Inspired by the Dark Forces

CQC On The Rise and Fall Of
Hitler's Third Reich
Part V
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"-- But not at all! It isn't that!" cried Heinrich Himmler, starting up from the doctor's couch. "You don't understand!"

Then the white leader of the Black Order told Dr. Kersten the reason for his predicament and resulting tension. His boss, Adolf Hitler had ordered him to immediately exterminate six million Jews. As Pauwels and Bergier describe it in "Dawn of Magic": "This was a very big job, and Himmler was very tired; besides, he had a lot of work on hand at the moment (the grim winter of 1942). It was really inhuman to expect him to undertake the new assignment in the near future. Really too bad. He had said as much to his beloved chief, and the beloved chief had not been pleased and had flown into a rage. So now Himmler was feeling depressed because he had acted selfishly and given way to a moment of weakness. (From Kersten's "Memoirs")

"How can one possibly understand such an astonishing reversal of values? It cannot be explained as being simply a sign of madness. We have to imagine a Universe parallel to our own, the laws and structure of which are radically different. The physicist George Gamow has conceived of a parallel Universe in which, for example, a billiard ball can go into two holes at the same time. The Universe in which people like Himmler live is at least as far removed from ours as Gamow's."

Is it really? We suggest that Pauwels and Bergier re-read the behavior of their fellow Frenchmen 390 years earlier. In their beloved Paris, on the eve of St. Bartholomew, Aug. 24, 1572, thousands of French Protestants were slaughtered by Roman Catholics. In Rome, Pope Gregory honored his loyal followers by having a special medal struck off for them. But before we Americans look down our noses at the bloodthirsty Europeans, let us remind ourselves of the wholesale slaughter of hundreds of tribes of Indians in the 19th Century, and the forcing of the living remainder into concentration camps.

"A real man, a Thule 'initiate', is in communication with the Powers, and all his energies are directed towards changing life on Earth. What happens if the 'medium' asks such a man to liquidate a few million 'false' men? Very good, but the order comes at an awkward time. Must it absolutely be done immediately? All right, then, let us make an extra effort of self-sacrifice. . .

"On 20th May 1945 some British soldiers arrested on the Berweverde Bridge, twenty-five miles west of Luneberg, a tall man with a round head and narrow shoulders, carrying papers in the name of Hitzinger, in civilian dress with a bandage over his right eye. He was taken to the Military Police station where, for three days, the British officers tried to discover his true identity. Finally, worn out by this questioning, he removed his bandage and said: 'My name is Heinrich Himmler.' They did not believe him. He insisted. To test him he was made to strip naked. He was then offered a choice between American clothes and a blanket. He wrapped himself [33] in the blanket. He was then searched to make sure he was concealing nothing on his body, and asked to open his mouth. At that moment the prisoner crushed a phial of cyanide concealed in a tooth and fell dead. Three days later an officer and three NCOs took delivery of the body. They went to a nearby forest, dug a trench there, threw in the corpse and carefully replaced the soil. No one knows exactly where Himmler is buried, or under the branches of what bird-frequented tree lies decomposing the flesh of one who claimed to be the reincarnation of the Emperor Henry I, known as the Bird-Catcher.

"Had Himmler lived to stand his trial at Nuremberg, what could he have pleaded in his defense? He had no common language with the members of the jury. He did not inhabit the same world; he belonged to an entirely different order of things, with a different mentality. He was like a fighting monk from another planet."

Was Himmler really human or was he a humanoid, a soul-less monster, an Invader from some dying planet, desperately trying to gain a foothold on this one? If so, who or what would be the Christ-of-Evil overshadowing the Black Order and the leaders of Agharta in Tibet? In his writings to Meade Layne back in the 1950s, Gerald Light gave us an eyewitness description of such a Pagan God from beyond Saturn: "This Being bore but slight resemblance to human man. A single, solitary eye blazed in his forehead. It pierced me to the quick of my soul. The 'eye' was more than an eye. It is the one thing I remember the most clearly about this astonishing personage from worlds beyond our own. This Eye, which seemed almost a composite brain in itself, was perfectly round and divided into hundreds, perhaps thousands of facets or surfaces, somewhat like a multi-colored jewel. Surrounding this eye, which rested in the center of a large forehead, beautifully shaped and bordered with a kind of hair which looked more like fine metallic wires than ordinary hair, was a vivid circle of delicately contrived muscles. These were automatic in their action, similar to the pupil of a cat's eye, expanding or contracting according to the requirements of the light. This Being stood easily twelve feet in height, yet the body was not as larger as our standards of proportion would expect. He was slender, almost to the point of delicacy; yet for some reason I sensed that his weight was enormous. I had the impression that I was observing a man of granite or lead, rather than of flesh and blood. . . And in a manner I cannot try to explain here, I knew that he was the embodiment of the principles of Uranus, the planetary power traditionally said to govern the sign Aquarius and its cycles. He was the Aquarian-Uranian, the Power to come."

Gerald "Dr. Kappa" Light was a devoted student of Gurdjieff, and Gurdjieff was one of Agharta's free agents in Europe during the buildup of the Nazi power in the 1920s and 30s. Before World War I he was at the court of the Dalai Lama in Lhassa, instructing that holy man in the arts of black magick. In view of all this I'm inclined to suspect that Light's Uranian-Aquarian was really a Plutonian trying to direct the world crisis to His own purposes, and, through the Nazis and other extremist groups, abort the Second Coming of the Christ and the glorious New Age.

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