Inspired by the Dark Forces

CQC On The Rise and Fall Of
Hitler's Third Reich
Part III
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"'You are a man of great capacity,' said Prince Rimpochte, 'and you will have to fulfil a great mission in this incarnation. The next few days will be of vital importance to you. The experience and portent of a whole series of lives will be crowded for you into the space of a few hours. You are called upon to take perhaps the greatest decision you have ever been called upon to make, not only in this life but also in hundreds of previous existences. No one can force your hands. You yourself must make your decision in perfect freedom."

"He talked like a king or emperor. Every word seemed to have its portent, and he seemed to be fully conscious of the formidable power he wielded. If Narbu was right, I was in the presence of one of the greatest Powers on earth. His voice was refined, strong and beautiful, but had a slightly metallic sound. It was very deep, too.

"He was very tall and had a long white beard. He looked like a mixture of Pythagoras with a slightly Jewish touch and a refined modern Tibetan belonging to the aristocracy of the country.

"When our eyes met I had the strange feeling as of something in me fleeing away from him with great eagerness, but it was only an inexplicable reflex, and since I had had so many conflicting and contradictory spiritual experiences ever since I had come to the Holy City (underground Agharta, in Tibet), I paid no further attention to it. We talked about our respective spheres of activity, my expeditions and my plays.

"'You have an iron will,' he observed, 'but this is not enough. You sometimes accomplish things because of your boundless energy. That is not enough. You must acquire the power to make your environment obey you." He mentioned two Sanskrit words to illustrate the difference between wanting a thing and commanding a thing to come your way.

"He seemed to prompt me to try to put myself on a level with the Creator. I, on the other hand, knew that my greatest asset in life had been a capacity to live fully, to be a creature -- a powerful creature in my own way -- but yet a child of the Creator, and I had never tried to be like the maker by 'commanding things to come my way'.

"We then talked about spiritual mistakes.. He said that 'they did not matter'. If a man stumbles and falls, he seemed to imply, he would rise again. It occurred to me that there was at least one dreadful mistake in the Spiritual realm. If a man throws his soul away he cannot make amends for that. He cannot take it back afterwards. [7] There are mistakes which are fatal for all eternity! If a man jumps from a skyscraper he may undo in a few seconds all he has built up in a lifetime, I thought. . . I felt as if this had been said to rush my decision. . ."

Apparently Hitler and the gang of thieves, murderers and egomaniacs with which he surrounded himself in Germany suffered no such qualms of conscience. They had already made this "dreadful mistake in the spiritual realm" and sold their souls to this Devil, described so well by Ted Illion in "Darkness Over Tibet".

"From Spiritual mistakes the conversation drifted to the question of 'power'.

"'You could become all-powerful,' he observed meaningly.

"'At what price?' I asked.

"'That you must discover for yourself,' he answered.

"We talked about Brotherhood. He illustrated how impersonal he was. The individual often disappeared before his eyes. He then only saw principles at work. And great principles they Were. Guests did not always realize this.

"'Sometimes guests come here who have sacrificed everything for doing so and who go hungry for weeks to be able to come here. Let them be hungry. It is good for them to be hungry,' he said with cold emphasis.

"I looked at him as he sat there in his costly robes. He seemed to sense what was going on within me. 'I hope you do not misunderstand me,' he added, and changed the topic.

"Our conversation gradually touched deeper problems, such as the contrast between the East and West, bloody wars and catastrophes of Nature, and how all these things had deeper causes. He even touched on the problem of politics, dictatorships and mass rule, and seemed to be against sport!"

Of course, any Devil would be against sport as practiced in the West because it teaches the Christ principle of fair play. The man or woman who chooses the Left Hand Path of Power without Love sacrifices friends, honor, everything to win his goal.

When Mani Rimpochte talked of dictatorships Illion mentioned William Shakespeare's great power play, "Coriolanus", and found that this Prince of Evil "knew it very thoroughly, since he expressed his opinion in a very circumstantial way and also gave a considerable number of details showing he must have read the play several times".

But, if the two referred directly to Adolf Hitler's Third Reich and the role of Agharta in guiding the ambitions of this would-be world-conqueror, Illion withheld the details; for he writes: "I never touch in [8] my books and lectures on any problem which is directly or indirectly connected with politics." So we will have to speculate, or extrapolate, from other sources.

