Index of Vol. XXVII [1971]

011971January & FebruaryNOW IS AMERICA'S HOUR OF CHOICE, by a National Deva • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES - Clips, Quotes & Comments On Hitler's Third Reich • SPIRITUAL OR POWER HEALING, by Lanakila Brandt • THE HAWAIIAN TREE OF LIFE - from "Children of the Rainbow" • BIO-FEEDBACK TRAINING - from "Look Magazine" • POWER INCARNATE, THE SPIRIT OF FIRE - through Joan Dixon • AN INITIATE AT WORK, by Martha G. Stark • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Do Pets Give or Take Magnetism?, What Says the Inner Circle?, Radiant Energy From The Fingers, The Last Huna Vistas Bulletin, Search for Truth In Magnetics, New Zealand Heard From, The Copper Voodoo Bracelet, The World Develops A Conscience, Evening Prayer, BSRF Literature
021971March & AprilMULTI-LEVEL AWARENESS, by William Swygard • THE GENESIS OF A MONSTER, by Max Heindel • "THEY WERE LIKE ANIMALS", by Steve Weissman • QUANTUM THEORY OF GRAVITATION, by W.G. Carnahan • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES, Part II - CQC by the Editor • YOU ARE WHAT YOU ASSIMILATE, by Al Goeke • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Snow Is A Joke?, "Antiquity Unveiled" Available, The Feb. 9th Earthquake, Prophet With Honor, In 1969, By The Dawn's Earthquake Light, Proof of Ether Layers, And Word From An Etherian Patrol, Our Surveillance Continues, Credit to George Adamski, Our Loop-The-Loop Project, He Feels Like A New Person, "Magnet and Magnetic Fields" Reviewed, The 8th Degree of Freedom, Browning Replies To Critics, Christianity With Relevance!, 1970 Annual Report, Huna Associates Attention
031971May & JuneNOTES FROM AN AMERICAN TOUR, by Desmond Leslie • FORTY-FIVE YEARS IN THE TEMPLE, by the Yada di Shi'ite • JESUS COMES TO THE "PORTAL OF MAN", by Dr. Franz Hartmann • THE SURFACE OF VENUS IS LIVABLE, by Ramon Natalli • WE ARE CALLED NATURE SPIRITS -Through Joan Dixon • THE EVOLUTION OF LIFE - Chart by C. Jinarajadasa • RADIATIONS AND WAVES, by Georges Lakhovsky (Clips) • A HIGH-POWER MULTI-WAVE OSCILLATOR, by J. Gilbert E. Wright • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Biophysics Confirms Lakhovsky's Theories, USA-World Spy, The Japanese Read Us, The Magnetic Health Bands, Pro and Con of Loops, America's Billion Dollar Opium Business, No End In Sight, Can You Do Anything, The War Against Sleep, Report From New Zealand, Victory For Cancer Victims, Meade Layne's Flying Roll Available Again
041971July & AugustTHE RADICAL SONS OF MIDDLE AMERICA, by Mary McGrory • AQUARIAN PIONEERS OF THE COMING AGE, by Vera Stanley Alder • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES, Part III - CQC by the Editor • THE NEW OPIUM WAR - CQC From "Ramparts" • UFO COURSE AT UNIV. OF CALIFORNIA, by Dr. P.S. Moller • ON GOING TO SLEEP, by Rev. Grace W. Loehr • ORTHODOX MEDICINE, PUBLIC ENEMY No. 1, by Alonzo J. Shadman, M.D. • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - What Is Truth?, The Three Paths of Evolution, Medical Juggernaut Foundering, Sirhan, Like Oswald, a Fall Guy?, An Advanced Soul At Rebirth, UFO From Pluto?, Darkness Over Washington, Color As Art and As Therapy, Invisible Radionic or Eloptic Light, The Strident Voice of the Future, Pagan Power At Work, The Magnetizer Chair From Japan, and BSRA Literature
051971September & OctoberTWO FORMS OF "BEYOND MAN", by Judge David Patterson Hatch • THE TEMPLE OF COLOUR, by S.G.J. Ouseley • UPGRADING CELLULAR ACTIVITY, by Aaron H. Steinberg, Ph.D. • THE DE LAND FROST-GUARD SYSTEM, by Burridge and Van Tassel • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES, Part IV - CQC by the Editor • THE NEW OPIUM WAR, Part II - Conclusion, from "Ramparts" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - "Awake, Thou Piscean Age Sleepers!", More News On Magnet Therapy, On The Lakhovsky Loops, Dead Russian Cosmonauts, The Martyrdom Of Professor McDonald, The Law of Sacrifice, Danger From The Dark Brothers, A Note On Hieronymous, Free Energy From The UFO Grid?, Stimulating Cell Growth, Destroying Malignant Growths, According To All The Rites, Your Money And What The Bankers Do With It, BSRA Publications
061971November & DecemberWOMEN'S LIB FOR A NUN, by Sister Theresa Vandenberg, With Christmas Quotes and Comments • UFO GUARDIANS, NEITHER GODS NOR DEMONS - from the Telano Correspondence • AWAITING THE SECOND COMING AT GLASTONBURY - from "Chalice Well Messenger" • THE ORIGIN OF PLUTO, by Fred Brown, with CQC by Editor • A JEWISH TREE OF LIFE, by C.C. Zain, and, The Gnomes of Zurich • DA VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS, by Emery Nemethy • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Tony Agpaoa's Healing Church, Are the Amalekites from Maldek?, Flying Saucer "On Station", Don't Blame the Nixon Recession, Ask the Associates For Help, Magnet Therapy Equipment, The Passing of Max Freedom Long, We Join the War Against Cancer • INSPIRED BY THE DARK FORCES, Part V - CQC by the Editor
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