Index of Vol. XXV [1969]

011969January & FebruaryTHE PASSING OF A PRACTICAL MYSTIC, by Maurice Barbanell • HOW TO BECOME KING OF THE ELEPHANTS, by Eliphas Levi • EXPERIENCES WITH THE FIRE ELEMENT, by Dion Fortune • "WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE FIRE" - Channeled through Joan Dixon • HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF RADIONICS, Part IV, by a Radionist • OPEN LETTER TO ALL UFO RESEARCHERS, by John A. Keel • THE MEN IN BLACK ARE STUCK WITH US - Quotes and Comment by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Anxious Asker Answered, The True Western Initiate, Why Youth Must Express, "Here and Hereafter", Dictatorship Follows Democracy, Unredressed Grievances, Nothing Happens, Head For the Border, Prophecy Corner, Glastonbury, Ritual Magic, The Secret Doctrine of the Kahunas, New Year Project
021969March & AprilDOWSING FOR WATER IN THAILAND, by Verne L. Cameron • DOWSING INTRODUCED TO ARMED FORCES, by Louis J. Matacia • "DADDY" BRAY, LAST OF KAHUNAS, DIES - Honolulu "Star-Bulletin" • HAYAKAWA, THE TV HERO, by Ron Moskowitz • THE SECRET IS OUT, by John A. Keel • HISTORY, DEVELOPMENT OF RADIONICS, Part V, by the Radionist • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Knight-modified Abrams Oscilloclast, Flood Hits Cameron's Home, Russians On the Moon In 1968?, Socrates, The Golden Dawn, "Art and Practice Of the Occult", "The Bible and the Tarot", Passing of Mark Probert, Book Donations, Report For 1968, Can America Be Like That?, Now He's Ready To Believe, Eisenhower - Good Soldier To the End, Report on MWO
031969May & JuneYOUR THOUGHT IS A DISCORDANT MELODY, by Durin, Through Joan Dixon • BEYOND RELATIVITY, by J.P. Roos • UNDERSTANDING RADIONICS & RADIESTHESIA, by Dr. S.L. Jamison • WHAT IS THE TRUE NATURE OF MAGNETISM?, by Lao Tse, Through Mark Probert • HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF RADIONICS, Part VI, by the Radionist • SATURN RITUAL FOR ABUNDANCE, by Riley Hansard Crabb • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Blackfoot Indian Treatment, What or Who Is Lemuria?, Polarity Response to Vitic, The Original MWO?, No Wonder The Teenagers Are Rebelling!, The Abe Fortas Shenanigans, No Baby Pelicans This Year, Dugway A Microcosm Of What's Wrong With America, What Says the Ashtar Command, Altran Of Jupiter Speaking, Spaceships Attacked Apollo 8, Books For Sale, The Five Rites of Rejuvenation
041969July & AugustMAROONED IN SPACE! - CQC by the Editor • THE MARS STRONGHOLD ON THE MOON - from Peggy LeGrand's "Astaron" • THE CREED OF THE UNORGANIZED - from Ashtar, through White Star • THE GODS AND LESSER GODS OF HAWAII, by Aloha Aina, from the 1897 "Theosophist" - With Comment by Max Freedom Long • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Hermetic Marriage, Two Paths of the Right Hand Way, Three Foot "Rock" Gave Her a Shock, From a Water Initiate, Radiation Remedy, That Radical Energy - Gravity, What Says the Inner Circle, Apollo 11 - the End of an Age, The Earth Seen From Outside, The Goal: Earth a Sacred Planet, You May Be the Man On The Moon, The Society of Separationists, "Church And State", Magnetized Water, The Five Rites of Rejuvenation, and Colorahma
051969September & OctoberA JOURNEY TO THE MOON - from Newhouse's "Natives of Eternity" • LAKE TSIOLKOVSKY On the Far Side of the Moon • MAGNETS, THEIR THERAPEUTICAL USE, by Dr. N.A. Turopath • HARMONIC 33 - reviewed by L.G. White • WHAT HAPPENED ON URANUS, by Rosabell Hall Ashton • HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF RADIONICS, Part VII, by the Radionist • "I LEAVE MY LOVE AND DEVOTION", by Mark Probert • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Most Exciting and Challenging Subject In the World, Cell Polarity, Disease and Vitic, The Universal Ether and Spirit, A Reporter's Farewell, Gook Hunting From a Helicopter, Vengeance Is Mine, Another Polio Epidemic??, Speaking of Health -- The Five Rites, The Sifting of Quality, Spacecraft Conventions, and BSRA Literature
061969November & DecemberIT'S ALWAYS CHRISTMAS AT FINDHORN, by Peter Caddy • A QUESTION OF VITAL IMPORTANCE TO HUMANITY, by Flaviius Josephus • ONE WOMAN'S INVISIBLE REALITY - CQC On A Letter From An Associate • FENRIS, THE WOLF-HORROR OF THE NORTH, by Dion Fortune • THE DWELLER ON THE KAISER'S THRESHOLD, by Judge David Patterson Hatch • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Those Popular Rites Of Rejuvenation, Another Rejuvenator Available?, Neutralizing Noxious Rays And Elementaries, Versatility Of The Pendulum, "They're On The Moon Watching Us!", The UFOs, CIA, MIB and USAF All Have The Same Policy, "Operation Compatibility", Cameron To Dowse In India, The Best Christmas Present Of All, One Young Soldier's Reaction, Letter From A Seeker, Holiday Greetings and Appreciation, and "Meeting On The Moon"
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