Index of Vol. XXVI [1970]

011970January & FebruaryLIFE IS MAGIC, by Lao Tse • TO CANCER VICTIMS - And Friends of BSRA • JUDGEMENT DAY FOR TUNISIA - CQC by the Editor • HISTORY & DEVELOPMENT OF RADIONICS, Part VIII, by the Radionist • APOLLO 12, CENSORED AND UNCENSORED -News and Views • A REASONABLE SPACE CONTACT, by Ellen Zigler • TO CITIZENS INTERESTED IN MONEY, by Wright Patman • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The White-Light Technique For Youth, Moses Had One!, Astronauts and the Fourth Dimension, John Keel and Anomaly, The Air Force Cackleitis Continues, When the Senate Made A Liar Out Of the President, Buzz Aldrin Makes A Liar Out Of Sam Pepper, Reach To the Cosmic Mind, Earthquake Watchers Alert!, Who Wants To Be A Chrononaut?, Anyone Can Make Koch Remedies and Professor Luntz Comments, "The Cosmic Harp" the Zodiac, Understanding's International Center At Merlin, BSRA Lectures, Tapes and Literature
021970March & AprilEARTH'S HELL, THE MOON, by Dorothy Thomas • HOW TO INTERPRET YOUR DREAM SYMBOLS, by Shane Miller, A.R.E. • POOR RICHARD'S UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH - from SOS "Newsletter" • HIGH FREQUENCY CURRENT FROM THE SUN, by Rodney Collin • THE BITTER MEDICINE OF INFLATION - CQC by the Editor • APOLLO 11 AND THE COMPREHENSION GAP, by Trevor James • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - "Our Effluent Society", Red Alert For the Entire Planet, Who's A Flathead Now?, What's In A Name, Three Sources Of The Jesus Myth, This Is A Free Country?, Punished For What We Believe In, White and Black Magick In Hawaii, Electrical Charge May Be Cancer Cell Clue (and Cure), Adelle Davis' "Let's Get Well", More On Rejuvenation and On Koch, "Get Thee Behind Me, Satan!", 1969 Report, Understandorama Convention June 6th, Magnetic Vitality, and BSRA Literature
031970May & JuneTHE LATEST FORM OF DEVIL WORSHIP, by Rev. Basil Wrighton • THE GREAT WORK GOES FORWARD -Through Marian Hartill • A SPRINGFIELD ABORTIONIST DESCRIBED, by Samuel Bowles • "GREATEST FINANCIAL MISTAKE OF MY LIFE", by Robert Bruce Record and Others • PSYCHIC PHENOMENA AND PSYCHOTHERAPY, by Robert Bradley, M.D. • HISTORY & DEVELOPMENT OF RADIONICS, Part IX, by the Radionist • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - from Flathead To Mutterin Wizard, Knowledge Of the Path, "Paid to the utmost farthing", A Disciple Of Hermes, A Martyr On the Mystic Path, A Tumor a Day In Manila, Our Obvious Hoaxer Articles, Plain Talk With A Poltergeist, Blood Purifier and Detoxicant, They Were Home For Christmas!, "Build a Spiritual Bank Account," says Tesla, Precognition Of the New World, A Day's Prophecies Of Doom, Ready For More Advanced Occult Work, Conventions, Rods Of Power, Book Reviews
041970July & AugustAN INITIATE AT WORK - from "Reminisences of H.P. Blavatsky" • A FEW IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT SALT • PSYCHIC SURGERY IN THE PHILIPPINES, by A.N. Onymous, M.D. • LIGHT ON THE COSMIC PLAN, by Anthony Brooke • REPORTS FROM DOWN UNDER, by Les White • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Big Brother Is Watching Us, Un Plato Volador, Clearing Up A Puzzle, An Associate Passes, The Tensor Beam From Space, Mind Probe From Venus, Verification From a Teen Ager, Our Receiver Is On Too, Blood Purifier Is Effective, Hawaiian Hospitality, Tape Correspondence Anyone?, Medical Rebellion Overdue, Open The Flower Of Knowledge, Another Blood Purifier, "You Live In Four Worlds" or Lesson VII Is Ready, and BSRA Literature
051970September & OctoberTHE SILVER GHOST MINES OF THE WEST, by John R. Elsom • THE MAGNET AS A HEALER, by Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya • "CALL ME DURIN" -Through Channel Joan Dixon • WORD OF GOD EXPLAINS NEGATIVE FIRE, by the Hon. S. Shuttleworth • AN INITIATE AT WORK, by Maurice Barbanell and Riley Crabb • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - A Slippery Business For Average Person, Six Killed John Kennedy, Oswald and Ruby Bed Mates?!, Jerusalem The International City of Peace, The Bravest Man In Washington, Nader's Raiders Take On Banks, Passing Is Easy, We Are Under Surveillance, The World-Wide UFO Grid, Project Magnet, Bridge Girder Explodes, The Adelaide 1970 Convention, UFO Mat and Demat, Meade Layne On The Ethers, One Answer To Cancer, A Prayer For Babies, The Five Rites Do Help, "Outermost", The Sun-Moon Magnet Whizzie
061970November & DecemberDAMIS, From "Antiquity Unveiled", by J.M. Roberts • GENTLE CARPENTER OF THE SNOWS - from Oct. 1962 "National Geographic" • COMMUNICATION GAP IS THE WORD! -One Clip and One Quote • THE STAR EXERCISE, by Al Goeke • YOU MAY CALL ME AQUARIA -Through Joan Dixon • A FIVE-YEAR OLD'S EXPLANATION, by Sally George • SOMETHING HAD BEEN DONE TO MY BRAIN, by Hans Lauritzen • INSANE URGE TO DO WICKED THINGS - from "UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse" • TEMPORARY SUCCESS OF ORGANIZED EVIL, by Gurdjeef • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - A Simple Christmas Ritual, An Early Christmas Present, She Looked More Dead Than Alive, Activating The Head Area, The Moon Is Jesuit Territory, A Few Anecdotes From The Road, Dorey, Garrett, Aquavideo
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