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Radio Biology

The Secret of Life

by Georges Lakhovsky (Author), Mark Clement (Translator)

The Secret of Life

A classical work by a great researcher who developed the Multi-Wave Oscillator. Contents include: Universal Nature of Radiation in Living Beings, On Radiations in General and on Electro-Magnetic Waves in particular, Oscillation and Radiation of Cells, Nature of Radiant Energy, Causation of Cancer, Therapeutics of Cellular Oscillation, Origin of Life.

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The Waves that Heal

by Mark Clement

Here in simple and clear language the new science of Radiobiology (Lakhovsky’s Theories) is presented with astonishing photographs taken before and after treatment. In this concise and factual account, you can read how health has been restored to plants, animals and human beings, without operations and drugs.

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The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Handbook

BSRF Archival Collection

In the early 20th century Georges Lakhovsky described researches indicating that living cells can be regenerated by applying energy fields of multiple wavelengths. Chock full of schematics, diagrams, research notes, patents, pictures, ideas and suggestions for advancement and refinement of the art, this is the only source which contains the many diverse opinions as to the actual construction details of Lakhovsky’s original MWOs, and this new edition contains many new and updated circuit diagrams as well as new pictures taken at Lakhovsky’s home in Paris! You may have heard of different types of devices — this book shows you how to build them all, with reports from researchers who have. From simple experiments with copper coils stimulating the growth of plants to different types of electrical circuits and antenna patterns used in cellular regeneration research, this is THE MWO BOOK for experimenters and researchers. Even Tesla Coil builders can benefit greatly from this handbook.

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Royal R. Rife Report

Compiled by the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation

Royal R. Rife Report

The brilliant medical scientist Royal R. Rife developed a microscope so amazingly powerful that he could see living viruses! He also developed a radiant gas broadcast unit that could kill dangerous viruses in an animal host. Here in this file is the available historical record of Rife’s long suppressed work. Find out more about the Wondrous Rife Microscope, Invisible Ultra-Violet Life Frequencies Made Visible, Electron Therapy Research, The Rife Microscope, or “Facts & Their Fate”, The New Microscopes, Filterable Bodies Seen With The Rife Microscope, The Cure For Cancer Covered Up; What Has Become of the Rife Microscope?, Photo Gallery of Rife’s equipment; Miscellaneous letters, documents, etc.

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Biological Radiant Energy & Communications

Biological Communications: Selected Articles, Experiments, and Patent Designs with L. George Lawrence, Gerry Vassilatos, and Charles Allon

A handbook of research into the subject of biological or “biodynamic” communication. The book opens with an entire history of “Biocomm” from the early experiments of Reichenbach, to the later researches of the Radionic pioneers. The subject of plant sensitivity and Radionics is dealt with, along with the construction of biosensing equipment for the experimenter. The highlight of this research work is the complete inclusion of Dr. L. George Lawrence’s previously unpublished patent entitled, “Methods and Receiver for Biological Data Transport”.

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Galactic Life Unveiled

by L. George Lawrence

For the first time in print, here is the long-lost manuscript of Borderland scientist Dr. L. George Lawrence. In the 1970’s, Dr. Lawrence pioneered the development of biological communications – communications which lie outside the electromagnetic spectrum – and was the first to use this technology to receive intelligent signals from outer space.

Included in this work are Dr. Lawrence’s fully detailed field notes on the use of this new communications technology. It explains how the history of the human race may have been altered by subliminal effects of biodynamic transmissions from other galaxies.

Dr. Lawrence presents us with an array of startling archeo-astronomical evidence and experimental confirmation based on 30+ years of investigation. This book is certain to become one of the great classics of borderland literature.

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Molecular Radiations

by Thomas Colson

As an engineer working for Albert Abrams and the editor of Electronic Medical Digest, Thomas Colson became quite adept at working with subtle energies. He looks at the cells and tissues of the body as being comprised of molecules and even smaller particles. Then he proposes methods for discovering disease in the body before they affect cells and tissues.

