(One of the best summaries we know of, of a dozen advanced and non-medical therapeutic techniques, is Associate Mark Gallert's "New Light on Therapeutic Energies", published by James Clarke & Co. Ltd., 31 Queen Anne's Gate, London SW1, England, for 30 Shillings. The 256-page, hardcover book includes sections on the work of Drs. White, Reich, Hahnemann, Schussler, Littlefield, Wilson, Keesey, Samuels, and of Dinshah Ghadiali, L.E. Eeman, and of the electronic developments of Georges Lakhovsky and S.S. Knight. Here are some of the ideas of Georges Lakhovsky, especially concerned with the cure of cancer.)

"Certain natural radiations are particularly toxic, especially those originating in earth grograms. Many cancer cases have been attributed to these toxic (poisonous) radiations and proven experimentally, notably in Germany by Dr. Rambeau of Marburg. Therefore, earth radiations sometimes cause disturbance of the cellular oscillatory equilibrium of the organism.

"Under these varied circumstances cellular oscillations may cease; the cell is then dead. But within the dead cell, the chondromes (central coils) continue to oscillate electrically on their own natural frequencies. Fortunately, this phenomenon occurs rarely or all mankind would already have perished from cancer. The chondromes then envelope themselves in a membrane and continue to oscillate and multiply independently of the cell. They then become neoplasic (cancer) cells.

"To re-establish this equilibrium I thought of creating in 1923 a constant compensating field of very short radiations (2 to 10 metres in wave lengths) to neutralize the action of the disturbing rays and give the living cell the necessary stimulation for a return to its normal oscillation.

"To this end in 1923 I constructed my short-wave oscillator, using two triode tubes for very short waves made especially for this apparatus . . . Finally I adopted the oscillator with symmetrical cross leakage comprising two triodes. The oscillating circuit formed a single spiral, branched between the two grilles and the two anodes. It was fed directly by alternating current from the local supply circuit.

"With this short-wave apparatus I was able to cure plants inoculated with cancer. For six years at the Salpetriere I observed and checked the effects of these short waves. Using very low power, from 10 to 12 watts, and a limited duration of treatment, I succeeded in curing cancer in human beings, but also had to record some failures.


"The news of the success of my experiments became widespread. In many countries, as early as 1928, they began to build short wave oscillators of considerable power producing thermal effects. But there was great danger that the chromosomes and chondromes, which are barely a ten-thousandth or twenty-thousandth of a millimeter in thickness, might not survive under a high frequency current. They offer much resistance, even to a low current which is sufficient to dissolve and destroy them.


"It is simple to prove this by bringing a small bulb of from 2 to 5 watts with a filament of several hundredths of a millimeter, inserted between metal rods forming an antennae, within the radius of a short wave transmitter. The bulb will light up and sometimes burn out, if it is brought too near the apparatus.

"Moreover, the chondromes and chromosomes of all living cells, which are infinitely finer than the filaments of bulbs, are sensitive centers of thermal phenomena, which may provoke their fusion. Undoubtedly this method is effective in killing microbes in the organism and in neoplasic cells. But it can also destroy millions of cells of healthy tissue in every irradiation.

"On the other hand, I thought it possible to obtain better results by administering an oscillatory shock to all the cells in the organism simultaneously. Such a shock, very brief, produced by damped or weakened electrostatic waves, does not provoke thermal and prolonged effects and involves no risk of burning living cells! I therefore sought to produce an artificial oscillatory shock causing a periodic oscillation of the weak or dead cells.

"At first glance this problem seems physically insoluble as there are approximately 200 quintillion cells in our bodies, each oscillating on its own natural wave length. Theoretically, therefore, we would have to have a different wave length for each cell; so that every cell in the organism would oscillate in resonance on its own wave length.

"After much research I was able to construct an apparatus creating an electro-static field covering all frequencies from three metres to the infra-red, so that every cell can find its natural frequency and vibrate in resonance. We know that in physics a circuit fed by damped or weakened high frequency currents creates many harmonics. Consequently, I conceived an oscillator of multiple wave lengths with a broad-scale in which every organ, every gland, every tissue, every nerve, could find its natural frequency.

"To obtain this result I set up a transmitter (antenna) composed of a series of circular concentric oscillating circuits linked by a silk cord but not contiguous. These circuits are stimulated by damped high frequency currents from a spark gap. Thus each circuit of the transmitter-vibrates not only on its natural frequency, but also on numerous harmonics.


"Thus I built an oscillator with all the basic wave lengths from 10 centimetres to 400 metres, that is, all frequencies from 750,000 per second to 3 billion. But each circuit also emits many harmonics which, with their basic waves, their interferences and their effluvia can reach the scale of infra-red and even that of visible light (1 to 300 trillion vibrations per second). Since all the cells as well as the chondromes oscillate precisely at frequencies on these gamuts, they can therefore find on the scale of such an oscillator the frequencies which cause them to vibrate in resonance.