The reader may justly observe that Illion's description of the exalted ruler of Agharta and its Cavern-world realms could scarcely be the one whose appearance -- in visions -- left Adolf Hitler in cold sweats of agony and apprehension, waking up in the night screaming and in convulsions, pointing to some overpowering monster in the corner of his bedroom. Or, as he told Rauschning, "I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him."

In our search for the causes of Evil we must look beyond the members of the human race on this planet. Here and there in Western literature you can pick up hints of secret organizations such as the International Bankers pulling political strings behind the scenes; but the Flying Saucer phenomenon has awakened us to interplanetary forces, not necessarily human in origin at all. These have identified the pockets of evil among mankind, on the surface of the earth and within it, and are using them for their own purposes of takeover. Thus the dictators and the corrupt leaders, the bankers, the organizers of the international dope traffic, prostitution, gambling, etc. -- who think they are free agents and answerable to no authority -- are themselves being used.


The enormity of this problem in understanding is stated pretty clearly by Pauwels and Bergier in "The Dawn of Magic": "Certain sessions of the Nuremberg Trial were meaningless. The judges could not possibly have any kind of communication with those who were really responsible, most of whom in any case, had disappeared, leaving in the dock only men who had been their instruments. Two worlds confronted one another with no means of communication. It was like trying to judge creatures from Mars by the standards of our humanist civilization. They were indeed Martians -- in the sense that they belonged to a different world from the one we have known for the last six or seven centuries.

"A civilization totally different from what is generally meant by the word had been established in Germany in the space of a few years, without our ever having properly understood what was going on. Its initiators no longer had any intellectual, moral or spiritual affinities with ourselves in any basic sense; and despite external resemblances, they were as remote from us as the Australian aborigines. . .'"


One of the most revealing and informative books in Flying Saucer literature is Albert Bender's "Flying Saucers and the Three Men". In all he had twelve contacts with these creatures from another planet, in 1952, but didn't feel free to describe his experiences until almost ten years later. Bender was a good organizer. His International Flying Saucer Bureau, started in April 1952, rapidly became just that, [9] with world-wide contacts exchanging Flying Saucer information which could lead to only one conclusion: alien forces from outer space and with superior technology were operating at will all over the earth.

By October 1953 Albert Bender was getting ready to make positive statements along these lines. Such disclosures didn't suit the purposes of these aliens. Bender could have been silenced by murder or kidnapping; for some reason best known to themselves, the Invaders chose to "take him into the club"! They were completely confident that no one would believe his fantastic experiences. No one did, with the exception of a few died-in-the-wool Flying Saucer believers, and perhaps a few occultists with exceptional understanding, like our Meade Layne. Their tactic was effective, very. Bender voluntarily closed down and disbanded his growing organization. The disbelief and ridicule of his closest associates forced him to keep his terrible secret to himself for a decade.


After some preliminary contacts, five in all, which Bender could not quite believe because of their eerie, unearthly quality, the Invaders decided to take more direct action; for Bender had not heeded their warnings to lay off! After going to bed one night in July 1953 his psychic Senses were opened up. He saw three full-sized figures in his room, floating about a foot off the floor. They were well dressed in black suits and shoes, like ministers or priests, even including black Homburg hats!

Bender's visitors acknowledged his dedication to the search for truth in the UFO phenomenon, but said that it "could bring you harm . . . for we must not be disturbed in our ultimate goal". They admitted that they had adjusted their appearance to fit the limitations of his human understanding. "We also found it necessary to carry off Earth people to use their bodies to disguise our own . . . one day you will write about this." Then they hooked him for sure with this, "you will be much wiser than anyone else on your planet. You will know what is out there in space, and you will know what the future holds for your mankind. . ."

They left with him a tangible proof of their sixth visit. This was a small metal coin, a talisman, to give him an "aka thread" connection with them and their base. No doubt the coin contact made it easier for them to continue their surveillance of Bender's thoughts, feelings and actions. Another oddity of the visits worth noting was that Bender would sometimes find his radio on but not tuned to any station. Our guess is that the oscillating coils in the radio produced a supply of plasma useful in their magical operations.

Within a couple of days Bender was hot for contact again, and that most fascinating of human experiences, conscious projection from the body. Coin in hand, cold enveloped his body, excruciating pains shot through his head, he staggered to his bed. No one seemed to be with him as he floated away from his body into darkness. . . (To be continued in the next Journal)

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