The Men In Black are the Intelligence arm of a large and possibly hostile group. They move in immediately on terrestrials who have been contacted by other groups. Their main purpose is to dissuade these individuals from continuing to accept further contacts. To achieve this they often issue stern warnings and threats. In some eases they threaten the well-being of children known to the "contactee". The initial threats often appear to be hoaxes of one kind or another but, should the contactee persist in meeting with members of the other group (Visitors from outer space?), the threats become more serious and deliberately unsuccessful attempts are made on the life of the contactee. These might take the form of near auto collisions -- involving large black cars -- or the victim might awaken in the middle of the night and find all the gas jets in the house turned on and the windows closed, even though the gas was off and the windows open when he went to bed!

A majority of all contactees become terrified by these tactics and do break contact. Those who are not frightened off are subjected to stepped up persecutions. They may even be kidnapped by three men in a black car -- it is nearly always three men -- and treated to a sinister brainwashing. This involves the use of some special drug and/or hypnotic technique. When the victim is released he or she suffers from amnesia and nausea and is often mentally confused for several days afterward. All such victims have a black eye when released. Which suggests that physical contact of a violent nature is a necessary part of the brainwashing. Very few contactees are anxious to repeat that experience and so they break off contact. The handful of contactees who remain are in real trouble. Most of them disappear eventually, leaving behind bewildered families and friends. Some become involved in elaborate legal frame ups: i.e. Contactee A is found murdered and extensive evidence is left behind to incriminate Contactee B.

Of course this is not true in all cases. Today there are thousands of "silent contactees" throughout the world and many of them never have any trouble with the MIB. They are random contactees and are not important in the genetic experiments being conducted by the UFO groups. Some are accidental contactees, though these are few in number, and some are simply rejects.

The Men In Black are professional terrorists and among their many duties is the harassment of the UFO researchers who become involved in cases which might reveal too much of the truth. The MIB are also assigned to suppress any kind of evidence which might [17] accidentally fall into the hands of innocent people -- such as photos, pieces of metal, etc. They also frequently interview witnesses in well-publicized sightings to determine if those witnesses might be potential contactees, or if they might be involved in genetic experiments without their conscious knowledge.


Certain UFO groups now attempting to establish contact on a large scale pose a definite threat to the group represented by the MIB and it is vitally important to them that such contacts be held to an absolute minimum. Thus, as the contacting groups intensify their activities, and they have done so in recent years, the MIB must also intensify theirs. This means that greater numbers of the MIB must be introduced in order to compete with the activities of the opposing groups. In Vietnam we call this kind of thing "escalation". All the UFO groups -- there are at least 12 now -- are now caught up in this escalation and all are running the risk of discovery now. As the risks of discovery multiply, the activities of the MIB must increase on the same ratio. None of the UFO groups desire open contact at this time.

We are now on a vicious merry-go-round and we are caught in the middle of this bizarre conflict. Contacts are being made -- then suppressed -- on a dizzying scale. Information is being gained -~ and lost -- at an ever increasing pace.


One of the ironies of all this is that no policeman in his right mind associates black cars, kidnappers, amnesia victims and black eyes with the UFO phenomenon. Many of these cases never filter down from local police departments. Neither the FBI nor any other central government agency is engaged in collecting information on these aspects. Newspapers, even local newspapers, seldom take notice of these cases, especially since the victims are often children and teenagers. Most newspapers make an effort to protect young people by suppressing "crime news" involving them.

Because the official law enforcement agencies are unwilling, or unable, to cope with this growing situation it becomes the responsibility of the private civilian investigator to collect and collate the full details on these incidents. The hazards of such investigations are obvious but the job must be done. And it must be done with courage and intelligence.

All of this has been brought upon us because we have wasted 20 years chasing lights in the sky and fussing with the Air Force. We have allowed a serious and volatile situation to develop under our noses while we played with aimless speculations about the origin and nature of those rather insignificant vehicles overhead. The menace is not in our skies. It is on the ground and at this moment it is spreading like a disease across the country and world.

* * *


And We Are Stuck With Them!

Quotes and Comment by the Editor.

