Inspired by the Dark Forces

CQC On The Rise and Fall Of
Hitler's Third Reich
Part IV
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No one seemed to be with Albert K. Bender as he shivered into trance and floated away from his body into darkness. Quite unlike another medium, Adolf Hitler, who shouted and screamed and stamped his feet when his demon came to call for him twenty years earlier, Bender went quietly, floating "as on a cloud."

He came to, seated in a chair, in a glamorous conference room at what he was told was an underground (or under ice?) Flying Saucer base on the Antarctic continent. The glass-like dome of the circular room seemed to look out into the night sky. The room darkened. There was the sound of a sliding panel, a dark figure moved out in front of him on a dais. Again, as before when the Three Men in Black materialized in his room at Bridgeport, Connecticut, there was conversation without sound.

Bender was welcomed to their "domain". His attention was directed to a large circular screen behind him. In its 3-D stereo depths he was shown "the part of the universe from which we come. We are far from the reaches of your Earthly telescopes." Yet some of the scenes showed a planetary surface as desolate as the Moon, and Bender was told the invaders' cities were all underground. It could be that the informer was lying and their home "planet" is indeed our satellite, 240,000 miles away!

To back up the claim that their surveillance of our planet is complete, Bender was then shown scenes of what were claimed to be high security areas in the Pentagon, atomic energy plants, and so on. Bender had shown good emotional stability so far; so the Invader decided to risk showing himself and moved around to the screen. Only then did Bender realize that the speaker was no longer on the platform behind him, but apparently in the screen.

"It depicted a hideous monster, more horrifying than any I have ever seen in the work of science fiction or fantasy artists. The monster was alive! . . . 'You view me here on the screen in my normal appearance. I note you find me horrible to look upon, yet the people of our planet do not find me horrible. We looked upon your people as odd when we first saw them evolve. . . Continued experimentation with radioactive material (on earth) and other environmental changes will lead to necessary adaptation in body structure. This will undoubtedly have effects on future generations. This could even lead to loss of reproductive capabilities. . . These things are ahead of you and you must face them and solve these problems if you can. To us your progress is of academic interest, but little more. On our planet we have three sexes: female, similar in function to yours; male, also similar [22] to yours; and the third is neither male nor female. These latter individuals are the exalted ones who become our rulers. They are few and when they are born there is great celebration. Our females bear eggs which are stored away. We control our population and these eggs are permitted to be hatched only when the great blackness covers our planet and takes many lives."

That was the end of Bender's seventh contact with the MIB and their monster leaders. The Antarctic headquarters surroundings faded. There was the floating sensation. His head cleared. He found himself lying on his bed at home, the piece of metal still clutched in his hand. His clock revealed that a half hour had passed.


The fact that these Invaders are egg-born is most revealing. This indicates a non-human stream of evolution, more reptile than man. Their science is ahead of ours but they are sub-human in that they have no heart and warm-blooded circulation system out of which love, understanding and compassion manifest. There are no family ties among Bender's monsters. Being egg-born, hatched in an incubator, they have no way of knowing, or caring, who their father and mother were! No wonder Bender shivered in their cold presence, all mind and power, and no heart. As Nietzsche thrilled and shivered in the presence of his devil; and as Hitler shivered and thrilled to the power of his evil genius. Was it Mani Rimpochte, the Exalted Jewel from the underground center of evil in Tibet, Agharta? Or was it some elemental monster alien to our planet, operating from a hidden base in the Antarctic? For this we have no solid answers, but can only speculate on the data available.

The reptile or elemental angle would help to account for the inhumanity of the cutthroats with which Hitler surrounded himself -- if some of the more fiendish of them were crossovers from some non-human line of evolution -- Heinrich Himmler, for instance. In the depressing winter of 1942, the Reichsfuhrer went to Dr. Kersten for treatment. In their book, "The Dawn of Magic", Pauwels and Bergier describe the visit this way:

"Was it that he (Himmler) was beginning to doubt the possibility of victory? No, it was not that. As he lay on the couch, while the doctor massaged his stomach, he began to talk, his eyes fixed on the ceiling. He explained that the Fuhrer had become convinced that there could be no peace on earth so long as a single Jew was left alive. . . 'And so,' continued Himmler, 'he has ordered me to liquidate immediately all the Jews in our possession.' His long, desiccate hands lay on the divan, inert, as if frozen. He remained silent. Dr. Kersten, taken aback, thought he discerned in the Master of the Black Order signs of pity and revulsion, and his alarm at the news was tempered by a gleam of hope.

"'Yes, yes, I understand; your conscience forbids you to approve of this atrocity. I understand your deep distress.'"

(To be continued in the next issue.)

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