"As early as 1931 I began using this multiple wave oscillator in various Paris hospitals: the Saint Louis, Val-de-Grace, Calvary, Necker, etc. Among the many cures with this treatment I will mention especially those of various cases of cancer which X-ray and radium treatments failed to improve. These patients cured six years ago have had no recurrence and are in perfect health at this date. In all pathogenic cases this treatment gives very good results. As it does not attack the microbes directly, it does not destroy live tissue, but reinforces the vitality of the organism by accelerating cellular oscillation. It is therefore the reinforced organism that successfully resists the microbes and all pathogenic causes.

"So, while X-rays and radium destroy microbes, neoplasic cells and healthy tissues at the same time -- which accounts for the serious accidents which occur during and after such treatments -- high frequency radiation (short waves) applied at a distance and without thermal effect cure diseases of all kinds, even those of the prostate to a considerable degree. Whatever the pathogenic cause, the multiple wave oscillator (MWO) reproduces the frequencies necessary to re-establish the cellular oscillatory equilibrium.

"In general, it is sufficient to seat the patient, or to have him stand in the radius of the apparatus (between the two antennas). The duration of the treatment is usually from five to ten minutes, every other day. These figures are purely arbitrary since these radiations reinforcing cellular oscillation do not produce organic disturbance, whatever the duration of the treatment may be. Despite the many cases successfully treated, almost without exception, yet it must be understood that my oscillator cannot cure all types of cancer in all its stages of development. In many cases, when the cancerous tumour has already destroyed important blood vessels, my apparatus is powerless to rebuild that tissue before the fatal haemorrhage."

BSRAssociates with extra-sensory perception (ESP) have watched the MWO in operation. They say they can see clouds of ectoplasm building up around the antenna but this takes several minutes. This mechanically generated vitality, mana, prana, is then absorbed by the subject, along with the radiations; but this takes time; [18] so, to get the full benefit of this electronic showerbath, the subject should stay in it at least 10 minutes -- or until he feels the polarity change in his body. This is if he is experimenting with the Bob Beck miniaturized Multi-Wave Oscillator described in BSRA brochure #29, $2.00, which uses only one powered antenna.


Diagram of J. Gilbert E. Wright's High-Powered Multiple Wave Oscillator


"Your brochure article stating that Georges Lakhovsky's original MWO had a separate Tesla coil driving each Antenna is most interesting. This is in line with my experience here in Manila. I find that when livening up both antennas to full voltage, to spark each antenna down to the 3rd ring with an occasional slop-over to the 4th ring, it is much more effective than when keeping one antenna (or resonator) down to near ground potential; and it is least effective when actually grounding this antenna -- as Mr. Beck does -- through a 1/10 MF capacitor!

"One five minute treatment a week is enough for me and the equivalent of two 15 minute treatments with only one antenna up to full voltage. However, I drive both antennas up to full voltage with only one Tesla coil. It has rather tightly coupled primary and secondary windings, wound as an auto-transformer, on a 4 1/4 in. diameter glass jar, as per enclosed sketch (above).

"The present spark gap is 1/8 inch, fixed, constant gap, needs no tuning with variable distances between antennas, subject or no subject. The sparking is much the same and the gap is not at all critical, 1/32nd, plus or minus, works just as well. Gap electrodes are 1/4 inch tungsten. The present primary circuit capacitor is .0015 Micro Farads, but this also is not at all critical, can be varied up to .0025 and still give much the same sparking and effect on subject.

"I tried using #28 Formvar wire, heavy insulated, 70 turns each on the secondaries, to shorten coil and get tighter coupling, primary to secondary, but coil was too short and flashed over from end to end.

"Just plug it in and use it, no tuning manipulation of any kind required. The input of 115 VAC to the 10,000 volt oil burner ignition transformer is only 17 VA through the 75 watt lamp as a limiting resistor. Never use more than a 100 watt lamp. This is all I can take. More power becomes rapidly depressing. And the full 250 VA out put of the transformer I once used, with a 5/8 inch spark gap, was nearly fatal. It took me four months to get over the effects of it. Pass this info on to your Associates."

J. Gilbert E. Wright

Associates can benefit from this dedicated borderlander's experience, which confirms Lakhovsky's warning that healthy cells can be over-stimulated and killed by powerful high-frequency waves -- as well as by X-ray and radium waves. It may be easier to locate Neon Sign transformers of 5,000 to 7,500 volts output as power supplies for this MWO, at a cost of $15 to $20. In this case the wattage of the "limiting resistor" electric light could be increased to 150 or 200 watts, or eliminated altogether, if it is necessary to get enough power to cause random arcing down to the third and fourth rings on both antennas. The good doctor says nothing about shielding but care should be taken to prevent radio interference from this powerful spark.


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