The preceding article by John Keel on the increasingly bolder materializations of the Men In Black poses as many questions as it answers. And by the way, we want to thank Joan Whritenour, editor of "Saucer Scoop" for sending a copy of Keel's "Open Letter" to us for consideration. It seems appropriate to include it in this Journal because most of the articles which preceded it are about Elementals, a non-human stream of conscious life evolving side by side with us on this planet. In my humble opinion the Men In Black are elementals. In psychic research their appearance, behavior, and trouble-making proclivities would put them in the class of poltergeist phenomena -- admittedly a very powerful and sinister type, directed by black-hearted, black-robed adepts from the Lower Astral whose purpose is not mischief but evil.

The frustration, anger, and fear of Saucer researchers, and contactees, who run into this kind of evil power reminds me of a couple of quotations with which I open my lecture on "The Reality of the Underground (Cavern) World", first given in 1960, and still available in mimeo brochure, 33 pages, $1.00.

The first is from H.P. Blavatsky's "Isis Unveiled": "Spheres unknown below our feet; spheres still more unknown and unexplored above us, between the two a handful of moles, blind to God's great Light, and deaf to the whispers of the invisible world . . ."

The second is from Max Heindel's "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception": "Even among occult scientists it is counted among the most difficult problems to investigate the mysterious construction of the earth. To do that fully one must have passed through the Nine Lesser Mysteries and the first of the Great Initiations."

Not having had the above initiations nor sworn to such secrecy as their revelations might imply, we are free to speculate and offer our guess that the Men In Black are the Lucifer Spirits referred to in "Cosmo-Conception" and the Lunar Pitris referred to in Blavatsky's and Alice A. Bailey's writings. Their home was the moon when it was a separate planet, and still is; though now they can move back and forth between earth and moon because of the etheric connection, or etheric double shared by moon and earth. Etherically the moon is the senior partner of this binary system; so this is their home as much as it is ours; though because of their freedom from 3-D form, they can move at will in the atmosphere and in the interior of the earth -- a tremendous advantage over us! So John Keel's hunch is right. The MIB are not "invaders from outer [19] space", at least not from solar space beyond earth-moon or from the Zodiac. I believe it was this group of Lunar Pitris and their controllers, Lucifer and his Fallen Angels from Maldek, that was referred to in the early communications received by George Hunt Williamson at Prescott, Arizona. From his little book, "The Saucers Speak", we quote this message received Aug. 31, 1952:

"Actar speaking. Certain great powers in your world wish to see us go away or see us destroyed. Neither will happen. These powers fear us (the Guardians from Venus, Jupiter and elsewhere. RHC), and when you fear anything you hate it. All planets have come to help certain ones on Saras (earth). Those of the right mind are one with us! We will not harm anyone, only their own thoughts can do that. Evil destroys evil. Bounceback! Certain seeds have been placed on Saras. To the apples we salt, we return."


"These spirits were a class of stragglers in the life wave of the Angels," writes Heindel in "Cosmo-Conception". "In the Moon Period they worked themselves far ahead of the great mass of those who are now the most advanced of our humanity. They have not progressed as far as the Angels who were the pioneer humanity of the Moon, however, but they were so much in advance of our present humanity that it was impossible for them to take a dense body as we have done; yet they could not gain knowledge without the use of an inner organ, a physical brain. They were half-way between man who has a brain and the Angels who need none -- in short, they were demi-gods.

"They were thus in a serious situation. The only way they could find an avenue through which to express themselves and gain knowledge was to use man's physical brain, as they could make themselves understood by a physical being endowed with a brain, which the Angels could not.

"As said, in the latter part of the Lemurian Epoch man did not see the physical world as we do now. To him the desire world was much more real. He had the dream consciousness of the Moon Period -- an inner picture-consciousness; he was unconscious of the world outside himself. The Lucifers had no difficulty in manifesting to his inner consciousness and calling his attention to his outward shape, which he had not heretofore perceived. They told him how he could cease being simply the servant of external powers, and could become his own master and like unto the gods, 'knowing good and evil'. They also made clear to him that he need have no apprehension if his body died, inasmuch as he had within himself the creative ability to form new bodies without the mediation of the Angels. All of which information was given with the one purpose of turning man's consciousness outward for the acquirement of knowledge.

"This the Lucifers did that they might profit by it themselves -- to gain knowledge as man acquired it. They brought to man pain [20] and suffering where there was none before; but they also brought to him the inestimable blessing of emancipation from outside influence and guidance, thereby starting him on the road to the evolution of his own spiritual powers -- an evolution which will eventually enable him to upbuild himself with wisdom such as that of the Angels and other Beings who guided him before he first exercised free will."