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Invisible Radiations of Organisms

by Otto Hahn

This rare 1936 classic gives the subject of radiant energy a thorough treatment, and was the inspiration for L. George Lawrence’s work. Through countless observations and experiments the author is able to develop and illustrate his ideas on the nature and effects of biological radiations. Topics include the physics of radiation and radiant energy, sources and effects of radiant energy, observing biological radiations and their characteristics, the mitogenetic effect, and biological radiations in medicine and agriculture.

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Vitalism & Life Forces

The Secret Sciences

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Mechanism of Life

by Stephane Leduc (Author), W. Deane Butcher (Translator)

This remarkable volume introduces “Synthetic Biology.” And, not unlike works of Littlefield and others, this topic covers a multitude of experiments with inanimate substances that seem to mimic various animate structures – crystal growth, mineral formations, electrolytic and colloidal solutions that react and develop similarly to cellular structures, tissues, and nuclei. The ultimate aim of the book is to present the reader with new ideas about the nature and definition of Life, the physico-chemical basis for biological activity and evolution, and Morphogenesis.

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The Psychic Life of Micro Organisms

by Alfred Binet

This essay endeavors to show that psychological phenomena begin among the very lowest classes of beings; they are met with in every form of life.

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The Origin of Life

by Henry Charlton Bastian

This later work by the esteemed Bastian was completed after a number of years of teaching and experimentation at University College, London. After the Royal Society rejected Bastian’s proposal for a work on “The Origin of Life” Question, as it was unsuitable for these men of science, he proceeded to publish his complete works on the subject. Comprising more than 30 years of experimental research, this treatment lends support to his position that life-evolving processes are and have been going on since the times they first commenced. Bastian offers a great wealth of evidence in opposition to many conventional academic views on the origin of life.

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The Beginnings and Way of Life

by Charles Wentworth Littlefield

This is an original edition copy of the work of Dr. Charles Littlefield (very few copies are known to exist). Littlefield demonstrated life-forming activity in the mineral realm, with organic lifeforms actually springing from inorganic matter! While crystallizing inorganic substances he demonstrates the creative power of mind by imprinting thought forms into the “inert” substances. Chapters include: The Vital Force, Crystal Prototypes of plants, The Law of Organic Forms, Fixing Thought-Forms in Matter, and more.

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The Morley Martin Experiments and the Experiments of Dr. Charles W. Littlefield & Wilhelm Reich

To the great consternation of the scientific world, Morley Martin succeeded in creating organic life forms in inert Precambrian azoic rock! He proved that there is no death, only latency, and that life is not special to this planet but is a spontaneous universal phenomenon. Dr. Littlefield demonstrated life-forming activity in the mineral realm, with life actually emerging from ‘dead’ rock! While crystallizing inorganic substances, he described many organic forms imprinted into ‘inert’ substances. Includes documentation on Andrew Crosse’s extraordinary experiments where spider-like insects were created from ‘inert’ volcanic pumice, after being treated with galvanic currents. Learn of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s ground-breaking bion experiments — the creation of living, pulsating energy from heat-sterilized substances! Also contains a brief description of disease diagnosis through crystallized blood spots.

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The Pattern of Health: A Search for a Greater Understanding of the Life Force in Health and Disease

by Aubrey T. Westlake

The Pattern of Health

This classic once again made available to Borderland Researchers. Dr. Westlake introduces the idea that health results from the maintenance of the individual pattern of super-sensory energy, a harmonious interaction of the lower, middle, and higher selves. He also shows that the nominally different vital life forces of Reich, Reichenbach, Eeman, and others are really different descriptive characteristics of one-in-the-same life force.

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The Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth and Man

by Guenther Wachsmuth

The Etheric Formative forces in Cosmos, Earth and Man

Essential reading for understanding the nature and workings of energy and matter. Includes: New Theory of Motion; Organic and Inorganic World; Etheric Formative Forces; Breathing Process of the Earth Organism; Circulatory Process of the Earth Organism; Rotation of the Earth; Etheric Currents in the Earth Organism; Gravitation and Terrestrial Magnetism; The Sun; The Planets and their Spheres; The Interior of the Earth; Ontogenetic Origin and Disappearance of Substance; New Theory of Light & Color; Tone; The Dissolution of Radioactivity; Shape-Building Forces and Archetypal Forms in Nature; Etheric Formative Forces & the Art of Healing.

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