Sensational is the only description of the ideas conceived in the mind of Captain Bruce Cathie, an airman who in daily life is a New Zealand National Airways pilot. Bruce had experiences to arouse his interest in UFOs before the sightings during his work as a pilot that clinched his interest.

In his book, "Harmonic 33", published in 1968, the flyleaf sentence in italics says: "Even while you read this interplanetary space ships are rebuilding a world grid system from which it appears they can draw motive power and they are possibly using the grid for navigational purposes."

Captain Cathie, a modest, native born New Zealander with only a high school education, maintains that as a result of his observations he has provided a key that may unlock the secret of the UFOs. In this book he traces his investigations to build up the case for the very accurate geometrical pattern of UFO sightings along the National Airways routes which he travels regularly in his occupation as a passenger-carrying plane pilot.

Using New Zealand as a starting point the investigations moved over the whole globe to reveal a geometrically accurate pattern of intersecting points that in each instance are over an active or extinct volcano -- a place of known UFO activity -- one of the controversial "craters" of which there are a number of well known ones scattered up and down the globe -- one of the world famous places such as the Sphinx and the Pyramids in Egypt or the Potala in Tibet -- and several in England, the most famous being the Stonehenge.

Captain Cathie is sure in his affirmation that UFO activity is currently rebuilding some of the Grid Points or maybe constructing new ones. The big question mark centres around the query: When the Grid is complete, what?

Auckland is New Zealand's largest and most northern city. It is situated over several long since extinct volcanoes. On Sept. 25, 1966 at 4 a.m., in Avondale just out of Auckland city, a terrific explosion heard nearly 50 miles away tore apart a foundry building and caused a fire which destroyed the premises. The comment of the foreman was, a wartime Block-buster bomb couldn't have made a bigger mess.

Because of the mystery centreing around the incident, Bruce Cathie had to obtain permission from the foundry manager to examine the area. Neighbours living within 100 yards had windows blown [10] in and their homes shifted on the piles, as well as a grand stand view of the mysterious shaft of light -- something like a long welding torch flame, seen from the factory roof level -- down to the ground level where later a 12-inch round hole was found in the concrete floor. This shaft of bright light slowly disappeared from roof level down into the ground where a small dome of light formed. From this point the fire spread to the rest of the factory.


The conclusion arrived at after all the evidence had been sifted by Captain Cathie was: 1. A UFO had been seen about this time in the area and it was there to put down a new Grid Point (unfortunately, in this case, it had to be under the site of a factory!); 2. The column of light was pure energy similar to a laser beam, and this penetrated the building and floor and in doing so destroyed the building; 3. Once the energy had penetrated to the correct depth it was converted into a material state to form the Aerial Grid Point.

It must be here remembered that it was Einstein who said energy and matter are one and the same thing and to UFO personnel this change would be readily understood and controllable. It was indeed fortunate that the author of "Harmonic 33" was on the spot to investigate this first hand evidence to substantiate theories he had been building up in previous months. There have been other mysterious explosions up and down New Zealand but none in such a closely populated area where the details could be so closely observed. While the author of the book is not a mathematician he challenges anyone else, preferably with the use of a computer, to "prove his theories correct".

The geometrically precise placement of the points over the whole globe rules out the possibility of chance in the locations; so they must be there for a specific reason. This conclusion plus the almost continuous UFO activity over many of the areas such as Warminster in England present a challenge to further investigation.

On page 169 of the book the name of Nikola Tesla is mentioned, along with a number of his discoveries. Readers are reminded that this great electrical genius discovered that "power could be obtained from the earth" and he devised a generating system to obtain and control it. Tesla did not live to develop this generator; so the idea still awaits someone to unlock this source of energy. "Harmonic 33" is an endeavour to probe deeper into this mysterious power.

The already mentioned ideas are surely revolutionary but author Cathie steps out further and presents documented evidence of the relationship between atom bomb testing and earthquakes. The same geometrical precision is used to plot the site of the bomb test in relation to the earthquake center over the whole globe.

This well-bound book of 200 pages presents completely new and [11] exciting views for those keen to probe deeper into the UFO mystery.

Since the book was first published in 1968 the author has been busy with further investigations and latest information is that another book is on the way. We in New Zealand are literally holding our breaths and waiting. We will keep you posted. The book is obtainable from A.B.C. Bookshop, Trafalgar Sq., Nelson, New Zealand for $3.60 plus 20¢ postage, surface, or $1.70 by airmail.

Here is part of the Southern Portion of the WORLD GRID developed by Capt. Cathie, and copied from his book, "Harmonic 33".

Grid Aerials and B are the first hints we've ever seem as to the possible location of Rainbow City in the Antarctic, or of some flying saucer base there. And the location of the "Eltanin" photo, a deep sea directional antenna, right on Cathie's grid, is significant!

Mimeo copy of Bruce Cathie's WORLD GRID for New Zealand, Australia, Antarctica.

Cover of Bruce Cathie's Harmonic 33 (Reed, 1968).

"Harmonic 33" by Capt. Bruce Cathie

First published in 1968, when Bruce Cathie was a commercial pilot in New Zealand, "Harmonic 33" presents an introduction to what would become the author's life work: the study and explanation of the World Grid System, an electromagnetic field that criss-crosses our globe, a grid which is exploited by flying saucers as a source of free energy for antigravity, levitation, and much more. This is the starting point for a further reading of Cathie's Harmonic series: Harmonic 695 - The UFO and Anti-Gravity (1971) • Harmonic 288 - The Pulse of the Universe (1977) • Harmonic 371244 - The Bridge to Infinity (1983) • The Harmonic Conquest of Space (1995). Cathie builds the supporting framework for a conceptual vein well worthy of exploration by borderlanders.