Russians, "When Students Revolt", Challenge to Communist Authority, No Future Beyond Next 24 Hours, No Catastrophe June 16th?, Western States Uni-Convention, Thrust From Electrogravitics, Ashtar
041968July & AugustTHE PARABLE OF THE WATER TANK, by Edward Bellamy • HE LEARNED ABOUT HEALING FROM THAT, by Al Goeke • THE INVISIBLE BREATH OF LIFE, by G.W. Leadbeater • LIGHT A CANDLE IN A DARK VALLEY, by Betty Spickler • ASTRAL HYPNOSIS AND WHO DOES IT, by Wilfred Brandon • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Where Was Algol the Beheader?, "Cry Not Peace! Peace!", Campus Shadows, Gas Warfare, Earning "Deliverance", Three Births Have All Men, Cpenta-Armij From Orion, Suppose God Is Black?, A Window Flung Open, The Crown of Solomon, George Chapman Earning His Deliverance, Icarus Came and Went, Part II of "Invisible Reality" Ready, and the "Heart To Heart Transplant" Talk
051968September & OctoberHISTORY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF RADIONICS, by the Radionist • A WARNING SACRIFICE FOR THE NATION, by Samuel Bowles • CAN AMERICA REJOIN THE HUMAN RACE?, by William O. Douglas • EARTH, HOME OF THE HOMELESS -Through White Star • PROPHECY CORNER - Clips from Thee Associates • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Middle Aged Rebellion, Balancing Effects of Carbon and Magnet, The Fire Element in Disease -- Sex, G.B. Shaw on Vivisection, Mankind's Big Helper -- Satan, The Ancient Wisdom, Flying Saucers Over Vietnam, and The Yuma Desert, Men In Black -- or Golden Haired Venusians?, The Offensive and Ill-smelling Earth, We Stand Corrected, Will the Ailing Dollar Save Us?, Or Dissenting Students?, Design for a Raindow Toner, Max Long Tapes Huna, and BSRF Publications
061968NovemberCHESTER HEIGHTS "APOLLO PROJECT" 1958, by the Editor and the Nickersons • WELCOMING AN ASSASSINATED PRESIDENT, by Samuel Bowles • THE HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF RADIONICS, Part II, by the Radionist • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Koch Glyoxylides by Mail, Flower Power in Obstetrics, Black Power in Waikiki, Lights Out Again All Over the World, Revolution Without Bloodshed - Kennedy, Creative Power - Etheric Energy and the Physical, The First Phase of Armageddon Is Complete, Authority Versus Freedom, The Editor's Attempt at "Cosmic Mediumship", Steiger-Whritenour's "UFO Breakthrough", J.J. Williamson's "New Metaphysics", ScottNearing's "Conscience of a Radical", Vitic at Work, An MWO Phenomenon, How To Fill a Meditation Hour, and the Rainbow Toner
071968DecemberTHE FIRST CHRISTMAS, A.D., by the Cappadocian Sage • OCCULTISM FROM THE INSIDE, by Dion Fortune • THE CONDITIONED RESPONSE TO UFOS, by F.H. Castator • "UFOS IDENTIFIED" by Philip J. Klass - Reviewed by Trevor James • HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF RADIONICS, Part III, by the Radionist • THE NEW WORLD RELIGION, by Alice A. Bailey • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Illness Of Our Time, How Nude Therapy Works, Flying Saucers Are Helpful, UFO Over Madrid, America's Leading UFOlogist, Ever Hear of Brazos-10th?, Can A Suitable Direction Be Found?, The Older Generation Makes Deals, The Aquarian Age Dawns - in Los Angeles, "The Other Meaning of Christmas"
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