How much "emancipation from outside influence and guidance" does man really have as long as he is controlled by the Lucifers, through his uncontrolled passions? Now, in this current world crisis, the invisible control of the human race by these monsters is being forced out into the open, as the bold appearances of the Men In Black indicate. The Fallen Angels from Maldek and the elemental Lunar Pitris from the moon and the interior of the earth have enjoyed their power for thousands of years and they will not give it up without a fight. The problem before the Guardians of the human race is to disengage the "teachers" from the students, without destroying the school room in the process.


"Before man's enlightenment by the Lucifer Spirits," continues Heindel, "he had not known sickness, pain nor death. All of this resulted from the unwise use of the propagative faculty and its abuse for the gratification of the senses. Animals in their wild state are exempt from sickness and pain, because their propagation is carried on under the care and direction of the wise group-spirit at only those times of the year which are propitious to that process. The sex-function is designed solely for the perpetuation of the species and under no circumstances for the gratification of sensual desire.

"Had man remained a God-guided automaton, he would have known no sickness, pain, nor death unto this day; but he would also have lacked the brain-consciousness and independence which resulted from his enlightenment by the Lucifer Spirits, the 'light-givers', who opened the eyes of his understanding and taught him to use his then dim vision to gain knowledge of the Physical World, which he was destined to conquer.

"From that time there have been two forces working in man. One force is that of the Angels, who build new beings in the womb by means of the Love, which is turned downward for procreation; they are therefore the perpetuators of the race. The other force is that of the Lucifers, who are the instigators of all mental activity, by means of the other part of the sex-force, which is carried upward for work in the brain. The Lucifers are also called 'serpents' are are variously represented in different mythologies . . ."

In occult science we classify all elemental forces under the four types: earth; air, fire and water; so where do we put the Lucifers or Lunar Pitris? If they are so intimately related to the generative or sex force in the body my first guess would be [21] Fire; for sex is part of the Fire Element in the body and personality. Yet the Moon is preeminently a symbol for water in Kabalistic signs. Lunar rhythms govern the ebb and flow of all liquids on the planet, not only the universal solvent, water, but also more radical kinds like blood and semen; so take your choice.


"The moon is dead only so far as regards her inner 'principles' -- i.e, psychically and spiritually, however absurd the statement may seem," H.P. Blavatsky in "Secret Doctrine", "Physically, she is only as a semi-paralysed body may he. The moon is aptly referred to in Occultism as the 'insane mother', the great sidereal lunatic."

The Master D.K., writing through Alice Bailey in "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" gives us the philosophical basis for evil coming from the moon and through it from space: " . . . in connection with a (solar) system there exist cosmically certain bodies in space which have as definite an effect upon the system as the moon has upon the earth. This is something as yet unknown and incomprehensible to metaphysicians, scientists, and astronomers (As true in 1969 as when D.K first wrote it in 1925!). War wages cosmically as yet between Systemic 'lunar' lords, and those Entities who are analogous to the solar Lords on cosmic levels. Until our students extend their concept to include in their calculations the logoic astral and mental bodies as the Logos seeks to express emotion and mind on the physical plane (through His physical body, a solar system) they will not progress far toward the heart of the solar mystery. Until the force of the cosmic lunar Lords is sought for, the fact of there being entire constellations beyond our solar system in process of disintegration in time and space in a manner similar to the disintegration of the moon will not he known nor the effects of this be traced. Eventually our solar system will pass into a similar state. The true mystery of evil lies here, and the true reality of the 'War in Heaven' must here be sought . . .

"Just as the moon is a deterrent or malefic force where the Earth is concerned, and productive of evil 'influences', so all such disintegrating bodies are equally destructive. Such bodies exist within the solar ring-pass-not, unrecognised as yet, and disintegrating constellations (of which there are many in the universe, unknown and unrecognised by scientists) have an equally malefic effect upon our system, and upon all that passes into their sphere of influence.

"There is one such constellation, situated between the lesser Dipper and our system, and another, interrelated with the Pleiades and our system which still have a profound effect upon the physical body of the solar Logos . . . (they) are responsible for much that is ignorantly termed 'black magic'. These two constellations have run their cycles and are 'dissolving'. Some of their life force and energy have been transferred to our solar system . . ."


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